508 - Penrith or Kendal - Windermere

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire

Penrith or Kendal - Windermere

Penrith, o/s Rail Station 06:5308:5010:5013:5015:5517:55
Penrith, o/s Booth's Supermarket 06:5408:5110:5113:5115:5617:56
Penrith, at Town Hall 06:5608:5410:5413:5415:5917:59
Penrith Bus Station (P) (Stand 1) 06:5808:5710:5713:5716:0218:02
Penrith, o/s Herald Office 07:0109:0411:0414:0416:0918:05
Penrith, at Ullswater Community College 07:0209:0511:0514:0516:1018:06
Penrith, o/s Health Centre 07:0309:0611:0614:0616:1118:07
Eamont Bridge, opp Hall 07:0509:0911:0914:0916:1418:10
Eamont Bridge, o/s The Beehive 07:0509:0911:0914:0916:1418:10
Eamont Bridge, at War Memorial 07:0609:1011:1014:1016:1518:11
Eamont Bridge, opp Mayborough Henge 07:0609:1011:1014:1016:1518:11
Yanwath, opp Cottages 07:0709:1111:1114:1116:1618:12
Yanwath, at Askham road end 07:0809:1211:1214:1216:1718:13
Tirril, in Queens Head 07:1009:1411:1414:1416:1918:15
Tirril, in Thorpe Lane 07:1009:1411:1414:1416:1918:15
Barton Church (near) 07:1209:1611:1614:1616:2118:17
Pooley Bridge, o/s Mains Farm 07:1509:1911:1914:1916:2418:20
Pooley Bridge, at The Crown Hotel 07:1609:2011:2014:2016:2518:21
Pooley Bridge, o/s Ullswater Steamer Pier 07:1609:2011:2014:2016:25
Watermillock, opp Brackenrigg Inn 07:1909:2311:2314:2316:28
Watermillock, opp Longthwaite road end 07:2009:2411:2414:2416:29
Knotts Leeming House Hotel (near) 07:2209:2611:2614:2616:31
Knotts, o/s Gowbarrow Cottages 07:2309:2711:2714:2716:32
Matterdale Dobbin Wood Lodge (near) 07:2609:3011:3014:3016:35
Matterdale, o/s Aira Force 07:3009:3411:3414:3416:39
Ullswater, opp Glencoyne car park 07:3309:3711:3714:3716:42
Ullswater Seldom Seen Track End (near) 07:3409:3811:3814:3816:43
Ullswater, at Stybarrow Crag 07:3509:3911:3914:3916:44
Glenridding, at Bus Shelter 07:3709:4111:4114:4116:46
Patterdale, at Hall 07:4009:4411:4414:4416:49
Patterdale Hotel (opp) 07:4209:4611:4614:4616:51

Windermere - Penrith or Kendal

Patterdale Hotel (o/s) 07:4509:5011:5014:5016:55
Patterdale, o/s Hall 07:4609:5111:5114:5116:56
Glenridding, at Bus Shelter 07:5009:5511:5514:5517:00
Ullswater Stybarrow Crag (near) 07:5109:5611:5614:5617:01
Ullswater, at Seldom Seen Track End 07:5209:5711:5714:5717:02
Ullswater, o/s Glencoyne car park 07:5309:5811:5814:5817:03
Matterdale, opp Aira Force 07:5710:0212:0215:0217:07
Matterdale, at Dobbin Wood Lodge 08:0010:0512:0515:0517:10
Knotts, opp Gowbarrow Cottages 08:0410:0912:0915:0917:14
Knotts, opp Leeming House Hotel 08:0410:0912:0915:0917:14
Watermillock, at Longthwaite road end 08:0610:1112:1115:1117:16
Watermillock, o/s Brackenrigg Inn 08:0710:1212:1215:1217:17
Pooley Bridge, opp Ullswater Steamer Pier 08:1010:1512:1515:1517:20
Pooley Bridge, at Ullswater Guest House 08:1110:1612:1615:1617:2118:31
Pooley Bridge, opp Mains Farm 08:1110:1612:1615:1617:2118:31
Barton, at Church 08:1410:1912:1915:1917:2418:34
Tirril Quakers Lane (near) 08:1610:2112:2115:2117:2618:36
Tirril Queens Head (near) 08:1710:2212:2215:2217:2718:37
Yanwath, opp Askham road end 08:1810:2312:2315:2317:2818:38
Yanwath, at Cottages 08:1910:2412:2415:2417:2918:39
Eamont Bridge, at Mayborough Henge 08:2110:2612:2615:2617:3118:41
Eamont Bridge, o/s The Crown Hotel 08:2210:2712:2715:2717:3218:42
Eamont Bridge, o/s Hall 08:2210:2712:2715:2717:3218:42
Penrith, at Health Centre 08:2310:2812:2815:2817:3318:43
Penrith, opp Ullswater Community College 08:2410:2912:2915:2917:3418:44
Penrith, o/s Sainsbury's 08:2510:3012:3015:3017:3518:45
Penrith Bus Station (P) (Stand 1) 08:2910:3412:3415:3417:3918:49
Penrith, o/s Rail Station 08:3610:3912:3915:3917:4418:53

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