58 - Neath Victoria Gardens - Banwen Rugby Club (NW)

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Neath Victoria Gardens - Banwen Rugby Club (NW)

Neath Bus Station Stand 9 (at) 08:5013:0017:30
Neath London Road (o/s 107) 08:5013:0117:31
Neath Abbey, opp Days 08:5213:0417:34
Neath Abbey, o/s Neath Port Talbot College 08:5313:0517:35
Rhydding, nr Pen-y-Wern Hill 08:5313:0617:36
Rhydding, after Crown & Sceptre 08:5413:0617:36
Cadoxton, after Green Dragon 08:5413:0717:37
Cadoxton, before Danygraig 08:5613:1017:40
Penscynor, before Underwood Road 08:5613:1017:40
Cilfrew, nr Penscynor House 13:1217:42
Cilfrew Hill (nr) 13:1317:43
Cilfrew Post Office (nr former) 13:1417:44
Cilfrew March Hywel (o/s 88) 13:1417:44
Cilfrew, nr Derwen Fawr 13:1417:44
Cilfrew Hotel (o/s former) 13:1417:44
Cilfrew Post Office (nr former) 13:1517:45
Cilfrew Hill (nr) 13:1517:45
Penscynor, after Cilfrew Primary School 13:1617:46
Cilfrew Penscynor (o/s 12) 13:1617:46
Penscynor, nr Drusgol Goch 13:1617:46
Penscynor, before Iron Bridge 08:5713:1717:47
Penscynor, o/s Aberdulais Falls 08:5813:1817:48
Aberdulais, before Dulais Drive 08:5813:1817:48
Cilfrew, opp Tir-isaf Farm 09:0113:2217:52
Cilfrew, opp Broadawel Houses 09:0213:2317:53
Cefn-Coed Colliery Museum, before Cefn Coed Museum 09:0313:2517:55
Crynant, nr Ynys March 09:0513:2717:57
Crynant, before Mary Street 09:0513:2817:58
Crynant, after The Crescent 09:0613:2917:59
Crynant Square (at) 09:0613:2917:59
Crynant Rugby Club (before) 09:0613:3018:00
Crynant Business Park (before) 09:0713:3018:00
Crynant, after Gradon Arms 09:0713:3118:01
Tre-Forgan Penybont Terrace (nr 16) 09:0713:3218:02
Tre-Forgan, opp Ynyswen Terrace 09:0813:3318:03
Tre-Forgan, opp Western Automotive 09:0813:3418:04
Nant-y-cafn, nr Ynys Fforch Fawr 09:0913:3518:05
Nant-y-Cafn (before) 09:1013:3618:06
Nant-y-Cafn Club (nr) 09:1013:3718:07
Nant-y-cafn, before Dulais Road Garage 09:1013:3718:07
Seven Sisters, nr Garden City 09:1013:3818:08
Seven Sisters, nr Sawmills 09:1113:3918:09
Seven Sisters, after Bryndulais Hotel 09:1113:3918:09
Seven Sisters Church Road (after Church) 09:1213:4018:10
Seven Sisters High Street (nr 4) 09:1213:4118:11
Seven Sisters Post Office (opp) 09:1213:4118:11
Seven Sisters Community Centre (o/s) 09:1213:4118:11
Seven Sisters, before Marigold Place 09:1413:4318:13
Tynewydd, o/s Miners Welfare 09:1413:4418:14
Tynewydd Golwg-y-Bryn (nr 1) 09:1513:4418:14
Tynewydd Pantyffordd (opp 32) 09:1513:4518:15
Tynewydd, nr Dulais Gardens 09:1513:4518:15
Tynewydd Onllwyn Road (nr 65) 09:1613:4518:15
Onllwyn Cemetery (after) 09:1613:4618:16
Onllwyn, after Coelbren Turn 09:1713:4718:17
Onllwyn Social Club (opp) 09:1713:4718:17
Onllwyn Wembley Avenue (after 13) 09:1713:4718:17
Onllwyn, before Heol Gaer 09:1813:4818:18
Banwen, at Roman Road 09:1913:5218:22
Dyffryn Cellwen, before Banwen Rugby Club 09:2013:5418:24

