62 - Chester Interchange, Stand B - Higher Kinnerton, Church

Operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire

Chester Interchange, Stand B - Higher Kinnerton, Church

Chester Bus Interchange (Stand B) 11:1512:4514:15
Chester Foregate Street Stop CC 11:1712:4714:17
Chester Vicar's Lane (Stop G) 11:1812:4814:18
Chester Lower Bridge Street (Stand Y) 11:1912:5014:20
Handbridge, nr Post Office 11:2112:5214:22
Queen’s Park, opp St George's Crescent 11:2312:5314:23
Queen’s Park, opp Northern Pathway 11:2412:5414:24
Handbridge Appleyards Lane (cnr) 11:2612:5614:26
Handbridge, adj Hartington Street 11:2712:5714:27
Handbridge, opp Eaton Avenue 11:2712:5814:28
Handbridge College (o/s) 11:2812:5914:29
Handbridge, opp St Mary's Church 11:2913:0014:30
Handbridge Hugh Street (cnr) 11:3013:0014:30
Handbridge, opp River Lane 11:3013:0114:31
Westminster Park Overleigh Roundabout (SW-bound) 11:3213:0214:32
Westminster Park, opp Cavendish Road 11:3313:0314:33
Westminster Park Vincent Drive (SE-bound) 11:3313:0314:33
Westminster Park Dennis Drive (SE-bound) 11:3413:0414:34
Westminster Park Rushfield Road (SW-bound) 11:3413:0414:34
Westminster Park, o/s Shops 11:3513:0514:35
Westminster Park Rowcliffe Avenue (SW-bound) 11:3613:0614:36
Lache, nr Whadden Drive 11:3713:0714:37
Roughhill By-pass Bridge (SW-bound) 11:3913:0914:39
Balderton, adj Level Crossing 11:4013:1014:40
Balderton Church Road (cnr) 11:4113:1014:40
Dodleston, o/s Greenwalls 11:4213:1114:41
Dodleston Penfold Way (cnr) 11:4313:1314:43
Dodleston, opp Primary School 11:4313:1314:43
Gorstella, nr Welsh Road 11:4313:1514:45
Lower Kinnerton, opp Old School House 11:4313:1614:46
Lower Kinnerton Moor Lane (cnr) 11:4713:1714:47
Higher Kinnerton, opp Blantern Road 11:4713:2014:50
Higher Kinnerton Church (after Post Office) 11:5113:2114:51

Higher Kinnerton, Church - Chester Bus Interchange

Higher Kinnerton Church (after Post Office) 09:3012:00
Higher Kinnerton, before Royal Oak 09:3112:01
Lower Kinnerton, opp Moor Lane 09:3412:04
Lower Kinnerton, o/s Old School House 09:3512:05
Gorstella Welsh Road (cnr) 09:3612:06
Dodleston, o/s Primary School 09:3810:3812:08
Dodleston, opp Penfold Way 09:3810:3812:08
Dodleston, opp Greenwalls 09:4010:4012:10
Balderton, opp Church Road 09:4110:4112:11
Balderton, nr Level Crossing 09:4110:4112:11
Roughhill By-pass Bridge (NE-bound) 09:4210:4212:12
Lache Green Lane (cnr) 09:4410:4412:14
Lache Lonsdale Court (cnr) 09:4410:4412:14
Westminster Park Rowcliffe Avenue (NE-bound) 09:4510:4512:15
Westminster Park, opp Shops 09:4610:4612:16
Westminster Park Rushfield Road (NE-bound) 09:4710:4712:17
Westminster Park Dennis Drive (NW-bound) 09:4710:4712:17
Westminster Park Vincent Drive (NW-bound) 09:4810:4812:18
Westminster Park, nr Cavendish Road 09:4810:4812:18
Westminster Park Overleigh Roundabout (NE-bound) 09:4910:4912:19
Handbridge, by Cemetery 09:5010:5012:20
Handbridge Brown's Lane (cnr) 09:5110:5112:21
Handbridge, o/s St Mary's Church 09:5110:5112:21
Handbridge College (opp) 09:5210:5212:22
Handbridge Eaton Avenue (cnr) 09:5310:5312:23
Handbridge Hartington Street (cnr) 09:5410:5412:24
Handbridge, adj Appleyards Lane 09:5410:5412:24
Queen’s Park Northern Pathway (cnr) 09:5710:5712:27
Queen’s Park St George's Crescent (cnr) 09:5810:5812:28
Handbridge, o/s Edgar's Field 10:0011:0012:30
Chester, o/s Ye Olde Kings Head 10:0111:0112:31
Chester Pepper Street (Stand Z) 10:0211:0212:32
Chester Foregate Street Stop HH 10:0411:0412:34
Chester Bus Interchange (Stand N) 10:0711:0712:37

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 12 April 2024

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