500 - Staines - Frimley Park Hospital

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Staines to Frimley Park Hospital

Staines Elmsleigh Bus Station (Stop 8) 09:1511:4514:5516:2018:00
Sunningdale Railway Station (o/s) 18:0019:05
Staines Bridge (Stop Z) 09:1611:4614:5616:2218:01
Staines, o/s Sainsbury's 09:1811:4814:5816:2418:04
Staines, adj Claremont Road 09:1811:4814:5816:2518:05
Egham, adj Hawthorn Road 09:1911:4914:5916:2718:06
Egham The Avenue (W-bound) 09:2111:5115:0116:2918:09
Egham High Street (W-bound) 09:2211:5215:0216:3118:11
Egham Shops (opp) 09:2211:5215:0216:3118:11
Egham Church Road (NW-bound) 09:2211:5215:0216:3118:11
Egham, opp Langham Place 09:2211:5215:0216:3118:12
Egham, opp Middle Hill 09:2311:5315:0316:3218:13
Englefield Green, opp Chestnut Drive 09:2411:5415:0416:3318:13
Englefield Green, o/s Royal Holloway College 09:2411:5415:0416:3318:14
Englefield Green, opp Bagshot Road 09:2511:5515:0516:3418:17
Virginia Water, opp The Wheatsheaf 09:2811:5815:0816:3718:17
Virginia Water London Road (SW-bound) 09:2911:5915:0916:38
Sunningdale Railway Station (opp) 09:3312:0315:1316:4518:25
Windlesham, opp The Windmill 09:3912:0915:1916:4818:0418:2919:09
Windlesham, opp The Bee 08:0109:4012:1015:2016:4918:0518:3019:10
Windlesham, adj Hatton Hill 08:0209:4112:1115:2116:5018:0618:3119:11
Windlesham, adj Cooper Road 08:0309:4212:1215:2216:5118:0718:3219:12
Windlesham, nr Post Office 08:0409:4312:1315:2316:5218:0818:3319:13
Windlesham Thorndown Lane (SW-bound) 08:0509:4312:1315:2316:5318:0918:3419:14
Lightwater, nr War Memorial 09:4512:1515:25
Lightwater, opp War Memorial 08:0916:5718:1318:3819:18
Lightwater, adj Colville Gardens 09:4712:1715:27
Lightwater, opp Lovells Close 08:1016:5718:1418:3819:18
Lightwater Road (opp) 09:4812:1715:27
Lightwater, adj Blackthorn Drive 09:4812:1815:28
Lightwater, opp Osborne Drive 09:4912:1915:29
Lightwater, opp The Briars Centre 09:4912:1915:30
Lightwater, opp Sorrell Drive 09:5012:2015:31
Lightwater Macdonald Road (NE-bound) 09:5112:2115:31
Lightwater Clearsprings (NW-bound) 09:5312:2315:33
Lightwater Badger Drive (NW-bound) 09:5312:2315:33
Lightwater, adj Stonehill Road 09:5312:2315:33
Lightwater, adj The Avenue 08:1209:5512:2715:3616:5818:1518:3919:19
Bagshot Green (adj) 08:1610:0012:3015:3917:0118:1818:4219:22
Bagshot Square (SW-bound) 08:1810:0112:3115:4017:0218:2018:4319:23
Bagshot, adj Waterers Way 08:1910:0212:3215:4117:03
Bagshot, opp Pennyhill Park 08:2110:0312:3315:4217:04
Camberley, opp Little Paddock 08:2310:0412:3415:4317:05
Camberley, opp Fire Station 08:2410:0412:3415:4317:06
Camberley, adj Middleton Road 08:2510:0512:3515:4417:07
Camberley, adj Knightsbridge Road 08:2610:0612:3615:4517:08
Camberley, adj Portesbery Hill Drive 08:2710:0612:3615:4517:09
Camberley Knoll Road (Stop K) 08:2810:0712:3715:4617:10
Camberley Pembroke Broadway (Stop D) 08:2910:0812:3815:4717:11
Camberley, adj Parkway 08:3210:1112:4115:50
Camberley, adj Bristow Road 08:3310:1212:4215:51
Frimley, adj Bristow Road 08:3410:1312:4315:52
Frimley, adj Watchetts Drive 08:3510:1412:4415:53
Frimley, opp James Road 08:3510:1412:4415:53
Frimley, opp Lyon Way 08:3710:1612:4615:55
Frimley Park (adj) 08:3810:1712:4715:56
Frimley Park Hospital (o/s) 08:3910:1812:4815:57

