57 - Freshwater Bay - Cowes Enterprise College

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Freshwater Bay - Cowes Enterprise College

Freshwater Bay (NW-bound) 07:20
Freshwater Bay, adj St Agnes Church 07:20
Freshwater Bay Guyers Road (N-bound) 07:21
Freshwater, opp Parish Hall 07:22
Freshwater, opp Co-op 07:23
Freshwater School Green Road (W-bound) 07:24
Freshwater, opp Royal Standard 07:25
Freshwater, adj Fire Station 07:25
Freshwater The Avenue (W-bound) 07:26
Totland War Memorial (N-bound) 07:30
Totland, adj Coastguard Cottages 07:30
Colwell Common (NE-bound) 07:31
Colwell Brambles Corner (NE-bound) 07:32
Norton Green Monks Lane (NE-bound) 07:32
Norton Green Golden Hill (NE-bound) 07:33
Norton Green Hill Farm (NE-bound) 07:33
Norton Pixley Hill (NE-bound) 07:34
Norton Savoy (NE-bound) 07:35
Norton Grange (adj) 07:35
Yarmouth Bus Station (Stand C) 07:37
Yarmouth Bus Station (Stand C) 07:40
Yarmouth Sixpenny Corner (NE-bound) 07:40
Yarmouth Mountfield (NE-bound) 07:40
Yarmouth Old Toll Gate (E-bound) 07:41
Bouldnor St Swithins Crescent (SE-bound) 07:42
Bouldnor Purbeck House (SE-bound) 07:42
Cranmore Hill Place Lane (E-bound) 07:43
Cranmore Lucketts (E-bound) 07:43
Cranmore Avenue (adj) 07:44
Cranmore Institute (SE-bound) 07:45
Ningwood, adj Horse & Groom 07:46
Ningwood Hamstead (E-bound) 07:46
Shalfleet Warlands Lane (E-bound) 07:47
Shalfleet, adj New Inn 07:48
Shalfleet Bartons Corner (SE-bound) 07:48
Calbourne The Way East (E-bound) 07:50
Calbourne Hebberdens (NE-bound) 07:51
Lower Watchingwell, adj Three Gates Farm 07:52
Lower Watchingwell, opp Upper Watchingwell Bridleway 07:53
Porchfield, opp Dinglers Farmhouse 07:54
Porchfield, adj Vittlefields Farm 07:55
Gunville Vittlefields Cross (E-bound) 07:56
Gunville, opp Forest Road Garage 07:57
Gunville, adj Forest Works 07:57
Parkhurst, adj Hampshire Crescent 08:01
Newport, opp St Mary's Hospital 08:02
Parkhurst, adj Lonsdale Avenue 08:03
Parkhurst Chapel Corner (N-bound) 08:04
Horsebridge Hill, opp Stag Lane 08:04
Northwood Crockers Farm (N-bound) 08:05
Northwood, opp County Showground 08:06
Northwood, opp Chawton Lane 08:06
Northwood, adj Horseshoe Inn 08:07
Northwood, adj Uplands Road 08:08
Northwood Four Cross (NW-bound) 08:09
Cowes, opp Three Gates Road 08:10
Cowes, opp Broadfields Avenue 08:11
Cowes Round House (NE-bound) 08:12
Cowes, adj IW Community Club 08:13
Cowes, adj Parklands Avenue 08:13
Cowes, opp Rashleys 08:14
Cowes Ward Avenue (NW-bound) 08:15
Cowes, opp Northwood House 08:16
Cowes High School (adj) 08:17

Cowes Enterprise College - Freshwater Bay

Cowes High School (adj) 14:55
Cowes, adj Northwood House 14:55
Cowes, adj Rashleys 14:57
Cowes, opp Parklands Avenue 14:57
Cowes, opp IW Community Club 14:58
Cowes Round House (S-bound) 14:59
Cowes, adj Broadfields Avenue 15:00
Cowes, adj Three Gates Road 15:01
Northwood Four Cross (SE-bound) 15:02
Northwood, opp Uplands Road 15:03
Northwood, opp Horseshoe Inn 15:04
Northwood, adj Chawton Lane 15:05
Northwood, adj County Showground 15:05
Northwood Crockers Farm (S-bound) 15:06
Horsebridge Hill, adj Stag Lane 15:07
Parkhurst Chapel Corner (S-bound) 15:07
Parkhurst, opp Lonsdale Avenue 15:09
Newport, adj St Mary's Hospital 15:10
Parkhurst, opp Hampshire Crescent 15:11
Gunville, opp Forest Works 15:15
Gunville, adj Forest Road Garage 15:15
Gunville Vittlefields Cross (W-bound) 15:16
Porchfield, opp Vittlefields Farm 15:17
Porchfield, adj Dinglers Farmhouse 15:18
Lower Watchingwell, adj Upper Watchingwell Bridleway 15:19
Lower Watchingwell, opp Three Gates Farm 15:20
Calbourne Hebberdens (SW-bound) 15:21
Calbourne The Way West (W-bound) 15:22
Shalfleet Bartons Corner (NW-bound) 15:24
Shalfleet St Michaels Close (W-bound) 15:24
Shalfleet, opp New Inn 15:25
Shalfleet Warlands Lane (W-bound) 15:25
Ningwood Hamstead (W-bound) 15:26
Ningwood, opp Horse & Groom 15:26
Cranmore Institute (NW-bound) 15:27
Cranmore Avenue (opp) 15:27
Cranmore Lucketts (W-bound) 15:28
Cranmore Hill Place Lane (W-bound) 15:28
Bouldnor Purbeck House (NW-bound) 15:29
Bouldnor St Swithins Crescent (NW-bound) 15:30
Yarmouth Old Toll Gate (W-bound) 15:30
Yarmouth Mountfield (SW-bound) 15:31
Yarmouth Sixpenny Corner (SW-bound) 15:31
Yarmouth Bus Station (Stand B) 15:32
Norton Grange (opp) 15:33
Norton Savoy (SW-bound) 15:33
Norton Pixley Hill (S-bound) 15:34
Norton Green Hill Farm (SW-bound) 15:35
Norton Green Golden Hill (SW-bound) 15:36
Colwell Brambles Corner (SW-bound) 15:36
Colwell, adj Baptist Church 15:37
Totland, opp Coastguard Cottages 15:38
Totland War Memorial (S-bound) 15:39
Freshwater The Avenue (E-bound) 15:40
Freshwater Memorial Hall (SE-bound) 15:40
Freshwater, adj Royal Standard 15:41
Freshwater School Green Road (E-bound) 15:41
Freshwater, adj Co-op 15:42
Freshwater, adj Parish Hall 15:42
Freshwater Bay Guyers Road (S-bound) 15:43
Freshwater Bay, opp St Agnes Church 15:44
Freshwater Bay (SE-bound) 15:45

Timetable data from Southern Vectis, 17 November 2020

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