571 - Upper Halliford - Sunbury - Ashford - Staines

A bus service operated by Reptons Coaches

Upper Halliford - Staines

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Staines - Upper Halliford

Sunbury Tesco (o/s) 12:15
Staines Elmsleigh Bus Station (Stop 6) 13:30
Staines High Street (Stop J) 13:31
Staines Police Station (Stop M) 13:31
Staines Station (Stop D) 13:32
Knowle Green (opp) 13:33
Staines, opp Worple Road 13:34
Staines, adj Fenton Avenue 13:35
Staines, adj Petersfield Avenue 13:35
Ashford Kingston Crescent (N-bound) 13:37
Ashford Kingston Crescent (W-bound) 13:37
Ashford, adj St Martin's Court 13:38
Ashford Brookside Avenue (NW-bound) 13:39
Ashford Boundary Road (S-bound) 13:39
Ashford Boundary Road End (SE-bound) 13:40
Ashford Boundary Road (N-bound) 13:40
Ashford Brookside Avenue (SE-bound) 13:40
Ashford, opp St Martin's Court 13:40
Ashford Kingston Crescent (E-bound) 13:40
Ashford, adj Woodthorpe Road 13:41
Ashford Road (E-bound) 13:41
Ashford Road (opp) 13:45
Ashford Common, adj Chertsey Road 13:46
Ashford Common, adj Napier Road 13:46
Sunbury, opp Windmill Road 13:48
Sunbury, opp Spelthorne Grove 12:1813:49
Sunbury Cross (opp) 12:1913:50
Sunbury The Avenue (SE-bound) 12:2113:52
Sunbury Batavia Road (SE-bound) 12:2313:54
Sunbury, opp Batavia Road End 12:2313:54
Sunbury, opp Bowater Gardens 12:2413:55
Sunbury Elm Drive (E-bound) 12:2413:55
Sunbury The Markway (SE-bound) 12:2513:56
Sunbury Oakington Drive (SW-bound) 12:2513:56
Sunbury French Street South (SE-bound) 12:2713:58
Sunbury, opp French Street 12:2713:58
Sunbury, opp The Avenue 12:2914:00
Sunbury, opp Church Street 12:3014:01
Sunbury, o/s Fordbridge Caravan Park 12:3514:06
Shepperton, adj West Way 12:3714:08
Upper Halliford, adj Halliford Close 12:4014:10

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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