61 - Harraby - Morton Park

Operated by Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire

Harraby East Central Avenue - Morton Park Royal Scot terminus

Harraby East, o/s Central Avenue 09:08then every 20 minutes until16:2816:4817:0817:2817:4818:08then every 30 minutes until23:0823:38
Harraby East, o/s Springfield Road 09:0916:2916:4917:0817:2817:4918:0823:0823:39
Harraby East, opp Junior School 09:0916:2916:4917:0917:2917:4918:0923:0923:39
Harraby East Brantwood Avenue (near) 09:1016:3016:5017:1017:3017:5018:1023:1023:40
Harraby East Beverley Rise (near) 09:1016:3016:5017:1017:3017:5118:1023:1023:40
Harraby East, opp Arroya 09:1116:3116:5117:1117:3117:5118:1123:1123:41
Harraby East, opp Allendale Road 09:1216:3216:5217:1217:3217:5218:1223:1223:42
Harraby East, opp Linden Terrace 09:1316:3316:5317:1217:3217:5318:1223:1223:42
Harraby East Warnell Drive (near) 09:1416:3416:5417:1317:3317:5418:1323:1323:43
Harraby, at Eden Park 09:1616:3616:5617:1517:3517:5518:1523:1523:44
Harraby, at RWP Training 09:1816:3816:5817:1717:3717:5718:1723:1723:45
Harraby, opp Peterill Terrace 09:1916:3916:5917:1817:3817:5818:1823:1823:45
London Road, opp Hilltop Heights 09:2016:4017:0017:1917:3917:5918:1923:1923:46
London Road Tyne Street (near) 09:2116:4117:0117:2017:4018:0018:2023:2023:47
St Nicholas Gate (at) 09:2316:4317:0317:2117:4118:0118:2123:2123:47
Botchergate, opp St Nicholas 09:2416:4417:0417:2217:4218:0218:2223:2223:48
Botchergate Wetherspoons (near) 09:2516:4517:0517:2317:4318:0318:2323:2323:49
Carlisle Apple Tree (Stand I) 09:2716:4717:0717:2517:4518:0518:2523:25
Carlisle The Courts (Stand D) 23:49
Carlisle Market Hall (Stand M) 09:3016:5017:1017:2717:4718:2723:27
Willow Holme, at Stagecoach depot 23:53
Shaddongate, opp Sainsbury's 09:3216:5217:1217:2917:4918:2923:29
Shaddongate, opp McVities's 09:3216:5217:1217:2917:4918:2923:29
Wigton Road, at Peel Street 09:3416:5417:1417:3117:5118:3123:31
Wigton Road, o/s Fairfield Gardens 09:3516:5517:1517:3217:5218:3223:32
Wigton Road, opp Balfour Road 09:3616:5617:1517:3217:5218:3223:32
Wigton Road, opp Morton Manor 09:3616:5617:1617:3317:5318:3323:33
Morton Park Dunmallet Rigg (near) 09:3816:5817:1717:3417:5418:3423:34
Morton Park, opp Royal Scot terminus 09:3916:5917:1817:3517:5518:3523:35

Morton Park Royal Scot terminus - Harraby East Central Avenue

Morton Park, opp Royal Scot terminus 08:46then every 20 minutes until17:0617:2617:37then every 30 minutes until23:0723:37
Morton Park, on Langrigg Road 08:4717:0717:2717:3823:0823:38
Morton Park Langrigg Road (near) 08:4817:0817:2817:3823:0823:38
Morton Park Woodend Drive (near) 08:4817:0817:2817:3923:0923:38
Morton Park Rashdall Road (near) 08:4917:0917:2917:3923:0923:39
Morton Park, o/s Top of Levens 08:5017:1017:3017:4023:1023:40
Morton Park, o/s Westrigg Road shops 08:5117:1117:3117:4123:1123:40
Morton Park, o/s Castlerigg Drive 08:5217:1217:3217:4223:1223:41
Morton Park, o/s shops 08:5317:1317:3317:4223:1223:41
Morton Park, opp Dunmallet Rigg 08:5317:1317:3317:4323:1323:42
Wigton Road, o/s Morton Manor 08:5517:1517:3517:4423:1423:43
Wigton Road, adj Balfour Road 08:5617:1617:3617:4523:1523:44
Wigton Road, opp Fairfield Gardens 08:5717:1717:3717:4523:15
Wigton Road, opp Peel Street 08:5817:1817:3817:4623:16
Wigton Road, opp Silloth Street 08:5917:1917:3917:4723:17
Shaddongate Sainsbury's (near) 09:0117:2117:4017:4823:18
Carlisle Market Hall (Stand P) 09:0417:2417:4317:5223:22
Carlisle Chapel Street (Stand Q) 09:0617:2617:5323:23
Carlisle Earls Lane (Stand R) 09:0717:2717:5423:24
Carlisle La Mexxaluna (Stand V) 09:0917:2917:5523:25
Carlisle, opp Vue Cinema 09:1017:3017:5523:25
Botchergate, at St Nicholas 09:1117:3117:5623:26
St Nicholas Gate (opp) 09:1217:3217:5723:27
London Road, at Tyne Street 09:1317:3317:5823:28
London Road Retail Park (near) 09:1417:3417:5923:29
Harraby, at Peteril Terrace 09:1517:3518:0023:30
Harraby Inn (opp) 09:1617:3618:0123:31
Harraby, opp Eden Park 09:1717:3718:0223:32
Harraby East, o/s Warnell Drive 09:1917:3918:0423:34
Harraby East, opp Catholic Club 09:2017:4018:0523:35
Harraby East, o/s Arnside Court 09:2117:4118:0623:36
Harraby East, o/s Central Avenue 09:2217:4218:0723:37

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