5A - Dudley - Blaze Park

Operated by Diamond Bus

Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Dudley to Blaze Park

Dudley Bus Station (Stand L) 06:1318:00
Dudley St Edmunds Church (Stop DY12) 06:1318:00
Dudley Castle Hill (Stop DY6) 06:1318:00
Dudley Coronation Gardens (Stop DY8) 06:1418:01
Dudley, after Stone Street 06:1518:02
Dudley, opp Magistrates Court 06:1518:02
Dudley, adj Steppingstone St 06:1618:03
Eve Hill, before Wellington Rd 06:1718:04
Eve Hill Stafford St (near) 06:1718:04
Eve Hill, adj Dock Lane 06:1818:05
Eve Hill, opp Maughan St 06:1918:06
Russell’s Hall, opp Montrose Drive 06:2018:07
Russell’s Hall, opp Enstone Rd 06:2118:08
Russell’s Hall, opp Geston Rd 06:2218:09
Holly Hall, before Bushey Fields Road 06:2318:10
Holly Hall, adj East Side Russells Hall 06:2418:11
Holly Hall Russells Hall Hospital (Stop RB) 06:2518:12
Holly Hall Tennyson St (adjacent) 06:2718:14
Pensnett Albert St (adjacent) 06:2718:14
Pensnett Chapel Street (adjacent) 06:2818:15
Pensnett High Oak Surgery (adjacent) 06:2818:15
Pensnett High Oak (adjacent) 06:2918:16
Tansey Green, after Gibbons Lane 06:2918:16
Tansey Green, after First Ave 06:3018:17
Tansey Green, opposite Baird House 06:3118:18
Kingswinford, adj Ketley Rd 06:3118:18
Kingswinford, opp The Village 06:3118:18
Kingswinford, adj Standhills Rd 06:3218:19
Kingswinford, after Penzer St 06:3218:19
Kingswinford Cross (after) 06:3318:20
Kingswinford, opp Back Rd 06:3318:20
Kingswinford, adj Dubarry Ave 06:3318:20
Wall Heath, after Moss Grove 06:3418:20
Wall Heath, adj New St 06:3518:21
Wall Heath, opp Blaze Park 06:3618:22
Wall Heath, adj Blaze Park Terminus 06:3718:23

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 22 November 2023

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