624A - Batley - BBG Academy

A bus service operated by Station Coaches


Batley - BBG Academy

BBG Academy - Batley

Birkenshaw, at Bradford Rd Grove Terrace 14:40
Birkenshaw, after Bradford Rd Swincliffe Close 14:41
Gomersal, adj Oxford Rd Dewsbury Road 14:42
Gomersal Oxford Road West House 14:42
Gomersal, before Shoulder Of Mutton PH 14:43
Gomersal, opp Oxford Rd Grove Lane 14:44
Gomersal, adj Oxford Rd Bronte Close 14:44
Gomersal, opp Hill Top House 14:45
Gomersal, opp Church Ln Muffit Lane 14:46
Birstall Church Lane The Coppice (E-bound) 14:48
Birstall Church Lane Garfit Hill 14:48
Birstall Church Lane Bradford Rd 14:49
Birstall, opp Kirkgate College Street 14:50
Birstall, adj Middlegate Kings Drive 14:52
Birstall, opp Field Head Ln Foxglove Road 14:53
Birstall, on Field Head Lane Lowood Ln 14:54
Birstall, opp Lowood Lane Haworth Rd 14:55
Birstall Rochester Rd Lowood Lane 14:56
Birstall Rochester Rd Charlotte Close 14:56
Birstall Rochester Rd Branwell Avenue 14:57
Birstall, adj Fieldhead Ln Lowood Lane 14:57
Birstall Field Head Ln Foxglove Road 14:58
Birstall, opp Middlegate Kings Drive 14:59
Birstall Middlegate Church Street 14:59
Birstall Market Place (stop B) 15:00
Birstall, adj Leeds Rd Sovereign Close 15:01
Birstall, adj Leeds Road Moat Hill 15:02
Birstall, opp Leeds Rd Hill Crescent 15:03
Howden Clough, adj Leeds Rd Clough Drive 15:03
Howden Clough Windmill La Upper Batley Lane (S-bound) 15:07
Birstall Upper Batley Ln Harefield Drive 15:08
Birstall Intake Ln Almond Way 15:08
Birstall Intake Lane Brookroyd Ln 15:09
Birstall Brookroyd Lane Bradford Rd 15:10
Birstall, at Bradford Road Brookroyd Ln 15:10
Batley, opp Bradford Rd Park Drive 15:10
Batley, adj Wilton Park 15:11
Batley, opp Bradford Road Ruby St 15:12
Batley, opp Bradford Road Diamond St 15:13
Batley, opp Victoria Mills 15:13
Batley Bradford Road Branch Rd (NW-bound) 15:14
Batley, opp Bradford Rd St. James St 15:15
Runs Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset