609 - Oxted School - East Grinstead, High Street

A bus service operated by Metrobus

Oxted School, Bluehouse Lane - East Grinstead, High Street

East Grinstead War Memorial (Stop H) 07:42
East Grinstead Sackville College (Stop K) 07:42
East Grinstead, o/s Estcots School 07:45
East Grinstead, adj Court Crescent 07:46
East Grinstead, opp East Court 07:48
East Grinstead, adj Queen Victoria Hospital 07:50
East Grinstead, opp Turner Court 07:50
East Grinstead, adj The Larches 07:50
Dormans Park, opp Wilderwick Farm 07:52
Dormans Park, adj The Approach 07:53
Dormansland, adj Dormans Station Turning 07:54
Dormansland, adj Church 07:55
Dormansland, opp Memorial Hall 07:55
Dormansland, adj Swallowfield 07:56
Lingfield, opp St Pier's Lane 07:57
Lingfield Racecourse (o/s) 07:58
Lingfield, opp Station Road 07:59
Lingfield Railway Station (Stop A) 08:00
Lingfield, adj Pauls Mead 08:00
Lingfield Haxted Road (W-bound) 08:02
Lingfield Common, opp Meadowside 08:03
Blindley Heath, opp Tandridge Lane 08:06
Blindley Heath, opp Albion House 08:07
Blindley Heath, opp Ray Lane 08:08
Blindley Heath, opp Cottenhams 08:08
Blindley Heath, o/s St John's Church 08:08
Blindley Heath, adj Featherstone 08:09
Blindley Heath, adj Byers Lane 08:10
Blindley Heath Anglefield Corner (N-bound) 08:10
South Godstone, opp The Mount 08:11
South Godstone, o/s RSPCA Centre 08:12
South Godstone, adj Godstone Railway Station 08:13
South Godstone, adj Woodlands Drive 08:13
South Godstone, adj Hart's Lane 08:14
Tandridge, opp Knights Garden Centre 08:21
Tandridge Hill Lane (adj) 08:22
Tandridge Lane (opp) 08:22
Old Oxted, opp Golf Club 08:24
Oxted, opp Council Offices 08:28
Oxted Railway Station (adj) 08:29
Oxted School (adj) 08:30

East Grinstead, High Street - Oxted School, Bluehouse Lane

Timetable data from Metrobus, 4 December 2023



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Get around for £2 – single fares are capped at £2 on this service