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593 - Brooklands/Woking - Chertsey - Staines

A bus service operated by Carlone Buses


Brooklands/Woking - Chertsey - Staines

Brooklands, o/s Shopping Centre 13:58
Brooklands, adj Chertsey Road 13:58
Byfleet and New Haw Railway Station (Stop B) 13:59
New Haw, adj Regent Close 14:00
New Haw, nr White Hart 14:01
New Haw, opp Marshall Place 14:02
Woodham, adj Pinewood Avenue 14:02
Woodham Mayfield Avenue (SE-bound) 14:03
Woodham Parkside (SW-bound) 14:04
Woodham Park Side (SW-bound) 14:04
Woodham Pinewood Grove (SE-bound) 14:04
Woodham Broomfield Road (SW-bound) 14:04
Woodham Kings Road (NW-bound) 14:05
Woodham, opp The Black Prince 14:06
Woodham Queen Mary's Drive (W-bound) 14:06
Woodham, adj Fullmer Way 14:07
Addlestone Woodham Park Road (NE-bound) 14:08
Woodham, adj Rose Park 14:09
Row Town, o/s The Cricketers 14:10
Row Town, opp Franklands Drive 14:11
Row Town, opp Coombelands Lane 14:12
Row Town, adj Ongar Close 14:12
Addlestone, adj St Paul's Church 14:14
Addlestone, adj Birchfield Close 14:15
Addlestone Church Road (Stop K) 14:16
Addlestone Crouch Oak Lane (Stop D) 14:17
Addlestone Tesco (Stop E) 14:18
Addlestone Church Road (Stop A) 14:18
Addlestone, opp Birchfield Close 14:19
Addlestone, opp St Paul's Church 14:20
Ottershaw Murray Road (W-bound) 14:23
Ottershaw, adj Brook Hall 14:24
Brox, adj The Castle 09:05 14:26
Brox Road (opp 129) 09:05 14:26s
Ottershaw, opp Slade Road 09:06 14:26s
Ottershaw, adj Brox Road Post Office 09:07 14:27s
Chertsey South St Peter's Hospital (entrance) 09:10 14:29s
Chertsey South, adj White Lodge Centre 09:11
Chertsey South, adj Lyndhurst Way 09:11
Chertsey South, opp Ferndale Avenue 09:12
Chertsey South, adj Inglewood 09:12
Chertsey South Holloway Hill (SW-bound) 09:15 14:30s
Chertsey South Longcross Road (W-bound) 09:16 14:32s
Lyne Lane (N-bound) 09:18 14:35s
Lyne Almners Road (E-bound) 09:20 14:37s
Chertsey South Hardwick Lane (S-bound) 09:22 14:39s
Chertsey, o/s Sir William Perkins's School 09:25 14:42s
Chertsey Heriot Road (N-bound) 09:28 14:45s
Chertsey, opp Colonel's Lane 09:28 14:45s
Chertsey St Ann's Road (W-bound) 09:29 14:46s
Thorpe Park Main Entrance (adj) 09:32 14:49s
Penton Hook, at Penton Park Estate 09:33 14:50
Staines, adj Norlands Lane 09:34
Staines, adj Blackett Close 09:34
Staines, adj Green Lane 09:35
Staines, opp Mayfield Gardens 09:36
Staines, adj Bowes Road 09:37
Staines Pinetrees Business Park (NW-bound) 09:38
Staines, o/s Sainsbury's 09:39
Staines Bridge (Stop C) 09:40
Staines Thames Street (Stop H) 09:41
Staines Elmsleigh Bus Station (Stop 1) 09:43

Staines - Chertsey - Brooklands/Woking

Staines Elmsleigh Bus Station (Stop 1) 11:30
Staines Bridge (Stop Z) 11:32
Staines, o/s Sainsbury's 11:35
Staines Pinetrees Business Park (SE-bound) 11:35
Staines, opp Bowes Road 11:36
Staines, adj Mayfield Gardens 11:36
Staines, opp Green Lane 11:37
Staines, opp Blackett Close 11:38
Staines, opp Norlands Lane 11:38
Thorpe Park Main Entrance (opp) 11:39
Penton Hook, at Penton Park Estate 11:40
Chertsey St Ann's Road (E-bound) 11:43
Chertsey, adj Colonel's Lane 11:44
Chertsey Windsor Street (SE-bound) 11:44
Chertsey Heriot Road (S-bound) 11:45
Chertsey, opp Sir William Perkins's School 11:47
Chertsey South Hardwick Lane (N-bound) 11:50
Lyne Almners Road (W-bound) 11:53
Lyne Lane (S-bound) 11:55
Chertsey South Longcross Road (E-bound) 11:56
Chertsey South Holloway Hill (NE-bound) 11:57
Chertsey South, opp Inglewood 12:00
Chertsey South, adj Ferndale Avenue 12:01
Chertsey South, opp Lyndhurst Way 12:01
Chertsey South St Peter's Hospital (entrance) 12:03
Ottershaw, opp Brox Road Post Office 12:05
Ottershaw, adj Slade Road 12:05
Brox Road (o/s 137) 12:06
Brox, opp The Castle 12:07
Ottershaw, opp Brook Hall 12:08
Ottershaw Murray Road (E-bound) 12:10
Addlestone, adj St Paul's Church 12:12
Addlestone, adj Birchfield Close 12:13
Addlestone Church Road (Stop K) 12:14
Addlestone Crouch Oak Lane (Stop D) 12:14
Addlestone Tesco (Stop E) 12:15
Addlestone Church Road (Stop A) 12:16
Addlestone, opp Birchfield Close 12:17
Addlestone, opp St Paul's Church 12:17
Row Town, opp Ongar Close 12:19
Row Town, adj Coombelands Lane 12:20
Row Town, adj Franklands Drive 12:20
Row Town, opp The Cricketers 12:21
Woodham, opp Rose Park 12:23
Addlestone Woodham Park Road (SW-bound) 12:23
Woodham, opp Fullmer Way 12:24
Woodham Queen Mary's Drive (E-bound) 12:25
Woodham, adj The Black Prince 12:26
Woodham Kings Road (SE-bound) 12:26
Woodham Broomfield Road (NE-bound) 12:26
Woodham Pinewood Grove (NW-bound) 12:27
Woodham Park Side (NE-bound) 12:27
Woodham Parkside (NE-bound) 12:28
Woodham Mayfield Avenue (NW-bound) 12:28
Woodham, opp Pinewood Avenue 12:29
New Haw, adj Marshall Place 12:30
New Haw, opp Regent Close 12:31
Byfleet and New Haw Railway Station (Stop A) 12:32
Brooklands, opp Chertsey Road 12:33
Brooklands, o/s Shopping Centre 12:35

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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