646 - Noak Hill - Upminster - Cranham

A bus service operated by Blue Triangle


Monday to Friday, not school holidays

Noak Hill - Upminster - Cranham

Noak Hill Wincanton Road (Stop) 07:43
Noak Hill Cummings Hall Lane (Stop) 07:44
Noak Hill Kynance Close (->W) 07:45
Noak Hill Taunton Road (->W) 07:46
Noak Hill Hailsham Road (->S) 07:47
Harold Hill St Ursula's School (->S) 07:47
Harold Hill Charlbury Crescent (->E) 07:48
Harold Hill Hilldene Avenue / Chatteris Avenue (->E) 07:49
Harold Hill Hilldene Avenue Shopping Centre (->E) 07:50
Harold Hill Chippenham Road (Stop HJ) 07:51
Harold Hill Central Park Leisure Centre (Stop GP) 07:52
Harold Hill Community Centre (Stop GR) 07:54
Harold Hill Kingsbridge Road (Stop GS) 07:55
Harold Hill Camborne Avenue (Stop S) 07:57
Harold Wood Arundel Road (Stop K) 07:58
Harold Wood Station (Stop B) 08:00
Harold Wood St Peter's Church (Stop H) 08:01
Harold Wood Recreation Avenue (->W) 08:03
Harold Wood Rosslyn Avenue (->W) 08:04
Harold Wood Southend Arterial Road (->W) 08:06
Ardleigh Green School (Stop) 08:08
Ardleigh Green Havering College (Stop) 08:09
Ardleigh Green Ayloffs Walk (Stop EH) 08:10
Ardleigh Green Haynes Road (Stop EJ) 08:11
Hornchurch Burntwood Avenue (Stop EK) 08:12
Hornchurch Emerson Park Station (Stop EL) 08:13
Hornchurch Burnway (Stop EM) 08:14
Hornchurch Queen's Theatre (Stop D) 08:15
Hornchurch Town Centre (Stop F) 08:16
Hornchurch St Andrew's Church (->E) 08:17
Hornchurch Hacton Lane (Stop K) 08:19
Upminster Bridge Station (Stop B) 08:21
Upminster Windmill (Stop P) 08:23
Upminster St Laurence Church (Stop R) 08:25
Upminster Gaynes Road (Stop D) 08:27
Upminster Station (Stop A) 08:29
Upminster Stn / St Lawrence Road (Stop C) 08:31
Upminster Corbets Tey Road (Stop F) 08:32
Upminster Tudor Gardens (Stop G) 08:33
Upminster Argyle Gardens (Stop H) 08:34
Cranham Howard Road (->E) 08:35
Cranham Pond Walk (->N) 08:36
Cranham Rectory Gardens (->N) 08:37
Cranham Moor Lane (Stop) 08:38

Cranham - Upminster - Noak Hill

Cranham Moor Lane (->S) 16:00
Cranham Rectory Gardens (->S) 16:01
Cranham Pond Walk (->S) 16:02
Cranham Howard Road (->W) 16:03
Upminster Argyle Gardens (Stop J) 16:04
Upminster Tudor Gardens (Stop K) 16:05
Upminster Corbets Tey Road (Stop L) 16:06
Upminster Gaynes Road (Stop D) 16:07
Upminster Station Forecourt (Stop E) 16:08
Upminster Stn / St Lawrence Road (Stop C) 16:10
Upminster St Laurence Church (Stop M) 16:11
Upminster Windmill (Stop N) 16:13
Upminster Bridge Station (Stop A) 16:14
Hornchurch Hacton Lane (Stop L) 16:16
Hornchurch St Andrew's Church (->W) 16:17
Hornchurch Town Centre (Stop G) 16:19
Hornchurch Queen's Theatre (Stop C) 16:20
Hornchurch Burnway (Stop EA) 16:21
Hornchurch Emerson Park Station (Stop EB) 16:22
Hornchurch Wykeham Avenue (Stop EC) 16:24
Ardleigh Green Haynes Road (Stop ED) 16:25
Ardleigh Green Ayloffs Walk (Stop EE) 16:26
Ardleigh Green Havering College (Stop) 16:27
Ardleigh Green School (Stop) 16:29
Harold Wood Southend Arterial Road (->N) 16:31
Harold Wood Rosslyn Avenue (->E) 16:33
Harold Wood St Peter's Church (Stop J) 16:35
Harold Wood Station (Stop A) 16:37
Harold Wood Arundel Road (Stop L) 16:38
Harold Hill St Neot's Road (Stop U) 16:39
Harold Hill Camborne Avenue (Stop T) 16:40
Harold Hill Kingsbridge Road (Stop GT) 16:41
Harold Hill Community Centre (Stop GU) 16:42
Harold Hill Central Park Leisure Centre (Stop GV) 16:43
Harold Hill Chippenham Road (Stop HH) 16:44
Harold Hill Hilldene Avenue Shopping Centre (->W) 16:44
Harold Hill Chatteris Avenue (->W) 16:45
Harold Hill Charlbury Crescent (->W) 16:46
Harold Hill St Ursula's School (->N) 16:47
Noak Hill Hailsham Road (->N) 16:48
Noak Hill Broxhill Road (Stop) 16:48
Noak Hill Taunton Road (->E) 16:49
Noak Hill Kynance Close (->E) 16:49
Noak Hill Wincanton Road (->S) 16:50
Noak Hill Ashbourne Road (Stop) 16:50
Noak Hill Troopers Drive (->E) 16:51
Noak Hill Whitchurch Road (->N) 16:51
Noak Hill Priory Road (->N) 16:52
Noak Hill Wincanton Road (Stop) 16:53

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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