5E - Telford - Stafford

Operated by Arriva Midlands North

Telford to Stafford

Telford Bus Station (Stand H) 19:1320:1321:13
Telford, opp Matheson House 19:1420:1421:14
Telford Central (adj) 19:1620:1621:16
Priorslee, opp Fitness First 19:1820:1821:18
Priorslee Roundabout (after) 19:1820:1821:18
Oakengates, adj Central Park 19:1920:1921:19
Oakengates, after Greyhound Island 19:2020:2021:20
Oakengates, adj Hancock's Drive 19:2120:2121:21
Oakengates Bus Station (Stand A) 19:2220:2221:22
St George’s, adj Willows Road 19:2320:2321:23
St George’s, adj Albion Inn 19:2420:2421:24
St George’s, opp Rothwell Close 19:2520:2521:25
St George’s, adj New Street 19:2620:2621:26
St George’s, adj Walker Crescent 19:2620:2621:26
St George’s, adj The Talbot 19:2720:2721:27
Wrockwardine Wood, adj Cappoquin Drive 19:2820:2821:28
Wrockwardine Wood, adj Johnstone Close 19:2920:2921:29
Wrockwardine Wood, adj Lamb Inn 19:2920:2921:29
Trench, adj Charles Street 19:3020:3021:30
Donnington, adj West Avenue 19:3220:3221:32
Donnington, before James Way 19:3320:3321:33
Donnington, opp Leonard Close 19:3320:3321:33
Donnington Parade (NE bound) 19:3420:3421:34
Donnington, adj Parade 19:3420:3421:34
Donnington, adj Ambulance Station 19:3520:3521:35
Donnington, nr Ambulance Station 19:3520:3521:35
Donnington, opp The Common 19:3520:3521:35
Donnington, opp Bell Gate 19:3620:3621:36
Donnington, adj Jubilee Avenue 19:3620:3621:36
Donnington, adj Ash Road 19:3620:3621:36
Muxton, opp Post Office 19:3720:3721:37
Muxton, opp Breton Park 19:3820:3821:38
Muxton, opp Sutherland Drive 19:3920:3921:39
Lilleshall, adj Church Road 19:4120:4121:41
Lilleshall, opp Old Hall 19:4120:4121:41
Lilleshall, adj St Michaels Church 19:4220:4221:42
Lilleshall, adj Primary School 19:4320:4321:43
Lilleshall, before Barrack Lane 19:4420:4421:44
Lilleshall, before Brockton Roundabout 19:4420:4421:44
Lilleshall, opp The Woodlands 19:4520:4521:45
Church Aston, adj Wrekin Terrace 19:4820:4821:48
Church Aston, adj Aston Hill Cottages 19:4920:4921:49
Church Aston, opp Village Hall 19:5020:5021:50
Church Aston, opp Richmond Close 19:5120:5121:51
Church Aston, opp Mulberry Close 19:5220:5121:52
Newport, opp Walnut Close 19:5220:5321:52
Newport, opp Doctors Surgery 19:5320:5321:53
Newport, adj Police Station 19:5320:5421:53
Newport, adj Guildhall 19:5420:5421:54
Newport Bus Interchange (Stand A) 19:5520:5521:55
Newport, opp Broadway 19:5621:56
Newport, adj Daniels Cross 19:5621:56
Newport, opp Mere Park Garden Centre 19:5621:56
Outwoods, adj Aqualate Park 19:5721:57
Outwoods Road (opp) 20:0022:00
Beffcote, adj Guild Lane 20:0122:01
Coton End Lane (opp) 20:0422:04
Coton, opp Rose Cottage 20:0422:04
Gnosall Heath, nr Navigation Inn PH 20:0522:05
Gnosall Heath, opp The Rank 20:0522:05
Gnosall Heath, opp Wharf Road 20:0622:06
Gnosall, adj Station Road 20:0722:07
Gnosall, adj Knightley Way 20:0722:07
Gnosall, opp Elton Way 20:0822:08
Gnosall, adj Ashmore Drive 20:0822:08
Gnosall, adj Audmore Road 20:0822:08
Gnosall, opp Greenfields Roundabout 20:0822:08
Gnosall, adj Sharman Way 20:0822:08
Gnosall, adj Middle Field 20:0922:09
Haughton, opp Pear Tree Bank Farm 20:1022:10
Haughton, adj Woodhouse Lane 20:1222:12
Haughton, opp Shropshire Inn PH 20:1422:14
Haughton, opp Post Office 20:1422:14
Haughton, adj St Giles's Church 20:1422:14
Haughton, adj Prince Avenue 20:1522:15
Haughton, opp Bradley Lane 20:1622:16
Billington Hall Farm (opp) 20:1922:19
Billington, adj Bury Ring 20:2022:20
Billington, adj Derrington Lane 20:2122:21
Stafford, opp Sundown Drive 20:2422:24
Stafford, opp Thorneyfields Lane 20:2422:24
Stafford, adj Castle Church 20:2522:25
Stafford, opp Oakbrook Close 20:2622:26
Stafford, adj Deanshill Close 20:2722:27
Stafford, adj Kingsway 20:2722:27
Stafford, opp Rowley Avenue 20:2822:28
Stafford, adj Railway Station 20:2922:29
Stafford Chell Road (Stand B4) 20:3022:30

