612 - Selsdon - Woodcote - Wallington, County Grammar School

A bus service operated by Arriva London

Monday to Friday, School vacation in free public holidays regulation days

The Holt - Selsdon Library

Carshalton Wallington County Grammar School (Stop GV) 15:1615:46
Carshalton Wallington Green Croydon Road (Stop GW) 15:1715:47
Carshalton Queens Road (Stop GD) 15:1915:49
Wallington Station Manor Road (Stop A) 15:2015:50
Wallington Station (Stop D) 15:2015:50
Wallington Town Centre (Stop J) 15:2115:51
Wallington Woodcote Road / Stafford Road (Stop H) 15:2215:52
Wallington Blenheim Gardens (Stop P) 15:2415:54
Woodcote Green Hall Road (Stop Q) 15:2515:55
Woodcote Green (Stop R) 15:2715:57
Woodcote Green Lordsbury Field (Stop S) 15:2815:58
Woodcote Green Farm Lane (Stop T) 15:2915:59
Woodcote Smitham Bottom Lane (Stop A) 15:3016:00
Woodcote Lane (Stop B) 15:3116:01
Woodcote Drive (->E) 15:3216:02
Purley The Bridle Road (->E) 15:3416:04
Purley Plough Lane (->S) 15:3616:06
Purley Library (Stop A) 15:3716:07
Purley Cross (Stop C) 15:3916:09
Purley Station Purley High Street (Stop M) 15:3916:09
Purley Foxley Hill Road (Stop N) 15:4116:11
Kenley Downs Court Road / Selcroft Road (->E) 15:4316:13
Kenley Riddlesdown Road (->E) 15:4516:15
Kenley Riddlesdown School / Riddlesdown Stn (Stop A) 15:4616:16
Kenley Lower Barn Road (->E) 15:4816:18
Kenley Riddlesdown (->E) 15:4816:18
Sanderstead Mitchley Hill (->E) 15:4916:19
Sanderstead Borrowdale Drive (->E) 15:5016:20
Sanderstead Clinic (Stop) 15:5216:22
Sanderstead / All Saints Church (->E) 15:5316:23
Sanderstead Harbledown Road (E-bound) 15:5516:25
Sanderstead Plantation (->E) 15:5616:26
Selsdon/South Croydon Ferns Close (Stop G) 15:5816:28
Selsdon/South Croydon Farley Road (Stop Z) 16:0016:30

Timetable data from Transport for London

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