Bus Times

601 - Olney - Newport Pagnall - St Pauls School

A bus service operated by Z & S Transport

Olney - Newport Pagnall - St Pauls School

Olney School (o/s) 07:34
Olney Aspreys (S-bound) 07:37
Olney Long Massey (S-bound) 07:38
Olney Sillswood (S-bound) 07:39
Olney Hollow Wood (S-bound) 07:41
Olney Spinney Hill Road (N-bound) 07:42
Olney, opp The Bull 07:45
Emberton, opp Hulton Drive 07:49
Emberton The Forge (S-bound) 07:50
Emberton, o/s The Bell & Bear 07:51
Newport Pagnell, o/s Renny Lodge 08:00
Tickford End, o/s The Canons 08:01
Tickford End Works (opp) 08:02
Tickford End, opp Severn Drive 08:03
Tickford End, opp Newport Pagnell library 08:04
Newport Pagnell Market Hill (W-bound) 08:05
Newport Pagnell Lakes Lane (W-bound) 08:06
Newport Pagnell Westbury Lane South (NW-bound) 08:09
Newport Pagnell, opp Portfields School 08:10
Newport Pagnell Westbury Lane North (NW-bound) 08:10
Newport Pagnell Wordsworth Avenue (SW-bound) 08:12
Newport Pagnell Wordsworth Avenue North (SE-bound) 08:13
Newport Pagnell, o/s Poets Estate Local Centre 08:13
Newport Pagnell, adj Miles Close 08:15
Giffard Park Roundabout East (W-bound) 08:16
Redhouse Park Top Fair Furlong (SE-bound) 08:17
Giffard Park, o/s Horton Gate 08:18
Blakelands Knebworth Roundabout north (S-bound) 08:20
Giffard Park Yeomans Roundabout North (S-bound) 08:21
Blakelands Roundabout North (S-bound) 08:22
Willen Roundabout West (W-bound) 08:25
Downhead Park Neath Hill Roundabout East (W-bound) 08:26
Downs Barn Neath Hill Roundabout South (S-bound) 08:27
Downs Barn Community Centre (opp) 08:28
Springfield Roundabout South (S-bound) 08:33
Fishermead Boulevard (SE-bound) 08:34
Eaglestone Harrier Drive (W-bound) 08:36
Eaglestone Roundabout West (W-bound) 08:37
Leadenhall St Paul's Catholic School (SE-bound) 08:40
Milton Keynes school days only


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