615 - Ipswich - Holbrook

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Ipswich - Holbrook

Chantry, opp Curlew Road 07:25
Chantry, adj Kingfisher Avenue 07:25
Chantry Green (adj) 07:26
Chantry, o/s Hawthorn Drive 07:28
Chantry, opp Sprites Lane 07:28
Brookwood, adj Fir Tree Rise 07:30
Brookwood, opp Sycamore Close 07:30
Brookwood, opp Shortlands 07:31
Brookwood, opp Swinton Close 07:32
Pinewood, o/s Ellenbrook Green Turning Point 07:33
Pinewood, opp Nursery 07:35
Stoke Park, adj Furness Close 07:35
Stoke Park, adj Downside Close 07:36
Stoke Park, adj Winchester Way 07:36
Stoke Park, adj Blyth Close 07:37
Stoke Park, opp Asda 07:38
Stoke Park, opp Lanercost Way 07:38
Halifax, opp Chatsworth Crescent 07:39
Halifax Primary School (o/s) 07:40
Maidenhall, opp Shopping Parade 07:41
Maidenhall, adj Pembroke Close 07:42
Maidenhall, opp Hillside Primary School 07:43
Stoke, adj Rectory Road 07:45
Stoke, opp Sinclair Drive 07:47
Stoke, opp Brooklands 07:47
Stoke, opp Subway 07:48
Bourne Bridge, adj Port Gate 5 07:48
Bourne Bridge, o/s T H Moss 07:48
Bourne Bridge, adj Orwells 07:49
Bourne Bridge, adj Petrol Station 07:50
Wherstead A14 Junction (S-bound) 07:51
Wherstead, adj The Street 07:52
Tattingstone, opp White Horse 07:56
Tattingstone, adj Church 07:58
Tattingstone, o/s Wheatsheaf 08:00
Brantham, opp Court Farm 08:04
Stutton, opp Gardeners Arms 08:06
Stutton, adj Community Hall 08:07
Stutton, opp Business Park 08:07
Stutton, adj Kings Head 08:08
Stutton, adj Larksfield Road 08:09
Stutton, adj Alton Water 08:10
Holbrook, opp Royal Hospital School 08:12
Holbrook, opp Hospital School 08:13
Holbrook, adj Compasses 08:17
Holbrook Academy (Inside) 08:20

Holbrook - Ipswich

Holbrook Academy (Inside) 15:45
Holbrook, opp Compasses 15:47
Holbrook, o/s Hospital School 15:51
Holbrook, o/s Royal Hospital School 15:52
Stutton, opp Alton Water 15:55
Stutton, opp Larksfield Road 15:55
Stutton, opp Kings Head 15:57
Stutton, adj Business Park 15:57
Stutton, opp Community Hall 15:57
Stutton, adj Gardeners Arms 15:58
Brantham, adj Court Farm 16:01
Tattingstone, opp Wheatsheaf 16:05
Tattingstone, opp Church 16:06
Tattingstone, o/s White Horse 16:09
Wherstead, opp The Street 16:13
Wherstead A14 Junction (N-bound) 16:13
Bourne Bridge, opp Petrol Station 16:15
Bourne Bridge, opp West Bank Terminal 16:15
Bourne Bridge, opp Orwells 16:15
Bourne Bridge, opp T H Moss 16:15
Bourne Bridge, opp Port Gate 5 16:16
Stoke, adj Subway 16:16
Stoke, adj Brooklands 16:16
Stoke, adj Sinclair Drive 16:17
Stoke, adj Webb Street 16:18
Stoke, opp Rectory Road 16:18
Maidenhall Approach (adj) 16:19
Maidenhall, opp Pembroke Close 16:21
Maidenhall, o/s Shopping Parade 16:23
Halifax Primary School (opp) 16:24
Halifax, adj Chatsworth Crescent 16:25
Stoke Park, adj Lanercost Way 16:26
Stoke Park, o/s Asda 16:27
Stoke Park, opp Blyth Close 16:27
Stoke Park, opp Winchester Way 16:28
Stoke Park, opp Downside Close 16:28
Stoke Park, opp Furness Close 16:29
Pinewood, adj Nursery 16:30
Pinewood, opp Ellenbrook Green Turning Point 16:31
Brookwood, adj Swinton Close 16:31
Brookwood, adj Shortlands 16:32
Brookwood, adj Sycamore Close 16:33
Brookwood, opp Fir Tree Rise 16:35
Chantry, adj Sprites Lane 16:36
Chantry, adj Stonechat Road 16:37
Chantry Green (opp) 16:38
Chantry, opp Kingfisher Avenue 16:39
Chantry, adj Curlew Road 16:40

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