533 - Lincoln - Lincoln

A bus service operated by Stagecoach East Midlands

Tuesday to Friday

Lincoln Central Bus Station (Bay O) 04:55
Lincoln, opp Siemens 04:55
Lincoln East West Link Road (W-bound) 04:57
Lincoln, adj Thomas Cooper Church 04:58
Lincoln, adj St Peter At Gowt's Church 04:58
Lincoln, adj Sewell's Walk 04:58
Lincoln Dixon Street (W-bound) 04:59
Lincoln, adj Lidl 04:59
Lincoln, opp Bristol Drive 05:00
Lincoln, opp St Andrew's Drive 05:00
Lincoln, adj Mayfair Avenue 05:00
Lincoln Junction with Western Avenue (SW-bound) 05:01
Lincoln, opp Nomad Charity Shop 05:01
Lincoln, adj Harris Road 05:02
Boultham Moor, opp Round Shops 05:02
Boultham Moor, opp Crown & Arrows PH 05:03
Hartsholme/Swanpool, opp City School 05:05
Hartsholme/Swanpool, opp Almond Avenue 05:05
Birchwood Estate, adj Stones Place 05:07
Birchwood Estate, adj Meadowlake Close 05:07
Birchwood Estate, opp Woodfield Avenue 05:08
Birchwood Estate, opp Larchwood Crescent 05:08
Birchwood Estate, opp Elmwood Close 05:08
Birchwood Estate, opp Woodfield Close 05:09
Birchwood Estate, adj Salix Approach 05:09
Birchwood Estate, adj Jasmin Road 05:10
Birchwood Estate, adj Mildenhall Drive 05:10
Birchwood Estate, opp Wentworth Way 05:10
Birchwood Estate, adj Aberporth Drive 05:11
Doddington Park, adj Brooklands Way 05:11
Doddington Park, adj Silverstone Road 05:11
Doddington Park, opp Leconfield Road 05:12
Doddington Park, adj Kelstern Road 05:12
Doddington Park, opp Waltham Road 05:12
Doddington Park, opp Sadler Road 05:13
Doddington Park, adj Frome Close 05:14
Lincoln, o/s Swanholme Tavern 05:14
Lincoln, opp Exchange Road 05:14
Lincoln, opp Clarke Road 05:15
North Hykeham, opp Wetherby Crescent 05:17
North Hykeham, adj Rowan Road 05:17
North Hykeham, adj Chatsworth Drive 05:18
North Hykeham, adj Asda Goods Entrance 05:18
North Hykeham, opp Health Centre 05:19
North Hykeham, opp Bodmin Moor Close 05:19
North Hykeham, o/s Social Club 05:20
North Hykeham, opp The Plough PH 05:20
North Hykeham, adj Eyam Way 05:21
North Hykeham, adj Broadway 05:22
North Hykeham, opp Highfield Terrace 05:22
Hykeham Road, adj Baildon Crescent 05:23
Hykeham Road, adj Wallis Avenue 05:24
Hykeham Road, opp Rivermead Close 05:24
Hykeham Road, adj Gregg Hall Crescent 05:25
Bracebridge, adj The Plough PH 05:26
Brant Road, adj All Saints Church 05:26
Brant Road, adj Parker Avenue 05:27
Brant Road, adj Broughton Gardens 05:28
Brant Road, adj Glendon Close 05:28
Brant Road, adj Glenarm Crescent 05:28
Brant Road, opp Foyle Close 05:29
Brant Road, adj Birkdale 05:29
Brant Road, opp Larne Road 05:30
Brant Road, adj Crows Nest PH 05:30
Brant Road, o/s Church Centre 05:31
Brant Road, adj Chiltern Road 05:31
Brant Road, opp Broughton Gardens 05:32
Brant Road, opp Parker Avenue 05:32
Brant Road, opp All Saints Church 05:33
Bracebridge, opp Ellison Street 05:34
Bracebridge, adj Manby Street 05:35
Bracebridge, adj Otter's Cottages 05:36
St Catherine’s, adj Hamilton Road 05:37
St Catherine’s, opp South Common 05:38
Lincoln, adj Tealby Street 05:39
Lincoln, adj Robey Street 05:40
Lincoln, opp Sewell's Walk 05:41
Lincoln, opp St Peter At Gowt's Church 05:43
Lincoln, opp Magistrates Court 05:44
Lincoln East West Link Road (E-bound) 05:46
Lincoln Central Bus Station (Bay N) 05:50

Timetable data from Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 27 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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