575 - Romford - Abridge - Debden - Loughton - Epping - Harlow

A bus service operated by Go Ahead London


Monday to Friday

Harlow - Epping - Loughton - Debden - Abridge - Romford

Harlow Bus Station (Stand 5) 09:30
Harlow, o/s Leisure Centre 09:32
Harlow, adj Latton Farm 09:36
Thornwood, o/s McDonalds 09:41
Thornwood, opp Horseshoes Farm 09:42
Thornwood, opp Rye Hill Road 09:43
Thornwood, opp Upland Road 09:43
Thornwood Common, opp Carpenters Arms 09:44
Epping, o/s Brickfield Business Centre 09:46
Epping, opp Maltings Lane 09:48
Epping, opp Council Offices 09:49
Epping, opp Church 09:50
Epping, opp Tesco Store 09:50
Epping Bury Lane (oppj) 09:51
Epping, adj Bell Common 09:52
Epping, opp Park Cottages 09:54
Waltham Abbey, o/s Ambresbury Banks 09:56
Loughton, opp Lodge Road 09:58
Loughton Wake Arms (SW-bound) 09:59
Loughton Goldings Hill Forest (S-bound) 10:01
Loughton, opp Baldwins Hill 10:03
Loughton, adj Goldings Road 10:03
Debden, opp Maple Gate 10:05
Debden Hillyfields (E-bound) 10:05
Debden, adj Hillcroft 10:05
Debden Pyrles Lane (E-bound) 10:05
Debden, opp Chandler Road 10:06
Debden, adj Castell Road 10:06
Debden, o/s Davenant School 10:07
Debden Colebrook Lane (SE-bound) 10:07
Debden, o/s The Cottage Loaf 10:08
Debden, adj Goldingham Avenue 10:08
Debden Mannock Drive (W-bound) 10:08
Debden, opp Etheridge Road 10:09
Debden, opp Vere Road 10:10
Debden, nr Rectory Lane 10:10
Debden Station (o/s) 10:11
Chigwell Rolls Park Corner (NE-bound) 10:14
Abridge, opp Caravan Park 10:19
Abridge, opp Log Cabin Cafe 10:19
Abridge, o/s The Blue Boar 10:21
Abridge, o/s Roding Hall 10:21
Abridge, o/s Village Hall 10:21
Abridge, opp Grove Cottage 10:22
Abridge, opp Oak Farm 10:22
Abridge, o/s Hillmans Cottages 10:22
Abridge, adj Church Lane 10:23
Abridge, opp Crowther Nurseries 10:23
Passingford Bridge, opp Stapleford Aerodrome 10:25
Passingford Bridge, opp Little Arnolds 10:25
Passingford Bridge (S-bound) 10:27
Stapleford Abbotts, o/s The Rabbits 10:27
Stapleford Abbotts, opp Gordon Cottages 10:28
Stapleford Abbotts, o/s School 10:29
Stapleford Abbotts, o/s The Nursery 10:30
Stapleford Abbotts, opp Bournebridge Lane 10:31
Stapleford Abbotts, opp Royal Oak 10:32
Stapleford Abbotts, adj Tysea Hill 10:32
Havering-Atte-Bower Liberty Cottages (->S) 10:34
Havering-Atte-Bower Samantha Mews (->S) 10:35
Havering-Atte-Bower Havering Green (->S) 10:36
Havering-Atte-Bower Bower House (->S) 10:36
Chase Cross Kilnwood Lane (->S) 10:37
Chase Cross Bower Park School (Stop) 10:38
Chase Cross Campbell Close (Stop CP) 10:39
Chase Cross Garry Way (Stop CQ) 10:39
Chase Cross Moray Way (Stop CR) 10:40
Rise Park Parklands School (Stop NQ) 10:42
Romford Bus Garage (Stop NS) 10:44
Romford The Avenue (RM1) (Stop J) 10:45
Romford Market (Stop) 10:48
Romford Market (Stop G) 10:50
Romford Mercury Gardens (Stop M) 10:50
Romford Western Road (Stop QQ) 10:52
Romford Western Road (Stop Q) 10:52
Romford Station (Stop T) 10:54
Romford Rom Valley Way (Stop HD) 10:55
Romford The Brewery (Stop O) 10:59

