55A - Nuneaton - Coventry

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Nuneaton - Coventry

Nuneaton Bus Station (Stand B1) 05:0505:2517:1522:30
Nuneaton, opp Fire Station 05:0605:2617:1622:31
Nuneaton, adj Gala Bingo 05:0605:2617:1722:31
Nuneaton, adj Rope Walk 05:0705:2717:1922:32
Nuneaton, opp Riversley Road 05:0705:2717:1922:32
Nuneaton, nr Home Park Road 05:0805:2817:2122:33
Nuneaton, adj George Eliot Hospital Main Entrance 05:1105:3117:2522:36
Nuneaton, adj Bermuda Park 05:1505:3617:3022:40
Nuneaton, adj Cinema 05:1505:3617:3022:40
Bedworth, opp Griff Island 05:1705:3817:3422:44
Bedworth, adj The Griff 05:1805:3917:3522:45
Collycroft, nr Hill Street 05:1805:3917:3622:46
Collycroft, opp Joseph Luckman Road 05:1805:3917:3622:46
Bedworth, adj Coles Furniture Centre 05:19
Bedworth, adj Orchard Street 05:4017:3722:47
Bedworth, adj Palace Bingo 05:20
Bedworth, adj Cemetery 05:4117:3822:48
Bedworth, nr Regent Street 05:4117:3922:49
Bedworth, nr Beechwood Road 05:4117:4022:50
Bedworth, adj Chestnut Road 05:4217:4022:50
Bedworth, adj Hazel Grove 05:4217:4122:51
Bedworth, nr Tewkesbury Drive 05:4317:4322:53
Bedworth, adj All Saints Square 05:2005:4617:4722:57
Bedworth, nr Mill Street 05:21
Bedworth, adj Park Road 05:4717:4822:57
Bedworth, opp Saunders Avenue 05:21
Bedworth, adj Thomas Street 05:4817:4922:58
Bedworth, adj Leisure Centre 05:22
Bedworth, adj Gallagher Road 05:4817:4922:59
Bedworth, adj Black Bank 05:22
Bedworth, adj Croft Pool 05:4917:4922:59
Exhall Colliery Lane (Jcn) 05:23
Bedworth, adj Croft Road 05:5017:5023:00
Exhall, nr Central Storage 05:23
Bedworth, opp Silver Birch Avenue 05:5117:5123:00
Exhall, opp Bayton Road 05:24
Bedworth, adj Heath Road Fish Saloon 05:5117:5223:00
Exhall, adj Telford Road 05:24
Bedworth, adj Bellairs Avenue 05:5217:5223:01
Exhall, opp Phoenix Park 05:25
Bedworth, adj Smorrall Lane 05:5317:5323:02
Exhall, opp Bryant Road 05:26
Bedworth, nr Dark Lane 05:5317:5323:02
Exhall Coventry Road (Jcn) 05:27
Bedworth, opp Lindley Road 05:5417:5423:02
Exhall, opp Startin Close 05:28
Bedworth, adj Newcomen Road 05:5517:5523:03
Bedworth, adj The Tea Gardens 05:30
Bedworth, nr Anderton Road 05:5517:5523:03
Bedworth, opp Dark Lane 05:31
Bedworth, adj Pheasant Close 05:5517:5523:03
Bedworth, adj Raynor Crescent 05:5617:5623:03
Bedworth, adj Keenan Drive 05:5617:5623:04
Bedworth, adj Robinson Road 05:5717:5723:04
Bedworth, nr Goodyers End Lane 05:5817:5823:04
Bedworth, opp Newcomen Road 05:3105:5817:5823:04
Bedworth, adj Goodyers End Lane 05:3205:5917:5923:05
Bedworth, opp Hospital Lane 05:3206:0018:0023:05
Bedworth, adj Royal Oak 05:3306:0018:0023:05
Ash Green, opp Ash Grove 05:3406:0218:0223:06
Ash Green, opp Caravan Park 05:3406:0218:0223:06
Keresley, adj Mercers Meadow 05:3606:0418:0423:08
Keresley, opp Beaumont Road 05:3706:0518:0423:08
Keresley Library (adj) 05:3806:0618:0523:09
Keresley, adj Prologis Park 05:3906:0718:0623:10
Keresley, opp Morrisons 05:4106:0918:0823:12
Keresley Terex (SE-bound) 05:4106:0918:0823:12
Keresley, before Ashbrook Court 05:4206:1018:0923:13
Holbrooks Second Stop (SE-bound) 05:4306:1118:1023:14
Holbrooks, before Wheelwright Lane 05:4406:1218:1123:15
Holbrooks, opp Nunts Lane 05:4406:1218:1123:15
Holbrooks, after Roland Avenue 05:4506:1318:1223:16
Holbrooks, adj Beacon Rd 05:4606:1418:1323:17
Holbrooks, opp Rotherham Road 05:4706:1518:1423:17
Holbrooks Park (opp) 05:4706:1518:1523:18
Whitmore Park, adj Jackson Rd 05:4806:1618:1523:19
Whitmore Park, after Kingswood Close 05:4906:1718:1723:20
Edgwick, adj Northey Rd 05:5006:1818:1823:21
Edgwick, adj Livingstone Rd 05:5106:1918:1923:21
Edgwick, adj Drake St 05:5106:1918:1923:22
Bishopgate Green, after Tower Court 05:5306:2118:2123:22
Bishopgate Green, after Honeyfield Road 05:5406:2218:2223:23
Bishopgate Green, adj Eagle St 05:5406:2218:2323:24
Bishopgate Green, opp City Engineers 05:5506:2318:2423:25
Bishopgate Green, opp Leicester Row 05:5606:2418:2423:25
Coventry Corporation St (Stop BS2) 05:5706:2518:2623:26
Coventry Sainsbury's (Stop TS3) 05:5806:2618:2723:27

