51 - Yeovil - Yeovil Bus Station - Cavalier Way

A bus service operated by First Buses of Somerset

ASDA Superstore - Cavalier Way

Preston Plucknett Preston Road Asda (W-bound) 07:2708:0908:54then every 30 minutes until17:5418:2418:54
Houndstone The Forum (NW-bound) 07:3108:1309:0118:0118:3119:01
Preston Plucknett Stourton Way (NW-bound) 07:3208:1409:0218:0218:3219:02
Houndstone Ford Park (W-bound) 07:3308:1509:0318:0318:3319:03
Yeovil Without Tintagel Road (E-bound) 07:3608:1809:0618:0618:3619:06
Houndstone Wessex Road (SE-bound) 07:3608:1809:0618:0618:3619:06
Houndstone Fosse Way (SE-bound) 07:3708:1909:0718:0718:3719:07
Summerlands Freeedom Avenue (S-bound) 07:3908:2109:0918:0918:3919:09
Summerlands Security Centre (E-bound) 07:4008:2209:1018:1018:4019:10
Summerlands University Centre (E-bound) 07:4108:2309:1118:1118:4119:11
Summerlands British Legion (E-bound) 07:4308:2509:1318:1318:4319:13
Yeovil Cemetery (o/s) 07:4408:2609:1418:1418:4419:14
Yeovil Hospital (SE-bound) 07:4708:2909:1718:1718:4719:17
Yeovil The Borough (E-bound) 07:4908:3109:1918:1918:4919:19
Yeovil Bus Station (E-bound) 07:5108:3309:2118:2118:5119:21
Yeovil Kingston Road Hospital (NW-bound) 07:1508:0008:4209:3018:30
Yeovil Roping Road (N-bound) 07:1508:0008:4209:3018:30
Yeovil Roping Road (NE-bound) 07:1608:0108:4309:3118:31
Hollands, opp Melrose Road 07:1708:0208:4409:3218:32
Yeovil Milford Church (NE-bound) 07:1808:0308:4509:3318:33
Hollands, adj St Georges Avenue 07:1908:0408:4609:3418:34
Hollands Glenthorne Avenue (N-bound) 07:1908:0408:4609:3418:34
Hollands High Lea (E-bound) 07:1908:0408:4609:3418:34
Hollands Elmhurst Avenue (NE-bound) 07:2008:0508:4709:3518:35
Yeovil Bucklers Mead School (E-bound) 07:2108:0608:4809:3618:36
Yeovil St John's Road (E-bound) 07:2208:0708:4909:3718:37
Yeovil St Marys Crescent (NE-bound) 07:2208:0708:4909:3718:37
Yeovil Bucklers Mead Road (E-bound) 07:2308:0808:5009:3818:38
Yeovil Magna Close (NE-bound) 07:2408:0908:5109:3918:39
Yeovil Lower Fairmead Road (N-bound) 07:2508:1008:5209:4018:40
Yeovil Lyde Road (S-bound) 07:2608:1108:5309:4118:41

Cavalier Way - ASDA Superstore

Yeovil Lyde Road (S-bound) 07:2608:1108:5609:41then every 30 minutes until18:1118:41
Yeovil Cavalier Close (S-bound) 07:2708:1208:5709:4218:1218:42
Yeovil Hertford Road (E-bound) 07:2808:1308:5809:4318:1318:43
Yeovil Great Lyde (E-bound) 07:2808:1308:5809:4318:1318:43
Pen Mill Lowther Road (W-bound) 07:3108:1609:0109:4618:1618:46
Yeovil Montrose Road (W-bound) 07:3208:1709:0209:4718:1718:47
Yeovil Welbeck Road (N-bound) 07:3308:1809:0309:4818:1818:48
Yeovil Netherton Road (W-bound) 07:3408:1909:0409:4918:1918:49
Yeovil St John's Road (W-bound) 07:3608:2109:0609:5118:2118:51
Yeovil Bucklers Mead School (W-bound) 07:3708:2209:0709:5218:2218:52
Hollands Elmhurst Avenue (SW-bound) 07:3808:2309:0809:5318:2318:53
Hollands High Lea (W-bound) 07:3908:2409:0909:5418:2418:54
Hollands Glenthorne Avenue (S-bound) 07:3908:2409:0909:5418:2418:54
Hollands, opp St Georges Avenue 07:4008:2509:1009:5518:2518:55
Yeovil Milford Church (SE-bound) 07:4208:2709:1209:5718:2718:57
Yeovil Milford Road (SW-bound) 07:4208:2709:1209:5718:2718:57
Hollands, adj Melrose Road 07:4208:2709:1209:5718:2718:57
Yeovil Roping Road (SW-bound) 07:4308:2809:1309:5818:2818:58
Yeovil Hospital (SE-bound) 07:4508:3009:1510:0018:3019:00
Yeovil The Borough (E-bound) 07:5008:3509:2010:0518:3519:05
Yeovil Bus Station (E-bound) 07:5208:3708:4009:2210:0718:3719:07
Yeovil Kingston For Hospital (NW-bound) 07:1808:0008:4509:1509:4510:1518:45
Yeovil Cemetery (opp) 07:1908:0108:4609:1609:4610:1618:46
Summerlands British Legion (W-bound) 07:2008:0208:4709:1709:4710:1718:47
Summerlands University Centre (W-bound) 07:2108:0308:4809:1809:4810:1818:48
Summerlands Security Centre (W-bound) 07:2208:0408:4909:1909:4910:1918:49
Summerlands Watercombe Lane (W-bound) 07:2308:0508:5009:2009:5010:2018:50
Yeovil The Bell Inn (SW-bound) 07:2408:0608:5109:2109:5110:2118:51
Preston Plucknett St James Church (W-bound) 07:2508:0708:5209:2209:5210:2218:52
Preston Plucknett Preston Road Asda (W-bound) 07:2708:0908:5409:2409:5410:2418:54

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