Kinchbus 5 - Ravensthorpe Drive - Loughborough - Hazel Road Estate

A bus service operated by Kinchbus

Loughborough, opp Redmires Close 07:26then every 30 minutes until16:5617:2617:56
Loughborough, opp Grassholme Drive 07:2716:5717:2717:56
Loughborough, adj Butterley Drive 07:2716:5717:2717:57
Loughborough, adj Windleden Road 07:2816:5817:2817:58
Loughborough Sharpley Road (SE Bound) 07:2816:5817:2817:58
Loughborough, opp Green 07:2916:5917:2917:59
Loughborough, adj Hermitage Road 07:3017:0017:3018:00
Loughborough, opp Jitty 07:3117:0117:3118:01
Loughborough, adj Shops 07:3217:0217:3218:02
Loughborough, opp Blackbrook Road 07:3217:0217:3218:02
Loughborough, adj Charnwood College 07:3317:0317:3318:02
Loughborough, adj Rupert Brooke Road 07:3317:0317:3318:03
Loughborough, outside Garendon Road 07:3417:0417:3418:03
Loughborough, adj Tennyson Road 07:3417:0417:3418:04
Loughborough, adj Burns Road 07:3417:0417:3418:04
Loughborough, outside Epinal Way 07:3517:0517:3518:05
Loughborough, adj Deane Street 07:3517:0517:3518:05
Loughborough, adj Albany Street 07:3617:0617:3618:06
Loughborough, adj Tyler Avenue 07:3617:0617:3618:07
Loughborough, adj Belton Road 07:3717:0717:3718:09
Loughborough, opp Leopold Street 07:3717:0717:3718:10
Loughborough Derby Road (Stand DA) 07:3817:0817:3818:12
Loughborough The Rushes (Stand RB) 07:3917:0917:3918:13
Loughborough Swan Street (Stand SC) 07:4017:1017:4018:15
Loughborough Ashby Square (Stand AA) 07:4517:1517:45
Loughborough, adj Wards End 07:4617:1617:46
Loughborough, adj Herrick Road 07:4817:1817:48
Loughborough, opp Tesco 07:5017:2017:50
Loughborough, adj Lingdale Close 07:2607:5117:2117:51
Loughborough Farnham Road (SE Bound) 07:2707:5217:2217:52
Loughborough, adj Manor Road 07:2807:5317:2317:53
Loughborough, opp Maple Road South 07:3007:5517:2517:55
Loughborough, before Walnut Road 07:3107:5617:2617:56
Loughborough, adj Poplar Road 07:3107:5617:2617:56
Loughborough, adj Walnut Road 07:3207:5717:2717:57
Loughborough, adj Laurel Road 07:3307:5817:2817:58
Loughborough, adj Outwoods Edge School 07:3407:5917:2917:59
Loughborough, adj Spindle Road 07:3508:0017:3018:00
Loughborough, opp Lemontree Lane 07:3508:0017:3018:00
Loughborough, adj Grasmere Road 07:3608:0117:3118:01
Loughborough, adj Ledbury Road 07:3608:0117:3118:01
Loughborough, opp Cleveland Road 07:3708:0217:3218:02
Loughborough, opp Farndale Drive 07:3708:0217:3218:02
Loughborough, opp Cross Hill Lane 07:3908:0417:3418:04
Loughborough, opp Beacon Drive 07:4008:0517:3518:05
Loughborough, opp Royland Road 07:4208:0717:3718:07
Loughborough, adj New Street 07:4308:0817:3818:08
Loughborough High Street (Stand HC) 07:4508:1017:4018:10
Loughborough Fennel Street (Stand FA) 07:4608:1617:46
Loughborough Derby Road (Stand DB) 07:4708:1717:47
Loughborough, adj Leopold Street 07:4808:1817:48
Loughborough, opp Belton Road 07:4808:1817:48
Loughborough, opp Tyler Avenue 07:4908:1917:49
Loughborough, opp Albany Street 07:5008:2017:50
Loughborough, opp Deane Street 07:5008:2017:50
Loughborough, opposite Epinal Way 07:5008:2017:50
Loughborough, opp Burns Road 07:5108:2117:51
Loughborough, opp Tennyson Road 07:5108:2117:51
Loughborough, opp Rupert Brooke Road 07:5208:2217:52
Loughborough, opp Charnwood College 07:5308:2317:53
Loughborough, opp Booth Wood Primary School 07:5408:2417:54
Loughborough, adj Rivington Drive 07:5508:2517:55
Loughborough, opp Redmires Close 07:5608:2617:56

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