6 - Mereside - Grange Park via Blackpool Town Centre & Layton

A bus service operated by Blackpool Transport


Mereside- Grange Park

Mereside, by Tesco Superstore 08:00then every 30 minutes until17:0017:30then every 30 minutes until22:3023:00
Mereside, by Branstree Road 08:0117:0117:3122:3123:01
Mereside, opp Windmill 08:0317:0317:3222:3223:02
Mereside, o/s Langdale Road Shops 08:0417:0417:3322:3323:03
Mereside, by Birkside Way 08:0517:0517:3422:3423:04
Mereside, by Borrowdale Avenue 08:0717:0717:3522:3523:05
Mereside, opp Langdale Road 08:0817:0817:3622:3623:06
Marton, opp Cherry Tree Road North 08:0817:0817:3722:3723:07
Marton, opp Penrose Avenue 08:0917:0917:3722:3723:07
Marton, o/s St Georges School 08:1117:1117:3922:3923:09
Marton, by The Cherry Tree 08:1217:1217:4022:4023:10
Marton, opp Cowley Road 08:1317:1317:4022:4023:10
Daggers Hall Lane (by) 08:1417:1417:4122:4123:11
Daggers Hall, by Ellesmere Road 08:1617:1617:4222:4223:12
Hawes Side, by Hemingway 08:1617:1617:4322:4323:13
Spen Corner (by) 08:1817:1817:4422:4423:14
Ansdell, opp Cunliffe Road 08:2017:2017:4522:4523:15
Bloomfield Hotel (o/s) 08:2017:2017:4622:4623:16
Ansdell, by Condor Square 08:2217:2217:4722:4723:17
Ansdell, o/s Revoe School 08:2317:2317:4822:4823:18
Central, by Gymnasium 08:2417:2417:4922:4923:19
Central, by Princess Street 08:2517:2517:5022:5023:20
Central, by Chapel Street 08:2717:2717:5122:5123:21
Promenade, by New Bonny Street 08:2917:2917:5322:5323:23
Promenade (Stop 4) 08:3017:3017:5422:5423:24
Blackpool Corporation Street CO1 (Stop CO 1) 08:3317:3317:5622:5623:26
Blackpool, opp Abingdon Street 07:3708:0708:3717:3718:0123:01
Central, adj Grosvenor Street 07:4008:1008:4017:40
Central, by Buchanan Street 18:0323:03
Central, o/s The Victory 07:4108:1108:4117:41
Devonshire Square, adj Devonshire Road 18:0523:05
Devonshire Square, by Granville Road 18:0523:05
Central, opp Manchester Road 07:4208:1208:4217:4218:0623:06
Layton, adj Collingwood Avenue 07:4308:1308:4317:4318:0723:07
Layton Road (by) 07:4408:1408:4417:4418:0823:08
Layton Square (by) 07:4608:1608:4617:4618:1023:10
Layton Institute (o/s) 07:4708:1708:4717:4718:1123:11
Layton, by Mansfield Road 07:4808:1808:4817:4818:1223:12
Wades Farm, by Meyler Avenue 07:4808:1808:4817:4818:1323:13
Wades Farm, opp Rodwell Walk 07:4908:1908:4917:4918:1423:14
Boundary Park, o/s Petrol Station 07:5008:2008:5017:5018:1423:14
Grange Park, opp Pilling Crescent 07:5208:2208:5217:5218:1723:17

Grange Park - Mereside

Grange Park, opp Pilling Crescent 07:55then every 30 minutes until17:2517:5518:22then every 30 minutes until22:2222:5223:22
Grange Park, by Cockerham Walk 07:5617:2617:5618:2322:2322:5323:23
Grange Park, by Easington Crescent 07:5717:2717:5718:2422:2422:5423:24
Dinmore, by Marlhill Road 07:5717:2717:5718:2422:2422:5423:24
Dinmore Place (o/s) 07:5917:2917:5918:2622:2622:5623:26
Grange Park, by Boundary Library 08:0017:3018:0018:2722:2722:5723:27
Grange Park, by Gateside Drive 08:0117:3118:0118:2822:2822:5823:28
Grange Park, by Gateside Drive 08:0317:3318:0218:2922:2922:5923:29
Wades Farm, by Argosy Avenue 08:0417:3418:0318:3022:3023:0023:30
Wades Farm, by Rodwell Walk 08:0417:3418:0318:3022:3023:0023:30
North Shore, by Meyler Avenue 08:0517:3518:0418:3122:3123:0123:31
Layton, opp Mansfield Road 08:0617:3618:0518:3222:3223:0223:32
Layton Institute (o/s) 08:0717:3718:0618:3322:3323:0323:33
Layton Square (by) 08:0817:3818:0718:3422:3423:0423:34
Layton Road (adj) 08:0917:3918:0818:3522:3523:0523:35
Layton, by Collingwood Avenue 08:1017:4018:0918:3622:3623:0623:36
Central, by Manchester Road 08:1217:4218:1018:3722:3723:0723:37
Central, o/s The Victory 08:1417:44
Devonshire Square, opp Granville Road 18:1118:3822:3823:0823:38
Central, by Grosvenor Street 08:1517:45
Devonshire Square, by Devonshire Road 18:1218:3922:3923:0923:39
Devonshire Square (by) 18:1318:4022:4023:1023:40
Central, opp Buchanan Street 18:1318:4022:4023:1023:40
Blackpool Church Street (CH1) 08:1717:4718:1518:4222:4223:1223:42
Blackpool Topping Street (TO2) 08:1817:4818:1618:4322:4323:1323:43
Blackpool, by Abingdon Street 08:2017:5018:1718:4422:4423:1423:44
Blackpool Market Street (Stop MA1) 08:2217:5218:1918:4622:4623:1623:46
Promenade Bank Hey Street (BAH2) 08:2717:5718:2418:5122:51
Blackpool, opp Central Coach Station 08:2817:5818:2518:5222:52
Central, by Chapel Street 08:3018:0018:2618:5322:53
Central, by Gymnasium 08:3118:0118:2818:5522:55
Ansdell, opp Revoe School 08:3218:0218:2818:5522:55
Ansdell, by Condor Square 08:3418:0418:3018:5722:57
Bloomfield Hotel (o/s) 08:3518:0518:3118:5822:58
Ansdell, by Cunliffe Road 08:3518:0518:3118:5822:58
Spen Corner, by Brun Grove 08:3618:0618:3218:5922:59
Spen Corner (by) 08:3818:0818:3319:0023:00
Marton, opp Hemingway 08:3818:0818:3319:0023:00
Daggers Hall, opp Ellesmere Road 08:3918:0918:3419:0123:01
Hawes Side, opp Daggers Hall Lane 08:4118:1118:3619:0323:03
Marton, by Cowley Road 08:4318:1318:3619:0323:03
Marton, opp The Cherry Tree 08:4418:1418:3719:0423:04
Marton, opp St Georges School 08:4618:1618:3919:0623:06
Marton, by Penrose Avenue 08:4718:1718:4019:0723:07
Marton, by Cherry Tree Road North 08:4718:1718:4019:0723:07
Mereside, by Clifton Road 08:4818:1818:4119:0823:08
Mereside, opp Borrowdale Avenue 08:4918:1918:4219:0923:09
Mereside, opp Birkside Way 08:5018:2018:4319:1023:10
Mereside, o/s Langdale Road Shops 08:5118:2118:4419:1123:11
Mereside, by Windmill 08:5218:2218:4519:1223:12
Mereside, by Branstree Road 08:5318:2318:4619:1323:13
Mereside, by Tesco Superstore 08:5518:2518:4819:1523:15

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