Coventry - Nuneaton

Coventry Sainsbury's (Stop TS3) 05:3006:0006:3007:00
Coventry Corporation St (Stop BS1) 05:3106:0106:3107:01
Bishopgate Green Leicester Row (adjacent) 05:3206:0206:3307:03
Bishopgate Green City Engineers (adjacent) 05:3306:0306:3407:04
Bishopgate Green, opp Eagle St 05:3406:0406:3507:05
Bishopgate Green, before Honeyfield Road 05:3406:0406:3607:06
Bishopgate Green, before Tower Court 05:3506:0506:3707:07
Edgwick, opp Drake St 05:3606:0606:3807:08
Edgwick, opp Livingstone Rd 05:3706:0606:3907:09
Edgwick, opp Northey Rd 05:3706:0606:3907:09
Whitmore Park, opp Kingswood Close 05:3806:0706:4007:10
Whitmore Park, opp Jackson Rd 05:3906:0806:4107:11
Holbrooks Park (adj) 05:4006:0806:4207:12
Holbrooks, adj Rotherham Road 05:4106:0906:4307:13
Holbrooks, opp Beacon Rd 05:4106:0906:4307:13
Holbrooks Roland Avenue (adjacent) 05:4206:1006:4407:14
Holbrooks, before Nunts Lane 05:4206:1006:4407:14
Holbrooks, after Wheelwright Lane 05:4306:1106:4507:15
Holbrooks Second Stop (NW-bound) 05:4306:1106:4507:15
Keresley, after Ashbrook Court 05:4406:1206:4607:16
Keresley Terex (NW-bound) 05:4606:1406:4807:18
Keresley, adj Morrisons 05:4606:1406:4807:18
Keresley, opp Prologis Park 05:5006:1606:5207:22
Keresley Library (opp) 05:5106:1706:5307:23
Keresley Bennetts Road (Jcn) 06:17
Keresley Bennetts Road (Jcn) 05:5206:5407:24
Keresley, adj Beaumont Road 06:18
Keresley, adj Golden Eagle 05:5306:5507:25
Keresley Somers Road (Jcn) 05:5406:5607:26
Keresley, opp Parkfield Road 05:5406:5607:26
Keresley, adj Parkfield Road 05:5506:1806:5707:27
Keresley, opp Mercers Meadow 05:5606:1906:5807:28
Bedworth, adj Caravan Park 05:5806:2007:0007:30
Ash Green Lane (Adj) 05:5806:2007:0007:30
Bedworth, opp Royal Oak 06:0006:2207:0207:32
Bedworth, adj Hospital Lane 06:0106:2207:0307:32
Bedworth, adj Goodyears End Lane 06:0206:2307:0407:33
Bedworth, opp Newcomen Road 06:0306:2407:0507:34
Bedworth, nr Dark Lane 06:0507:07
Bedworth, nr Goodyers End Lane 06:2407:34
Bedworth, adj Topps Drive 06:0607:08
Bedworth, opp Melrose Avenue 06:2407:34
Bedworth, opp Robinson Road 06:2507:35
Bedworth, opp Keenan Drive 06:2507:35
Bedworth, adj Raynor Crescent 06:2607:36
Bedworth, opp Pheasant Close 06:2607:36
Bedworth Anderton Road (Jcn) 06:2707:37
Bedworth, adj Whitburn Road 06:2707:37
Bedworth, adj Lindley Road 06:2807:38
Bedworth, nr Dark Lane 06:2807:39
Bedworth, adj Smorrall Lane 06:2807:40
Bedworth, opp Bellairs Avenue 06:2907:41
Bedworth, adj Smorrall Lane 06:0806:3007:1007:42
Bedworth, adj Silver Birch Avenue 06:0906:3007:1107:43
Bedworth, opp Croft Road 06:1006:3107:1207:44
Bedworth, opp Croft Pool 06:1206:3207:1407:45
Bedworth, opp Gallagher Road 06:1206:3207:1407:46
Bedworth, nr Newdigate Road 06:1406:3307:1607:47
Bedworth, adj Iceland 06:1606:3407:1807:49
Bedworth, adj Palace Bingo 06:35
Bedworth, opp Wootton Street 06:1907:2107:52
Bedworth, opp Coles Furniture Centre 06:35
Bedworth, opp Hazel Grove 06:2007:2207:53
Bedworth, opp Chestnut Road 06:2107:2307:54
Bedworth Marston Lane (Jcn) 06:2207:2407:54
Bedworth, nr Regent Street 06:2207:2407:55
Bedworth, opp Cemetery 06:2307:2407:56
Bedworth, opp Orchard Street 06:2407:2507:56
Collycroft, opp Post Office 06:2406:3607:2607:57
Collycroft, nr Hill Street 06:2506:3607:2707:58
Bedworth, opp The Griff 06:2606:3707:2707:59
Bedworth, adj Griff House 06:2706:3707:2808:00
Nuneaton, adj Bermuda Park 06:3907:29
Nuneaton, adj Cinema 06:3907:30
Nuneaton, adj Walsingham Drive 07:32
Nuneaton, opp National Dairies 07:32
Nuneaton, adj George Eliot Hospital Main Entrance 06:3206:4407:4008:05
Nuneaton, nr Edward Street 06:3506:4707:4508:08
Nuneaton, adj Riversley Road 06:3606:4807:4608:09
Nuneaton, opp Mill Street 06:3706:4907:4808:10
Nuneaton Bus Station (Stand B1) 06:3906:5107:5108:12

Timetable data from Stagecoach Midlands, 27 September 2022

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