570 - Great Dunmow Queen Victoria - Coggeshall - Colchester Norman Way

A bus service operated by First Essex

Gt Dunmow Queen Victoria - Norman Way Schools

Great Dunmow, opp The Queen Victoria 06:48
Great Dunmow Stortford Road (E-bound) 06:51
Great Dunmow High Street (SE-bound) 06:52
Great Dunmow, opp The Avenue 06:53
Great Dunmow, adj St Edmunds Lane 06:54
Little Dunmow, adj Homelye Chase 06:56
Little Dunmow Braintree Road (S-bound) 06:58
Little Dunmow, opp The Flitch of Bacon 06:59
Little Dunmow, opp The Moors 07:00
Little Dunmow, adj Bramble Lane 07:01
Felsted, opp Baynard Avenue 07:02
Felsted, opp Mill Road 07:04
Felsted, o/s Church 07:05
Felsted, opp The Chequers 07:06
Felsted, adj Garnetts Lane 07:06
Felsted, adj Alderton Close 07:07
Felsted Watch House Green (E-bound) 07:08
Blake End, adj Gatehouse Farm 07:10
Blake End (N-bound) 07:12
Blake End Graunt Courts (SE-bound) 07:13
Great Notley, opp King William 07:20
Great Notley, opp Queenborough Lane 07:20
Great Notley, adj Ludham Hall Lane 07:20
Great Notley White Court (NE-bound) 07:21
Great Notley, opp Ludham Hall Lane 07:22
Great Notley, adj Queenborough Lane 07:23
Great Notley, o/s King William 07:23
Braintree, opp Tortoiseshell Way 07:24
Braintree, adj Acorn Avenue 07:26
Braintree, adj Clare Road 07:26
Braintree Panfield Lane (NE-bound) 07:28
Braintree, opp Blyth's Meadow 07:29
Braintree, opp Mount Road 07:30
Braintree, opp Albert Road 07:31
Braintree, opp Kings Head 07:31
Braintree, adj Dallwood Way 07:32
Braintree, opp Wheatley Avenue 07:33
Braintree, opp Bartram Avenue North 07:33
Braintree, adj Kings Park Village 07:33
Braintree Tesco East Store (E-bound) 07:34
Bradwell, opp Cherry Lane 07:36
Bradwell, adj The Dolphin 07:37
Bradwell, adj Bridge Hall Road 07:38
Bradwell, opp The Swan 07:39
Bradwell Mill View (E-bound) 07:40
Coggeshall, opp Nursery 07:45
Coggeshall, opp Paycockes House 07:45
Coggeshall Market Hill (N-bound) 07:46
Coggeshall, adj Vane Lane 07:47
Coggeshall, adj Church Street Co-op 07:47
Coggeshall Church Green (NE-bound) 07:48
Coggeshall, opp Wisdoms Green 07:49
Coggeshall, adj Gurton Road 07:49
Coggeshall Colne Road (N-bound) 07:50
Marks Tey, o/s Railway Station 08:02
Colchester, o/s Essex County Hospital 08:17
Colchester, adj Beverley Road 08:19
Colchester, adj The Avenue 08:20
Colchester, adj Park Road 08:22
Colchester, o/s Norman Way Schools 08:25

Essex County Hospital - Gt Dunmow Queen Victoria

Colchester, o/s Essex County Hospital 15:40
Colchester, adj Beverley Road 15:53
Colchester, adj The Avenue 15:55
Colchester, adj Park Road 15:58
Marks Tey, opp Railway Station 16:08
Coggeshall Colne Road (S-bound) 16:18
Coggeshall, opp Gurton Road 16:19
Coggeshall, adj Wisdoms Green 16:19
Coggeshall Church Green (SW-bound) 16:20
Coggeshall, opp Church Street Co-op 16:20
Coggeshall, opp Vane Lane 16:21
Coggeshall Market Hill (S-bound) 16:22
Coggeshall, o/s Paycockes House 16:23
Coggeshall, o/s Nursery 16:23
Bradwell Mill View (W-bound) 16:28
Bradwell, o/s The Swan 16:29
Bradwell, opp Bridge Hall Road 16:30
Bradwell, opp The Dolphin 16:30
Bradwell, o/s Cherry Lane 16:31
Braintree Tesco East Store (W-bound) 16:33
Braintree, opp Kings Park Village 16:33
Braintree, adj Bartram Avenue North 16:33
Braintree, adj Hay Lane 16:34
Braintree, opp Dallwood Way 16:34
Braintree, o/s Kings Head 16:35
Braintree, adj Albert Road 16:35
Braintree Railway Street (S-bound) 16:35
Braintree Clinic (W-bound) 16:36
Braintree Bus Interchange (Stand 6) 16:36
Braintree, adj Rue De Jeunes 16:38
Braintree, opp Courtauld Place 16:40
Braintree, adj Marshalls Road 16:40
Braintree, adj Tortoiseshell Way 16:42
Great Notley, opp King William 16:43
Great Notley, opp Queenborough Lane 16:44
Great Notley, adj Ludham Hall Lane 16:45
Great Notley White Court (NE-bound) 16:46
Great Notley, opp Ludham Hall Lane 16:47
Great Notley, adj Queenborough Lane 16:47
Great Notley, o/s King William 16:47
Blake End Gransmore Green (SW-bound) 16:57
Felsted Watch House Green (W-bound) 17:00
Felsted, opp Alderton Close 17:01
Felsted, opp Garnetts Lane 17:01
Felsted, o/s The Chequers 17:02
Felsted, opp Church 17:02
Felsted, adj Mill Road 17:03
Felsted, adj Tanton Road 17:04
Felsted, adj Baynard Avenue 17:05
Little Dunmow, opp Bramble Lane 17:06
Little Dunmow, o/s The Moors 17:06
Little Dunmow, o/s The Flitch of Bacon 17:07
Little Dunmow Braintree Road (N-bound) 17:08
Little Dunmow, opp Homelye Chase 17:09
Great Dunmow, opp St Edmunds Lane 17:12
Great Dunmow, adj The Avenue 17:12
Great Dunmow High Street (NW-bound) 17:13
Great Dunmow Stortford Road (W-bound) 17:14
Great Dunmow, o/s The Queen Victoria 17:15

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