642 - West Hendon Broadway - Colindale - Grahame Park - Deansbrook Road - Edgware - Stonegrove - London Academy

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Changes to bus services at Colindale Station
15 March–23 December 2024

Bus stop CB outside Colindale Station is closed until further notice due to station construction works.

For Route 125 towards Winchmore Hill, please board in Charcot Road.

For Routes 204 303 642 and N5 towards Edgware, and route 632 towards Grahame Park, Corner Mead, use the temporary stop west of the station outside 121 Colindale Avenue.

Ajax Avenue stop CD will be closed during these works

West Hendon Bdwy/Herbert Road - London Academy

West Hendon BdwyHerbert Road (Stop HM) 06:5207:2007:30
The Hyde Hendon Magistrates Court (Stop HP) 06:5307:2107:31
The Hyde Kingsbury Road (Stop HQ) 06:5307:2107:31
The Hyde Sheaveshill Avenue (Stop CH) 06:5507:2307:33
The Hyde Colindeep Lane (Stop GZ) 06:5607:2407:34
Colindale Avenue (Stop CL) 06:5707:2507:35
Colindale Stonecrop Close (Stop CV) 06:5707:2507:35
Colindale Station (Stop) 07:0007:2807:3808:07
Colindale Royal Air Force Museum (Stop QJ) 07:0207:3007:4008:09
Colindale Saracens High School South Mead (Stop QK) 07:0407:3207:4208:11
Colindale Long Mead (Stop QL) 07:0407:3207:4208:11
Mill Hill Wiggins Mead (Stop QM) 07:0507:3307:4308:12
Mill Hill Woodcroft Park The Orion Primary School (->N) 07:0707:3507:4508:14
Mill Hill Woodcroft Avenue (->N) 07:0807:3607:4608:15
Mill Hill Lyndhurst Avenue (NW7) (->W) 07:0907:3707:4708:16
Burnt Oak Grange Road (HA8) (Stop W) 07:1107:3907:4908:18
Burnt Oak Edwin Road (Stop X) 07:1207:4007:5008:19
Burnt Oak Deans Lane (Stop Y) 07:1407:4207:5208:21
Burnt Oak Deansbrook Close (Stop Z) 07:1407:4207:5208:21
Edgware Community Hospital Deansbrook Road (Stop HH) 07:1707:4507:5508:24
Edgware Deansbrook Road (Stop HC) 07:1707:4507:5508:24
Little Stanmore Spring Villa Road (Stop P) 07:2007:4807:5808:27
Edgware St Margarets Church (stop K) 07:4907:5908:28
Edgware Manor Park Crescent (Stop H) 07:5008:0008:29
Edgware (Stop G) 07:5108:0108:30
Edgware (Stop F) 07:5208:0208:2108:31
Edgware Manor Park Crescent (Stop J) 07:5408:0408:2208:32
Edgware St Margarets Church (Stop L) 07:5408:0408:2308:33
Edgware Whitchurch Lane (Stop T) 07:2007:5608:0608:2408:34
Edgware Mill Ridge (->N) 07:2207:5808:0808:2608:35
Canons Park Park Grove (->N) 07:2308:0008:1008:2708:37
Edgware Farnsworth Drive (Stop O) 07:2408:0208:1208:2908:38
Canons Park Canons Corner (Stop) 07:2508:0308:1308:3008:39
Edgware London Academy (Stop) 07:2908:0908:1908:3508:44

London Academy - West Hendon Bdwy/Herbert Road

Timetable data from Transport for London, 14 May 2024

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