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599 - Holmbury St Mary - Cranleigh - Guildford

A bus service operated by Carlone Buses


Holmbury St Mary - Cranleigh - Guildford

Guildford - Cranleigh - Holmbury St Mary

Cranleigh High Street (E-bound) 12:40
Cranleigh Hospital (opp) 12:40
Cranleigh, opp New Park Road 12:42
Cranleigh, adj Parkhouse Cottages 12:42
Cranleigh, adj Sherrydon 12:43
Cranleigh, opp Wanborough Lane 12:44
Cranleigh, opp Swallow Tiles 12:45
Ewhurst, opp Gadbridge Lane 12:48
Ewhurst Green (SE-bound) 12:50
Ewhurst Green Horsham Road (S-bound) 12:50
Wallis Wood Froggetts Lane (E-bound) 12:53
Wallis Wood, nr Scarlett Arms 12:54
Wallis Wood Walliswood Green (N-bound) 12:55
Mayes Green (NE-bound) 12:57
Forest Green Horsham Road (N-bound) 12:58
Forest Green, opp The Parrot 13:00
Forest Green Horsham Road End (N-bound) 13:00
Little Birketts Holmbury Road (NW-bound) 13:01
Holmbury St Mary Miles Hill (N-bound) 13:03
Holmbury St Mary, adj Pitland Street 13:04
Holmbury St Mary, adj Holmbury Hill Road 13:04
Holmbury St Mary, adj Royal Oak 13:05
Holmbury St Mary Horsham Road (NE-bound) 13:05
Holmbury St Mary, opp Felday Houses 13:06
Sutton Abinger, adj Woodhouse Lane 13:07s
Sutton Abinger, opp Water Lane 13:08s
Sutton Abinger, adj Hoe Lane 13:09s
Sutton Abinger, adj Rad Lane 13:10s
Abinger Hammer Felday Road (N-bound) 13:11s
Abinger Hammer, opp Clockhouse 13:13s
Gomshall Railway Station (opp) 13:15s
Gomshall, adj Tower Hill 13:15s
Gomshall, adj Heathrow 13:16s
Gomshall, opp Burrows Farm 13:17s
Burrows Cross (opp) 13:18s
Peaslake, adj Lenten Close 13:19s
Peaslake, adj Wonham Way 13:19s
Peaslake, adj Crest Hill 13:20s
Peaslake, opp Burchets Hollow 13:21s
Peaslake Lane (SW-bound) 13:22s
Peaslake, opp Memorial 13:23

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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