Romford - Abridge - Debden - Loughton - Epping - Harlow

Romford The Brewery (Stop O) 13:00
Romford Rom Valley Way (Stop HE) 13:02
Romford Station (Stop V) 13:05
Romford Western Road (Stop P) 13:06
Romford Mercury Gardens (Stop N) 13:07
Romford Market (Stop H) 13:09
Romford The Avenue (Stop F) 13:11
Romford Bus Garage (Stop NA) 13:12
Romford Cedar Road (Stop NB) 13:13
Rise Park Parklands School (Stop NC) 13:15
Rise Park Mashiters Hill (Stop CV) 13:17
Chase Cross Moray Way (Stop CW) 13:17
Chase Cross Garry Way (Stop CY) 13:18
Chase Cross Road (Stop CZ) 13:18
Chase Cross (Stop CH) 13:19
Chase Cross Bower Park School (->N) 13:19
Chase Cross Kilnwood Lane (->N) 13:20
Havering-Atte-Bower Bower House (->N) 13:21
Havering-Atte-Bower Havering Green (->N) 13:23
Havering-Atte-Bower Dame Tipping School (Stop) 13:23
Havering-Atte-Bower Liberty Cottages (Stop) 13:24
Stapleford Abbotts, opp Tysea Hill 13:26
Stapleford Abbotts, o/s Royal Oak 13:27
Stapleford Abbotts, adj Bournebridge Lane 13:28
Stapleford Abbotts, opp The Nursery 13:28
Stapleford Abbotts, opp School 13:29
Stapleford Abbotts, o/s Gordon Cottages 13:30
Stapleford Abbotts, opp The Rabbits 13:30
Passingford Bridge (N-bound) 13:32
Passingford Bridge, o/s Little Arnolds 13:33
Passingford Bridge, o/s Stapleford Aerodrome 13:33
Abridge, o/s Crowther Nurseries 13:34
Abridge, opp Church Lane 13:35
Abridge, opp Hillmans Cottages 13:36
Abridge, o/s Oak Farm 13:36
Abridge, o/s Grove Cottage 13:36
Abridge, opp Village Hall 13:37
Abridge, opp Roding Hall 13:37
Abridge, opp The Blue Boar 13:38
Abridge, adj Log Cabin Cafe 13:38
Abridge, o/s Caravan Park 13:39
Chigwell Rolls Park Corner (NW-bound) 13:45
Debden Station (opp) 13:48
Debden, opp Torrington Drive 13:48
Debden, opp Burton Road 13:49
Debden, adj Vere Road 13:49
Debden, adj Etheridge Green 13:50
Debden Mannock Drive (N-bound) 13:51
Debden, opp Goldingham Avenue 13:52
Debden, opp The Cottage Loaf 13:52
Debden Colebrook Lane (NW-bound) 13:53
Debden, opp Castell Road 13:54
Debden, adj Chandler Road 13:54
Debden Pyrles Lane (W-bound) 13:54
Debden, opp Hillcroft 13:55
Debden Hillyfields (W-bound) 13:55
Debden, adj Maple Gate 13:56
Loughton, opp Goldings Road 13:56
Loughton, adj Baldwins Hill 13:57
Loughton Goldings Hill Forest (N-bound) 13:58
Loughton Wake Arms (NE-bound) 14:00
Loughton, adj Lodge Road 14:01
Waltham Abbey, opp Ambresbury Banks 14:03
Epping, o/s Park Cottages 14:05
Epping, opp Bell Common 14:06
Epping, adj Bury Lane 14:07
Epping, o/s Tesco Store 14:08
Epping, o/s Church 14:09
Epping, o/s Council Offices 14:10
Epping, adj Maltings Lane 14:10
Epping, opp Brickfield Business Centre 14:12
Thornwood Common, adj Carpenters Arms 14:14
Thornwood, adj Upland Road 14:14
Thornwood, opp Cross Keys 14:16
Thornwood, o/s Horseshoes Farm 14:16
Thornwood, opp McDonalds 14:18
Harlow, opp Latton Farm 14:23
Harlow, opp Leisure Centre 14:26s
Harlow Bus Station (Stand 5) 14:29

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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