52 - Yeovil - Martock -Bower Hinton

A bus service operated by South West Coaches


Yeovil - Martock -Bower Hinton

Yeovil Bus Station (E-bound) 08:3509:4011:4012:4513:5015:5017:30
Yeovil Kingston For Hospital (NW-bound) 08:3909:4411:4412:4913:5415:5417:34
Yeovil College (NW-bound) 08:3909:4411:4412:4913:5415:5417:34
Yeovil, adj Tesco Express 08:4009:4511:4512:5013:5515:5517:35
Yeovil Opposite Brimsmore Nursey (NW-bound) 08:4109:4611:4612:5113:5615:5617:36
Chilthorne Domer The Allotments (W-bound) 08:4409:4911:4912:5413:5915:5917:39
Tintinhull, adj Montacute Road 08:4809:5311:5312:5814:0316:0317:43
Ash, opp Burrough Street 08:5209:5711:5713:0214:0716:0717:47
Ash Post Office (NW-bound) 08:5309:5811:5813:0314:0816:0817:48
Highway Farm (W-bound) 08:5510:0012:0013:0514:1016:1017:50
Martock Lavers Oak (S-bound) 08:5710:0212:0213:0714:1216:1217:52
Martock Marwin Close (E-bound) 08:5810:0312:0313:0814:1316:1317:53
Martock Wheelers Meadow (S-bound) 08:5910:0412:0413:0914:1416:1417:54
Martock Stepps Meadow (SW-bound) 09:0010:0512:0513:1014:1516:1517:55
Martock Stepps Crescent (S-bound) 09:0410:0912:0913:1414:1916:1917:59
Martock The Pinnacle (o/s Library) 10:1014:2018:00
Hurst The Pinnacle (SW-bound) 10:1014:2018:00
Bower Hinton, opp The Green 10:1314:2318:03

Bower Hinton - Martock - Yeovil

Bower Hinton, adj The Green 07:50
Bower Hinton, opp The Green 10:1314:23
Martock The Pinnacle (NE-bound) 07:5409:0510:2112:1013:1514:3116:20
Martock Stepps Crescent (E-bound) 07:5609:0610:2312:1113:1614:3316:21
Martock Stepps Meadow (NE-bound) 07:5709:0710:2412:1213:1714:3416:22
Martock Wheelers Meadow (N-bound) 07:5709:0710:2412:1213:1714:3416:22
Martock Marwin Close (W-bound) 07:5809:0810:2512:1313:1814:3516:23
Martock Lavers Oak (N-bound) 07:5909:0910:2612:1413:1914:3616:24
Highway, opp Perth Cottage 08:0109:1110:2812:1613:2114:3816:26
Ash, adj The Bell Inn 08:0309:1310:3012:1813:2314:4016:28
Ash, adj Burrough Street 08:0509:1510:3212:2013:2514:4216:30
Tintinhull Montacute Road (SE-bound) 08:1009:2010:3712:2513:3014:4716:35
Chilthorne Domer The Allotments (E-bound) 08:1409:2410:4112:2913:3414:5116:39
Yeovil Brimsmore Nursey (SE-bound) 08:1609:2610:4312:3113:3614:5316:41
Yeovil, opp Tesco Express 08:1809:2810:4512:3313:3814:5516:43
Yeovil College (SE-bound) 08:1809:2810:4512:3313:3814:5516:43
Yeovil Hospital (SE-bound) 08:2009:3010:4712:3513:4014:5716:45
Yeovil The Borough (E-bound) 08:2209:3210:4912:3713:4214:5916:47
Yeovil Bus Station (E-bound) 08:2509:3510:5212:4013:4515:0216:50

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