54 - Warminster - Sutton Veny - Warminster

A bus service operated by FromeBus

Chitterne Abdon Close (S-bound) 09:30
Chitterne, o/s All Saints and St Mary's Church 09:31
Codford St Mary Cherry Orchard (W-bound) 09:38
Codford The Grove (W-bound) 09:38
Codford The Garage (NW-bound) 09:38
Codford Corton Turn (NW-bound) 09:39
Codford Toran Restaurant (NW-bound) 09:40
Warminster Morrisons (N-bound) 12:10
Boyton, opp Bus Shelter 09:42
Warminster Market Place (E-bound) 11:1512:1514:3016:1517:25
Corton, opp Bus Shelter 09:45
Warminster Esso Garage (SE-bound) 11:1512:1514:3016:1517:25
Tytherington St James Church (W-bound) 09:49
Boreham Barley Close (E-bound) 11:1812:1814:32s16:17s17:25s
Boreham St John's Road (S-bound) 11:1912:1914:33s16:18s17:26s
Boreham Prestbury Drive (W-bound) 11:1912:1914:33s16:18s17:26s
Boreham Bradfield Close (E-bound) 11:2012:2214:34s16:19s17:28s
Boreham Smallbrook Lane (SE-bound) 12:2314:3516:2017:29
Bishopstrow Eastleigh Stables (S-bound) 12:2514:3616:2117:31
Sutton Veny, o/s The Lodge 12:2714:3716:2317:32
Sutton Veny The Woolpack (SE-bound) 12:2814:3816:2517:33
Sutton Veny Dymocks Lane (E-bound) 12:2814:3916:2517:34
Sutton Veny Church of St John (SE-bound) 12:2914:3916:2617:34
Sutton Veny, opp Duck Street Shelter 09:5512:3014:4016:2717:35
Tytherington Church (E-bound) 12:33
Corton Bus Shelter (E-bound) 12:37
Boyton Bus Shelter (E-bound) 12:42
Codford Corton Turn (SE-bound) 12:44
Codford The Garage (SE-bound) 12:45
Codford The Grove (E-bound) 12:46
Codford St Mary Cherry Orchard (E-bound) 12:47
Chitterne Abdon Close (S-bound) 12:57s
Chitterne, opp All Saints and St Mary's Church 12:58
Norton Bavant South Farm (NW-bound) 13:07
Sutton Veny Bus Shelter (NW-bound) 08:5509:5514:4516:2817:36
Sutton Veny The Church (NW-bound) 08:5509:5514:4516:28
Sutton Veny Dymocks Lane (NW-bound) 08:5609:5614:4616:28
Sutton Veny The Woolpack (NW-bound) 08:5609:5614:4616:29
Sutton Veny Five Ash Lane (NW-bound) 08:5609:5614:4616:29
Sutton Veny, opp The Lodge 08:5709:5714:4716:30
Bishopstrow National Trust Office (N-bound) 08:5909:5914:4916:31
Bishopstrow Eastleigh Stables (N-bound) 09:0010:0014:5016:32
Boreham Bishopstrow Road (E-bound) 09:0110:0111:2013:1014:5116:33
Boreham Smallbrook Lane (NW-bound) 09:0210:0211:2113:1014:5216:35
Warminster Esso Garage (N-bound) 09:0510:0711:2213:1114:5716:39
Warminster Market Place (W-bound) 09:0610:0811:2313:1214:5816:41

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Frome Bus/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 13 June 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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