Banwen Rugby Club (NW) - Neath Victoria Gardens

Dyffryn Cellwen, before Banwen Rugby Club 09:2514:0018:30
Dyffryn Cellwen, opp The Dyffryn 09:2614:0118:31
Dyffryn Cellwen, opp Banwen Shops 09:2614:0118:31
Dyffryn Cellwen, after Heol Gaer 09:2714:0218:32
Onllwyn Wembley Avenue (o/s 13) 09:2814:0318:33
Onllwyn Social Club (o/s) 09:2814:0318:33
Onllwyn, opp Coelbren Turn 09:2914:0418:34
Onllwyn Cemetery (o/s) 09:2914:0418:34
Tynewydd Onllwyn Road (nr 65) 09:3014:0518:35
Tynewydd, nr Dulais Gardens 09:3014:0518:35
Tynewydd Pantyffordd (nr 32) 09:3114:0618:36
Tynewydd Golwg-y-Bryn (nr 1) 09:3114:0618:36
Seven Sisters, after Miners Welfare 09:3214:0718:37
Seven Sisters, before Marigold Place 09:3214:0718:37
Seven Sisters Community Centre (opp) 09:3514:1018:40
Seven Sisters Post Office (o/s) 09:3514:1018:40
Seven Sisters Bryndulais Hotel (o/s former) 09:3614:1118:41
Seven Sisters, nr Sawmills 09:3714:1218:42
Seven Sisters, nr Garden City 09:3714:1218:42
Nant-y-cafn, after Dulais Road Garage 09:3814:1318:43
Nant-y-Cafn Club (nr) 09:3914:1418:44
Nant-y-Cafn (after) 09:3914:1418:44
Nant-y-cafn, nr Ynys Fforch Fawr 09:4114:1618:46
Tre-Forgan, o/s Western Automotive 09:4214:1718:47
Tre-Forgan, nr Tywern Farm 09:4314:1818:48
Tre-Forgan Penybont Terrace (o/s 24) 09:4314:1818:48
Tre-Forgan, before Crynant Junction 09:4414:1918:49
Crynant, before Gradon Arms 09:4514:2018:50
Crynant Business Park (after) 09:4514:2018:50
Crynant Rugby Club (after) 09:4614:2118:51
Crynant Square (at) 09:4714:2218:52
Crynant, after The Crescent 09:4714:2218:52
Crynant, after Mary Street 09:4714:2218:52
Crynant, nr Ynys March 09:4814:2318:53
Crynant Cefn Coed Colliery Museum Q (not in use) 09:5014:2518:55
Cefn-Coed Colliery Museum, o/s Broadawel Houses 09:5214:2718:57
Cilfrew, o/s Tir Isaf Farm 09:5314:2818:58
Aberdulais, after Dulais Drive 09:5814:3319:03
Penscynor, after Aberdulais Falls 09:5814:3319:03
Cadoxton, after Iron Bridge 09:5914:3419:04
Cilfrew, nr Penscynor House 10:0014:3519:05
Cilfrew Hill (nr) 10:0114:3619:06
Cilfrew Post Office (nr former) 10:0214:3719:07
Cilfrew March Hywel (o/s 88) 10:0214:3719:07
Cilfrew, nr Derwen Fawr 10:0214:3719:07
Cilfrew Hotel (o/s former) 10:0314:3819:08
Cilfrew Post Office (nr former) 10:0314:3819:08
Cilfrew Hill (nr) 10:0314:3819:08
Penscynor, after Cilfrew Primary School 10:0414:3919:09
Cilfrew Penscynor (o/s 12) 10:0514:4019:10
Penscynor, nr Drusgol Goch 10:0514:4019:10
Penscynor, after Underwood Road 10:0714:4219:12
Penscynor, nr Danygraig 10:0814:4319:13
Cadoxton, before Green Dragon 10:1114:4619:16
Rhydding, opp Crown & Sceptre 10:1214:4719:17
Rhydding, nr Pen-y-Wern Corner 10:1314:4819:18
Neath Abbey, opp Neath Port Talbot College 10:1414:4919:19
Neath Abbey, opp Neath College 10:1414:4919:19
Neath Abbey, before Days Car Hire 10:1514:5019:20
Neath Windsor Road (o/s former Windsor) 10:1914:5419:24
Neath, o/s The Big Cam 10:1914:5419:24
Neath Bus Station Stand 9 (at) 10:2114:5619:26

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