Frimley Park Hospital to Staines

Frimley Park Hospital (o/s) 10:3013:3015:0516:20
Frimley Park (opp) 10:3013:3015:0516:20
Frimley, adj James Road 10:3213:3215:0716:22
Frimley, opp Watchetts Drive 10:3313:3315:0816:23
Frimley, opp Bristow Road 10:3413:3415:0916:24
Camberley, opp Bristow Road 10:3613:3615:1116:26
Camberley, opp Parkway 10:3613:3615:1116:26
Camberley Pembroke Broadway (Stop C) 07:4710:4013:4015:1516:3017:35
Camberley Knoll Road (Stop H) 07:4710:4013:4015:1516:3017:35
Camberley, opp Portesbery Hill Drive 07:4810:4113:4115:1616:3117:36
Camberley, opp Knightsbridge Road 07:4910:4113:4115:1616:3117:36
Camberley, opp Middleton Road 07:4910:4213:4215:1716:3217:37
Camberley, o/s Fire Station 07:5010:4313:4315:1816:3317:38
Camberley, adj Little Paddock 07:5110:4313:4315:1816:3317:38
Bagshot, adj Pennyhill Park 07:5210:4413:4415:1916:3417:39
Bagshot, opp Waterers Way 07:5310:4613:4615:2116:3617:41
Bagshot Square (NE-bound) 07:5510:4713:4715:2216:3717:42
Bagshot Green (opp) 07:5710:4813:4815:2316:3817:43
Lightwater The Avenue (S-bound) 10:5013:5015:25
Lightwater, opp The Avenue 08:0116:4117:45
Lightwater, opp Stonehill Road 10:5113:5115:26
Lightwater, adj Lovells Close 08:0216:4117:45
Lightwater Badger Drive (SE-bound) 10:5213:5215:27
Lightwater, nr War Memorial 06:5007:2008:0516:4317:47
Lightwater Clearsprings (SE-bound) 10:5313:5315:28
Lightwater Macdonald Road (SW-bound) 10:5413:5415:29
Lightwater Briar Avenue West (E-bound) 10:5613:5615:31
Lightwater Briar Avenue East (E-bound) 10:5613:5615:31
Lightwater Road (adj) 10:5613:5615:32
Lightwater, opp Colville Gardens 10:5713:5715:32
Lightwater, opp War Memorial 10:5913:5915:34
Windlesham Thorndown Lane (NE-bound) 06:5307:2308:0811:0514:0515:4016:4617:50
Windlesham, o/s Post Office 06:5507:2508:1011:0714:0715:4216:4817:52
Windlesham, opp Cooper Road 06:5507:2508:1011:0714:0715:4216:4817:52
Windlesham, opp Hatton Hill 06:5607:2608:1111:0814:0815:4316:4917:53
Windlesham, adj The Bee 06:5807:2808:1311:1014:1015:4516:5117:55
Windlesham, adj The Windmill 06:5807:2808:1311:1014:1015:4516:5117:55
Sunningdale Railway Station (adj) 08:2011:1514:1515:5016:56
Sunningdale Railway Station (o/s) 07:0507:3518:00
Sunningdale, opp Chobham Road 08:2211:1714:1715:5216:58
Virginia Water London Road (NE-bound) 08:2311:1814:1815:5316:59
Virginia Water, adj The Wheatsheaf 08:3011:2214:2215:5717:03
Englefield Green, adj Bagshot Road 08:3311:2414:2415:5917:05
Englefield Green, opp Royal Holloway College 08:3311:2514:2516:0017:06
Englefield Green, adj Chestnut Drive 08:3411:2514:2516:0017:06
Egham, adj Middle Hill 08:3511:2614:2616:0117:07
Egham, adj Langham Place 08:3511:2714:2716:0217:08
Egham Church Road (SE-bound) 08:3611:2714:2716:0217:08
Egham Shops (adj) 08:3611:2714:2716:0217:08
Egham High Street (E-bound) 08:3711:2814:2816:0317:09
Egham The Avenue (NE-bound) 08:3811:2814:2816:0317:09
Egham, opp Hawthorn Road 08:4211:3014:3016:0517:11
Staines, opp Claremont Road 08:4411:3114:3116:0617:12
Staines, opp Sainsbury's 08:4511:3214:3216:0717:13
Staines Bridge (Stop C) 08:4811:3314:3316:0817:18
Staines Thames Street (Stop H) 08:5011:3414:3416:0917:22
Staines Elmsleigh Bus Station (Stop 5) 08:5311:3614:3616:1117:26

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