6 - Kirkwall (Travel Centre) - Tingwall Ferry (Ferry Terminal)

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Highlands

Kirkwall Travel Centre (Stand 4) 10:1514:1016:10
Kirkwall, at Supermarkets 10:1514:1016:10
Kirkwall, at Tesco 10:1514:1016:10
Kirkwall, at Glaitness School 10:1514:1016:10
Kirkwall, at Pickaquoy Leisure Centre 10:1514:1016:10
Kirkwall, at Peerie Sea Loan 10:1614:1116:11
Kirkwall, at Grainbank Road End 10:1614:1116:11
Kirkwall, at Orkney Golf Club 10:1614:1116:11
Kirkwall, opp Hatston Park 10:1814:1316:13
Firth, at Quanterness Cottages 10:2014:1516:15
Firth, opp Rennibister 10:2314:1816:18
Finstown, opp Marsdene 10:2514:2016:20
Finstown, opp Firth Bay Bungalows 10:2714:2216:22
Old Finstown Road (at) 10:2714:2216:22
Finstown, at Allan's of Gillock 10:2814:2316:23
Finstown, opp Firth Primary School 10:2814:2316:23
Firth, opp Burness Road End 10:3014:2516:25
Rendall, at Lyde Road End 10:3214:2716:27
Rendall, opp Norseman Village 10:3414:2916:29
Rendall, opp Gorseness 10:3614:3116:31
Tingwall, at Ferry terminal 10:3814:3316:33
Rendall, at Norseman Village 10:4614:4116:41
Rendall, opp Lyde Road End 10:4814:4316:43
Firth, at Burness Road End 10:5014:4516:45
Finstown, at Firth Primary School 10:5214:4716:47
Finstown, opp Allan's of Gillock 10:5314:4816:48
Old Finstown Road (opp) 10:5314:4816:48
Finstown, at Firth Bay Bungalows 10:5314:4816:48
Finstown, at Marsdene 10:5414:4916:49
Firth, at Rennibister 10:5714:5216:52
Firth, opp Quanterness Cottages 10:5914:5416:54
Kirkwall, at Hatston Park 11:0214:5716:57
Kirkwall, opp Grainbank Road End 11:0314:5816:58
Kirkwall, opp Peerie Sea Loan 11:0314:5816:58
Kirkwall, opp Pickaquoy Leisure Centre 11:0515:0017:00
Kirkwall, opp Glaitness School 11:0515:0017:00
Kirkwall West Tankerness Lane (N-bound) 11:0515:0017:00
Kirkwall Travel Centre (Stand 4) 11:0615:0117:01

Timetable data from Stagecoach Highlands, 23 February 2024

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