533 - Ewhurst - Ranmore

A bus service operated by Carlone Buses



Ewhurst to Ranmore

Ewhurst, adj Bulls Head 09:35
Ewhurst, adj The Glebe 09:35
Ewhurst, adj Williams Close 09:37
Ewhurst The Green (S-bound) 09:38
Ewhurst Green (SE-bound) 09:39
Ewhurst Green Horsham Road (S-bound) 09:39
Wallis Wood Froggetts Lane (E-bound) 09:42
Wallis Wood, nr Scarlett Arms 09:42
Wallis Wood, opp Scarlett Arms 09:43
Wallis Wood Walliswood Green (N-bound) 09:44
Mayes Green (NE-bound) 09:46
Forest Green Horsham Road (N-bound) 09:47
Forest Green, opp The Parrot 09:48
Forest Green Horsham Road End (N-bound) 09:48
Forest Green Etherley Hill (E-bound) 09:50
Forest Green Ockley Road East (E-bound) 09:52
Ockley Lake Road (SE-bound) 09:54
Ockley Kings Arms Court (SE-bound) 09:56
Beare Green Road (N-bound) 09:59
South Holmwood, adj Old School Place 10:03
South Holmwood, opp War Memorial 10:03
South Holmwood, adj Folly Lane 10:04
Mid Holmwood, adj Norfolk Lane 10:05
Mid Holmwood, opp Spook Hill 10:06
Dorking, adj Flint Hill Close 10:07
Dorking, adj Ridgeway Road 10:08
Tower Hill, adj Knoll Road 10:08
Dorking, adj Cliftonville 10:09
Dorking Townfield Court (Stop S) 10:09
Dorking Vincent Lane (N-bound) 10:10
Dorking West Street (Stop Q) 10:10
Dorking The White Horse (Stop N) 10:1112:15
Dorking Moores Road (Stop J) 10:1212:16
Pippbrook Council Offices (Stop G) 10:1312:17
Dorking Railway Station (Stop A) 10:1512:19
Dorking Ashcombe Road (SW-bound) 10:1512:20
Dorking Ranmore Road (W-bound) 10:1712:22
Ranmore Common, opp Church 10:1912:25
Ranmore Common Road (W-bound) 10:2112:27
Ranmore Common, adj High Barn Road 10:2412:31

Ranmore to Ewhurst

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/CLNB/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 14 September 2022

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