51 - Abernyte - Perth PRI

A service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland (SSPH)


Abernyte Primary School - Perth Royal Infirmary

Perth Royal Infirmary - Abernyte Primary School

Perth Royal Infirmary (Stop A) 14:15
Perth, at Spens Crescent 14:15
Perth, opp Rosslyn House 14:16
Perth, opp Leisure Pool 14:17
Perth, at Elibank Street 14:18
Perth York Place (Stop ZE) 14:18
Perth South Street (Stop N) 12:21 14:21
Barnhill, at Manse Road 12:22 14:22
Barnhill, at Fairmount Road 12:23 14:23
Barnhill, at Branklyn Gardens 12:23 14:23
Walnut Grove, at The Grove 12:29 14:29
Walnut Grove, at Clach a Cheile 12:29 14:29
Walnut Grove, at The Holdings East 12:29 14:29
Walnut Grove, at West Road End 12:31 14:31
Walnut Grove, at Willowgate Fishery 12:32 14:31
Kinfauns Castle (at) 14:33
Barnhill, opp Branklyn Gardens 12:33
Kinfauns, at Road End 14:35
Glencarse, at Bus Bay 14:38
Glencarse, at Post Office 14:39
Glendoick, at Garden Centre 14:41
Glendoick, at Turning Circle 14:43
Barnhill, opp Fairmount Road 12:33
Glendoick, opp Drums Of Ardgaith 14:43
Barnhill, opp Manse Road 12:34
Glendoick, opp North Murie 14:44
Perth Canal Street (Stop ZO) 12:34
Perth Canal Street (Stop ZP) 12:35
Perth Hospital Street (Stop ZG) 12:36
Perth Bus Station (Stances) 12:37
Inchmichael, opp Inchcoonans Road End 14:45
Inchmichael, opp Megginch Castle 14:45
West Inchmichael Cottages (at) 14:47
Rait, at Road End 14:49
Kinnaird, at Road End 14:53
Ballindean, at Cruachan 14:54
Inchture, opp Meadowview Drive 14:57
Inchture, at Post Office 14:57
Inchture, opp Post Office 14:58
Inchture, at Meadowview Drive 14:58
Inchture, at Abernyte Link Road 15:00
Inchture, opp Baledgarno 15:02
Abernyte, at Primary School 15:06

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 11 May 2021

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