52 - Seaton - Exeter

A bus service operated by Axe Valley Mini Travel (AVMT)


Seaton - Exeter

Seaton Marine Place (Stop B) 10:00
Seaton Old Beer Road (W-bound) 10:01
Seaton Beer Road (W-bound) 10:02
Beer New Road (NW-bound) 10:07
Beer Cross (SE-bound) 10:08
Branscombe Hangman's Stone (W-bound) 10:12
Street, opp Three Horseshoes Inn 10:14
Trow King's Down Tail (SW-bound) 10:17
Trow Donkey Sanctuary (SW-bound) 10:20
Trow Farm (W-bound) 10:20
Sidford Packhorse Close (W-bound) 10:23
Sidford Spar (Stop A) 10:24
Sidford Burscombe Lane (W-bound) 10:25
Sidmouth, opp Core Hill Road 10:26
The Bowd (SW-bound) 10:28
Newton Poppleford Lower Way (W-bound) 10:30
Newton Poppleford Millmoor Lane (W-bound) 10:31
Newton Poppleford War Memorial (W-bound) 10:32
Newton Poppleford, opp Langsford Farm 10:32
Newton Poppleford Exmouth Turn (NW-bound) 10:33
Newton Poppleford Burrow Lane (NW-bound) 10:33
Goosemoor, opp Moorcroft 10:34
Goosemoor Farm (W-bound) 10:34
Nine Oaks, opp Halfway House 10:38
Nine Oaks Harp Lane (W-bound) 10:39
Nine Oaks (W-bound) 10:41
Nine Oaks White Horse Inn (W-bound) 10:42
Farringdon Cross (NW-bound) 10:45
Farringdon Crealy Country Park (W-bound) 10:45
Clyst St Mary, opp Cat and Fiddle 10:45
Clyst St Mary Westpoint (W-bound) 10:45
Clyst St Mary St. Bridgets Nursery (W-bound) 10:46
Clyst St Mary Shelter (W-bound) 10:47
Sandy Gate Clyst Road (NW-bound) 10:48
Countess Wear InFocus (NW-bound) 10:56
Countess Wear Southbrook Road (NW-bound) 10:57
Wonford Crematorium (NW-bound) 10:58
Wonford Isca College (NW-bound) 10:59
St Leonard’s, opp Wyvern Barracks 11:00
Wonford Fleming Way (N-bound) 11:01
Wonford R D & E Hospital (N-bound) 11:02
Heavitree Grendon Road (NW-bound) 11:04
Heavitree Livery Dole (NW-bound) 11:04
St Leonard’s St Lukes Campus (W-bound) 11:05
Exeter The Pyramids (NW-bound) 11:06
Exeter Paris Street (Stop 16) 11:07
Exeter Sidwell Street (Stop 40) 11:10

Exeter - Seaton

Exeter Sidwell Street (Stop 40) 13:40
Exeter Cheeke Street (Stop 30) 13:40
Exeter Lower Summerlands (SE-bound) 13:42
St Leonard’s Waitrose (E-bound) 13:43
Heavitree Livery Dole (SE-bound) 13:45
Wonford R D & E Hospital (S-bound) 13:48
Wonford Fleming Way (S-bound) 13:48
St Leonard’s Wyvern Barracks (SW-bound) 13:49
Wonford Isca College (SE-bound) 13:50
Wonford Crematorium (SE-bound) 13:51
Countess Wear Southbrook Road (SE-bound) 13:52
Countess Wear InFocus (SE-bound) 13:53
Sandy Gate M5 Services (SE-bound) 14:00
Clyst St Mary, opp Shelter 14:02
Clyst St Mary, opp St. Bridgets Nursery 14:02
Clyst St Mary Westpoint (E-bound) 14:03
Clyst St Mary Cat and Fiddle (E-bound) 14:03
Farringdon, opp Crealy Country Park 14:03
Farringdon Cross (SE-bound) 14:04
Nine Oaks (E-bound) 14:07
Nine Oaks Harp Lane (E-bound) 14:09
Nine Oaks, adj Halfway House 14:10
Goosemoor Moorcroft (E-bound) 14:14
Newton Poppleford Burrow Lane (SE-bound) 14:15
Newton Poppleford Exmouth Turn (SE-bound) 14:15
Newton Poppleford Langsford Farm (NE-bound) 14:16
Newton Poppleford, opp War Memorial 14:17
Newton Poppleford, opp Millmoor Lane 14:17
Newton Poppleford Bridge End (E-bound) 14:18
The Bowd (NE-bound) 14:20
Sidmouth Core Hill Road (E-bound) 14:22
Sidford Burscombe Lane (E-bound) 14:23
Sidford Opp Spar (Stop B) 14:25
Sidford Englands Close (E-bound) 14:25
Trow Farm (opp) 14:29
Trow, opp Donkey Sanctuary 14:30
Trow, opp King's Down Tail 14:32
Street Three Horseshoes Inn (E-bound) 14:35
Branscombe Hangman's Stone (E-bound) 14:37
Beer Cross (SE-bound) 14:42
Beer New Road (E-bound) 14:42
Seaton Beer Road (NE-bound) 14:47
Seaton Old Beer Road (E-bound) 14:48
Seaton Sea Front Gardens (Stop A) 14:50

Timetable data from Axe Valley Mini Travel/Bus Open Data Service, 18 November 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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