Stafford to Telford

Stafford Chell Road (Stand B2) 18:5319:3820:3822:38
Stafford, opp Railway Station 18:5419:3920:3922:39
Stafford, adj Rowley Avenue 18:5519:4020:4022:40
Stafford, opp Deanshill Close 18:5519:4020:4022:40
Stafford, nr Oakbrook Close 18:5619:4120:4122:41
Stafford, opp Castle Church 18:5719:4220:4222:42
Stafford, adj Thorneyfields Lane 18:5719:4220:4222:42
Stafford, adj Sundown Drive 18:5719:4220:4222:42
Billington, opp Derrington Lane 18:5919:4420:4422:44
Billington, opp Bury Ring 19:0019:4520:4522:45
Billington Hall Farm (nr) 19:0119:4620:4622:46
Haughton, adj Bradley Lane 19:0319:4820:4822:48
Haughton, opp Prince Avenue 19:0419:4920:4922:49
Haughton, opp St Giles's Church 19:0419:4920:4922:49
Haughton, adj Post Office 19:0519:5020:5022:50
Haughton, adj Shropshire Inn PH 19:0519:5020:5022:50
Haughton, opp Woodhouse Lane 19:0619:5120:5122:51
Haughton, adj Pear Tree Bank Farm 19:0719:5220:5222:52
Gnosall, opp Middle Field 19:0919:5420:5422:54
Gnosall, opp Sharman Way 19:1019:5520:5522:55
Gnosall, adj Greenfields Roundabout 19:1019:5520:5522:55
Gnosall, nr Audmore Road 19:1019:5520:5522:55
Gnosall, adj Elton Way 19:1019:5520:5522:55
Gnosall, opp Knightley Way 19:1119:5620:5622:56
Gnosall, opp Station Road 19:1119:5620:5622:56
Gnosall Heath, adj Wharf Road 19:1219:5720:5722:57
Gnosall Heath, adj The Rank 19:1319:5820:5822:58
Gnosall Heath, opp Navigation Inn PH 19:1319:5820:5822:58
Coton, adj Rose Cottage 19:1419:5920:5922:59
Coton End Lane (adj) 19:1419:5920:5922:59
Coton Bank Farm (adj) 19:1419:5920:5922:59
Beffcote, opp Guild Lane 19:1820:0321:0323:03
Outwoods Road (adj) 19:1920:0421:0423:04
Outwoods, opp Aqualate Park 19:2220:0721:0723:07
Newport, adj Mere Park Garden Centre 19:2320:0821:0823:08
Newport, opp Daniels Cross 19:2420:0921:0923:09
Newport, adj Broadway 19:2420:0921:0923:09
Newport Bus Interchange (Stand A) 19:2520:1021:1023:10
Newport, adj Boots 19:2620:1121:1123:11
Newport, opp Police Station 19:2720:1221:1223:12
Newport, adj Doctors Surgery 19:2720:1221:1223:12
Newport, adj Walnut Close 19:2720:1221:1223:12
Church Aston, adj Mulberry Close 19:2820:1321:1323:13
Church Aston, adj Richmond Close 19:2820:1321:1323:13
Church Aston, adj Village Hall 19:2820:1321:1323:13
Church Aston, opp Moorfield Lane 19:3020:1421:1423:14
Church Aston, opp Wrekin Terrace 19:3120:1521:1523:15
Lilleshall, adj The Woodlands 19:3320:1721:1723:17
Lilleshall, after Brockton Roundabout 19:3420:1821:1823:18
Lilleshall, before Willmoor Lane 19:3420:1821:1823:18
Lilleshall, opp Primary School 19:3520:1921:1923:19
Lilleshall, opp St Michaels Church 19:3620:2021:2023:20
Lilleshall, adj Old Hall 19:3620:2121:2123:21
Lilleshall, opp Church Road 19:3720:2221:2223:22
Muxton, adj Sutherland Drive 19:3820:2321:2323:23
Muxton, adj Breton Park 19:3920:2421:2423:24
Muxton, nr Post Office 19:4020:2521:2523:25
Donnington, opp Ash Road 19:4020:2621:2623:26
Donnington, opp Jubilee Avenue 19:4120:2721:2723:27
Donnington, adj Bell Gate 19:4120:2721:2723:27
Donnington, adj The Common 19:4220:2821:2823:28
Donnington Parade (SW bound) 19:4320:2921:2923:29
Donnington, adj Leonard Close 19:4420:3021:3023:30
Donnington, after James Way 19:4420:3021:3023:30
Donnington, opp West Avenue 19:4520:3121:3123:31
Trench, opp Charles Street 19:4620:3221:3223:32
Wrockwardine Wood, opp Lamb Inn 19:4820:3421:3423:34
Wrockwardine Wood, opp Johnstone Close 19:4820:3421:3423:34
Wrockwardine Wood, opp Cappoquin Drive 19:4920:3521:3523:35
St George’s, opp The Talbot 19:5020:3621:3623:36
St George’s, opp Walker Crescent 19:5120:3721:3723:37
St George’s, opp New Street 19:5120:3721:3723:37
St George’s, adj Rothwell Close 19:5220:3821:3823:38
St George’s, opp Albion Inn 19:5320:3921:3923:39
St George’s, opp Willows Road 19:5420:4021:4023:40
Oakengates Bus Station (Stand B) 19:5520:4121:4123:41
Oakengates, opp Hancock's Drive 19:5620:4221:4223:42
Oakengates, before Greyhound Island 19:5620:4221:4223:42
Oakengates, opp Central Park 19:5720:4321:4323:43
Priorslee Roundabout (before) 19:5820:4421:4423:44
Priorslee, adj Fitness First 19:5920:4421:4423:44
Telford Central (adj) 20:0020:4521:4523:45
Telford, adj Matheson House 20:0320:4821:4823:48
Telford Bus Station (Stand H) 20:0520:5021:5023:50

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AMNO/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 27 May 2024

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