57A - Portree [Square] - Flodigarry - Portree [Sqaure]

Operated by Stagecoach Highlands

Portree, o/s High School 15:50
Portree, at Somerled Square 06:5507:0509:1012:1017:55
Portree, at Creag an lolaire 06:5907:0909:1412:1415:5417:59
Achachork, at Road End 07:0007:1009:1512:1515:5518:00
Torvaig, opp Road End 07:0007:1009:1512:1515:5518:00
Torvaig, opp Storr Lochs Road End 07:0807:1809:2312:2316:0318:08
Torvaig, at Old Man of Storr Layby 07:0907:1909:2412:2416:0418:09
Torvaig, at Old Man of Storr Car Park 07:1007:2009:2512:2516:0518:10
Lealt, at Road End 07:1707:2709:3212:3216:1218:17
Culnacnoc Grealin Junction (S-bound) 07:1907:2909:3412:3416:1418:19
Valtos Village (NW-bound) 07:2007:3009:3512:3516:1518:20
Ellishadder, at Road End 07:2207:3209:3712:3716:1718:22
Clachan, opp Old Mission House 07:2407:3409:3912:3916:1918:24
Staffin, opp Community Centre 07:2507:3509:4012:4016:2018:25
Staffin Stores (at) 07:2507:3509:4012:4016:2018:25
Staffin, opp Slipway Road End 07:2607:3609:4112:4116:2118:26
Stenscholl, at MacKenzie Stores 07:2707:3709:4212:4216:2218:27
Brogaig, opp Junction 07:2907:3809:4412:4416:2418:29
Glashvin Village (N-bound) 07:3007:3909:4512:4516:2518:30
Digg, at South Road End 07:3007:3909:4512:4516:2518:30
Digg, at Road End 07:3107:4009:4612:4616:2618:31
Dunans, opp Road End 07:3207:4109:4712:4716:2718:32
Flodigarry, opp Road End 07:3507:4309:5012:5016:3018:35
Kilmaluag, opp Balmacqueen Road End 07:4109:5612:5616:40
Kilmaluag, at Connista Road End 07:4309:5712:5716:41
Duntulm, opp Shulista Road End 07:4510:0013:0016:44
Duntulm, opp Hotel Road End 07:4710:0113:0116:45
Osmigarry, at Museum Road End 07:5210:0613:0616:50
Hungladder Village (SW-bound) 07:5310:0713:0716:51
Kilmuir, at Heribusta Road End 07:5510:0913:0916:53
Kilvaxter Village (S-bound) 07:5610:1013:1016:54
Kilmuir, o/s Primary School 07:5710:1113:1116:55
Linicro Village (E-bound) 08:0110:1413:1416:58
Totscore, opp North Road End 08:0410:1713:1717:01
Totscore, opp South Road End 08:0410:1713:1717:01
Uig, opp Idrigill Road End 08:1010:2213:2217:06
Uig Police Station (SE-bound) 08:1210:2413:2417:08
Uig, opp Rha Bank 10:2413:2417:09
Uig Pier (at) 07:0008:1010:2613:2616:3017:16
Uig, at Rha Bank 07:0208:1210:2813:2816:3217:18
Uig Police Station (E-bound) 07:0208:1210:2813:2816:3217:18
Uig, opp Post Office 07:0208:1208:1210:2813:2816:3217:18
Uig, at Sheadar Road End 07:0308:1308:1310:2913:2916:3317:19
Earlish, opp Road End 07:0508:1608:1510:3113:3116:3517:21
Cuidrach, opp Road End 07:0708:1808:1710:3313:3316:3717:23
Peinlich Junction (at) 07:0908:2108:1910:3613:3616:3917:26
Kingsburgh, opp Road End 07:1208:2308:2210:3813:3816:4117:28
Romesdal, opp Road End 07:1308:2508:2310:4013:4016:4317:30
Eyre, at Road End 07:1508:2708:2510:4213:4216:4517:32
Kensaleyre, at Keistle Road End 07:1608:2808:2610:4313:4316:4517:33
Annishader, at Road End 07:1708:2808:2710:4313:4316:4517:33
Borve, at North Road End 07:1908:3108:3010:4613:4616:4817:36
Borve, before A850 Junction 07:2008:3208:3110:4713:4716:4917:37
Borve, at Road End 07:2108:3308:3310:4813:4816:5017:38
Borve, opp Drumuie Road End 07:2208:3408:3510:4913:4916:5117:39
Portree, nr Sluggans Industrial Estate 07:2408:3608:3810:5113:5116:5317:41
Portree, o/s Co-Op 07:2508:3608:3910:5113:5116:5317:41
Portree, nr Dental Surgery 08:3710:5213:5216:5417:42
Portree, nr Co-Op 08:3810:5313:5316:5517:43
Portree, o/s High School 08:4308:4017:45
Portree, at Somerled Square 07:2608:4808:4610:5813:5817:48

Timetable data from Stagecoach Highlands, 23 February 2024

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