61A - Aycliffe - West Whitfield

Operated by Stagecoach South East


Aycliffe - West Whitfield

Whitfield, adj Downside Road 05:2306:23
Whitfield, opp Cornfields 05:2306:23
Whitfield, adj Joyes Road 05:2306:23
Whitfield, adj Alison Close 05:2406:24
Whitfield, o/s Sandwich Road The Archer 05:2506:25
Whitfield, adj Honeywood Close 05:2606:26
Whitfield, adj Tesco 05:2706:2720:59
Whitfield, opp Honeywood Close 05:2706:2720:59
Whitfield, opp Aspen Drive 05:2806:2821:00
Buckland Valley Fulbert Road (opp 28) 05:2906:29
Buckland Valley, opp Peverell Road 05:2906:29
Buckland Valley, adj Christ Church Academy 05:3006:3021:01
Buckland Valley, adj Natal Road 05:3106:3121:02
Buckland Valley, adj Auckland Crescent 05:3106:3121:03
Buckland Valley, opp Selkirk Road 05:3106:3121:04
Buckland Valley, adj Dunedin Drive 05:3206:3221:04
Buckland Valley, opp Winant Way 05:3206:32
Buckland Valley, adj Florida Close 21:06
Buckland Valley, opp Catholic Church 21:06
Buckland, opp Trefor Jones Court 21:07
Buckland Bridge (opp) 05:3406:3421:08
Buckland, before Cherry Tree Avenue 05:3506:3521:09
Dover, o/s Charlton Primary School 05:3606:3621:10
Dover Girls' Grammar School (adj) 05:3606:3621:10
Tower Hamlets, opp West Street 05:3806:3821:12
Tower Hamlets, opp Goschen Road 05:3906:3921:13
Tower Hamlets, opp Boars Head 05:4106:4121:14
Elms Vale, opp Kings Road 05:4206:42
Elms Vale Road (o/s 127) 05:4206:42
Elms Vale, opp Queens Avenue 05:4306:43
Elms Vale, adj Queens Avenue 05:4306:43
Elms Vale Road (opp 127) 05:4306:43
Elms Vale, adj Kings Road 05:4406:44
Elms Vale, adj Vale View Road 05:4506:4521:14
Dover, opp Belgrave Road 05:4506:4521:15
Dover, adj Winchelsea Road 05:4606:4621:15
Dover, opp Malvern Road 05:4606:4621:16
Dover Priory Railway Station (Stop O) 05:4706:4721:16
Dover Ladywell (Stop K) 05:4806:4821:17
Dover Pencester Road (arrivals) 05:50s06:50s21:19
Dover Pencester Road (Stop D) 05:5006:5021:20
Dover Priory Street (Stop F) 05:5106:5121:21
Dover, opp Gateway Flats 06:53
Dover, adj Wellington Dock 05:5221:22
Dover, adj Eastern Docks 06:55
Dover, opp Hammond's Garage 05:5221:23
Dover, opp Megger Factory 05:5321:24
Aycliffe, opp Gloster Way 05:5421:25
Aycliffe, opp King Lear's Way 05:5421:26
Aycliffe, adj St Giles Road 05:5521:27
Aycliffe, opp St Patrick's Road 05:5621:28

West Whitfield - Aycliffe

Dover Pencester Road (Stop B) 05:20
Aycliffe, opp St Patrick's Road 05:4106:18
Aycliffe, opp Primary School 05:4106:18
Aycliffe, adj St Patrick's Road 05:4206:19
Aycliffe, opp St Giles Road 05:4206:19
Aycliffe, adj King Lear's Way 05:4306:20
Aycliffe, adj Gloster Way 05:4406:21
Dover, adj Hammond's Garage 05:4506:22
Dover, opp Wellington Dock 05:4606:23
Dover York Street (Stop J) 05:4806:25
Dover Priory Street (Stop E) 05:2105:4906:2619:3621:36
Dover Priory Railway Station (Stop S) 05:2105:4906:2619:3621:36
Dover, adj Malvern Road 05:2205:5006:2719:3721:37
Dover, opp Winchelsea Road 05:2205:5006:2719:3721:37
Elms Vale Junction (opp) 05:2305:5106:2819:3821:38
Elms Vale, opp Vale View Road 05:2305:5106:2819:3821:38
Tower Hamlets, adj Boars Head 05:2305:5106:2819:3821:38
Tower Hamlets, adj Dover Boys' Grammar School 05:2405:5206:2919:3921:39
Tower Hamlets, adj Goschen Road 05:2505:5306:3019:4021:40
Tower Hamlets, adj West Street 05:2605:5406:3119:4021:40
Dover, adj Templar Street 05:2705:5506:3219:4221:42
Dover, adj Shooter's Hill 05:2805:5606:3319:4221:42
Buckland, adj Eric Road 05:3005:5806:3519:4421:44
Buckland Bridge (NE-bound) 05:3206:0006:3719:4521:45
Buckland Valley, adj Winant Way 05:3206:0006:37
Buckland, adj Trefor Jones Court 19:4521:45
Buckland Valley, adj Catholic Church 19:4621:46
Buckland Valley, opp Florida Close 19:4721:47
Buckland Valley, opp Cleveland Close 19:4721:47
Buckland Valley, opp Dunedin Drive 05:3306:0106:3819:4821:48
Buckland Valley, adj Selkirk Road 05:3306:0106:3819:4821:48
Buckland Valley, opp Auckland Crescent 05:3406:0206:3919:4921:49
Buckland Valley, opp Natal Road 05:3406:0206:3919:4921:49
Buckland Valley, adj Peverell Road 19:5121:51
Buckland Valley Rokesley Road (opp 80) 19:5121:51
Buckland Valley Fulbert Road (o/s 28) 19:5221:52
Whitfield, adj Aspen Drive 05:3606:0406:4119:5221:52
Whitfield, opp Gordon Road 05:3706:0506:42
Whitfield, adj Bus Garage 05:3806:0606:43
Whitfield, adj Honeywood Close 05:3906:0706:4419:5321:53
Whitfield, adj Tesco 05:4006:0806:4519:5421:54
Whitfield, adj Homebase 05:4006:0806:45
Whitfield, opp B and Q 05:4206:1006:47

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 27 September 2022

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