556 - St Josephs Academy - South Shields

A service operated by Stagecoach North East


Monday to Friday, school Only days (not bank holidays)

St Josephs Academy - South Shields

Cleadon Park King George Road-Leisure Centre (S-Bound) 07:45
Cleadon Park King George Road- Orchid Gardens (S-Bound) 07:46
Cleadon Park King George Road-Park Avenue (S-Bound) 07:47
Cleadon Park King George Road-Elm Avenue (S-Bound) 07:48
Cleadon Park Ridgeway (S-Bound) 07:50
Whiteleas South Shields Community School (W-Bound) 07:50
Whiteleas Nevinson Avenue-Tarragon Way (W-Bound) 07:51
Whiteleas Nevinson Avenue - Gainsborough Avenue (SW-Bound) 07:52
Galsworthy Road-Whiteleas Way (SW-Bound) 07:53
Biddick Hall Galsworthy Road-Chuter Ede (W-Bound) 07:53
Biddick Hall Chesterton Road (NW-Bound) 07:55
Biddick Hall John Reid Road-Cronin Avenue (SW-Bound) 07:56
Brockley Whins South Shields Crematorium (W-Bound) 07:59
Brockley Whins South Leam (SW-Bound) 08:07
Primrose Leam Lane-Lawson Avenue (SW-Bound) 08:08
Primrose Roman Road-Haughton Crescent (SW-Bound) 08:12
Fellgate Durham Drive-Canterbury Way (S-Bound) 08:15
Fellgate Durham Drive-Lichfield Way (SE-Bound) 08:15
Fellgate Durham Drive-Norwich Way (E-Bound) 08:16
Fellgate Durham Drive-Bristol Way (E-Bound) 08:18
Fellgate Durham Drive-Limecroft (N-Bound) 08:19
Durham Drive-Fellgate Avenue (N-Bound) 08:20
Fellgate Durham Drive-St Josephs Way (N-Bound) 08:21
Durham Drive -Fellgate Metro (W-Bound) 08:21
Fellgate Durham Drive-Gloucester Way (W-Bound) 08:22
Fellgate Durham Drive-Coventry Way (W-Bound) 08:24
Fellgate Durham Drive-Footbridge (SW-Bound) 08:24
Fellgate Estate Entrance (SW-Bound) 08:25
Fellgate Leam Lane-Lakeside (SW-Bound) 08:27
Hebburn Mill Lane-St James Church (W-Bound) 08:34
Hebburn St Joseph's Catholic Academy (N-Bound) 08:35

South Shields - St Josephs Academy

Hebburn St Joseph's Catholic Academy (N-Bound) 14:50
Hebburn Mill Lane-Mill Tavern (E-Bound) 15:06
Fellgate Leam Lane-Lakeside (NE-Bound) 15:11
Fellgate Estate Entrance (NE-Bound) 15:13
Primrose Roman Road-Durham Grove (NE-Bound) 15:15
Primrose Roman Road - Brancepeth Terrace (N-Bound) 15:16
Primrose Roman Road-Langley Terrace (NE-Bound) 15:16
Primrose Roman Avenue - Hedworth Lane (E-Bound) 15:17
Primrose Leam Lane-Lawson Avenue (NE-Bound) 15:18
Low Simonside South Leam (E-Bound) 15:20
Simonside John Reid Road-Newcastle Road (SE-Bound) 15:20
Brockley Whins John Reid Road-Perth Avenue (SE-Bound) 15:21
Simonside South Shields Crematorium (E-Bound) 15:22
Biddick Hall Chesterton Road (S-Bound) 15:24
Biddick Hall Chesterton Road (SE-Bound) 15:24
Biddick Hall Galsworthy Road-Benton Road (NE-Bound) 15:27
Whiteleas Nevinson Avenue-Gainsborough Avenue (NE-Bound) 15:27
Whiteleas Nevinson Avenue - Moreland Road (NE-Bound) 15:28
Whiteleas Nevinson Avenue-Tarragon Way (SE-Bound) 15:28
Whiteleas South Shields Community School (E-Bound) 15:29
Cleadon Park Ridgeway (N-Bound) 15:30
Cleadon Park King George Road-Elm Avenue (N-Bound) 15:30
Cleadon Park King George Road-Park Avenue (N-Bound) 15:30
King George Road-Cleadon Park (N-Bound) 15:30
Harton Nook Prince Edward Road-King George Road (E-Bound) 15:31
Harton Nook (E-Bound) 15:32
Harton Nook Prince Edward Road-Centenary Avenue (NE-Bound) 15:32
Cleadon Park Prince Edward Road-Russell Avenue (NE-Bound) 15:33
Marsden Prince Edward Road-Wayside (NE-Bound) 15:34
Marsden Prince Edward Road-Ingleside (NE-Bound) 15:34
Marsden Prince Edward Road-Valley Lane (NE-Bound) 15:35
Marsden Lane - Prince Edward Road East (W-Bound) 15:36
Marsden Lane-Hampshire Way (NW-Bound) 15:36
Marsden Lane-Fulwell Avenue (NW-Bound) 15:37
Horsley Hill Square (W-Bound) 15:39
Horsley Hill Marsden Road-Barbour Avenue (SW-Bound) 15:39
Harton Marsden Road-Bulmer Road (SW-Bound) 15:40
Harton Marsden Road-Moor Lane East (SW-Bound) 15:40
Harton Marsden Road-The Cloisters (SW-Bound) 15:41
Harton Sunderland Road-Marsden Road (N-Bound) 15:41
Harton Sunderland Road-Holmfield Avenue (NW-Bound) 15:42
Westoe Sunderland Road-Morpeth Avenue (NW-Bound) 15:42
Westoe Sunderland Road-Grosvenor Mews (NW-Bound) 15:43
Westoe Dean Road - Sunderland Road (W-Bound) 15:43
Chichester Dean Road-Marlborough Street (W-Bound) 15:44
Chichester Road (N-Bound) 15:45
Westoe Chichester Road-Imeary Street (NE-Bound) 15:46
South Shields Westoe Road - Erskine Road (N-Bound) 15:48
South Shields Fowler Street - Town Hall (N-Bound) 15:48
South Shields Interchange (R) 15:50

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 5 August 2022

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