647 - Hatherleigh - Winkleigh - Exeter

A bus service operated by MD Coaches


Hatherleigh - Winkleigh - Exeter

Hatherleigh Market Car Park (S-bound) 09:05
Hatherleigh Co-op (S-bound) 09:05
Monkokehampton Post Office (E-bound) 09:15
Ingleigh Green Higher Inleigh (NE-bound) 09:20
Winkleigh, opp Mid Devon Motors 09:30
Wembworthy Lymington Arms (SE-bound) 09:38
Wembworthy Partridge Walls Cross (SE-bound) 09:41
Brushford Post Box (S-bound) 09:42
Brushford Taw Bridge (E-bound) 09:46
Coldridge War Memorial (S-bound) 09:51
Nymet Rowland Chapel (E-bound) 09:54
Zeal Monachorum Stopgate Cross (NW-bound) 09:57
Down St Mary Shelter (NE-bound) 10:00
Morchard Road Union Hill (NE-bound) 10:01
Morchard Road Devonshire Dumpling (SE-bound) 10:02
Copplestone Sunnymead (SE-bound) 10:06
Copplestone Stone (E-bound) 10:06
Copplestone Shirley Corner (E-bound) 10:06
West Sandford Barnstaple Cross (SE-bound) 10:09
Crediton Queen Elizabeth Drive (E-bound) 10:11
Crediton Green (E-bound) 10:12
Crediton opp Tesco Metro (E-bound) 10:13
Crediton Memorial (SE-bound) 10:13
Crediton Snooker Hall (E-bound) 10:14
Crediton Park Road (S-bound) 10:15
Crediton Station Cross (SE-bound) 10:16
Hookway Downes Mill (SE-bound) 10:17
Newton St Cyres, opp Dunscombe Farm 10:18
Newton St Cyres, opp Smallbrook Cottages 10:18
Newton St Cyres Sherwood Turn (SE-bound) 10:19
Newton St Cyres Quick's Farm (SE-bound) 10:20
Newton St Cyres, nr Belluno 10:20
Newton St Cyres, opp Primary School 10:21
Half Moon Village Ashfields (SE-bound) 10:21
Half Moon Village Half Moon (SE-bound) 10:22
Half Moon Village New Bridge (SE-bound) 10:23
Cowley, opp Three Horse Shoes 10:23
Cowley, opp Chapel 10:24
Duryard Cowley Bridge (S-bound) 10:25
Duryard West Garth Road (S-bound) 10:25
Duryard Thomas Hall (S-bound) 10:25
Duryard Lower Argyll Road (S-bound) 10:26
Red Cow Kilbarran Rise (S-bound) 10:27
Pennsylvania Streatham Drive (SE-bound) 10:28
St Davids The Imperial (S-bound) 10:28
Exeter College (SE-bound) 10:29
Exeter New North Road (E-bound) 10:30
Exeter Portland House (Stop 35) 10:30
Exeter St Sidwell's School (SE-bound) 10:31
Exeter Sidwell Street (Stop 40) 10:33

Exeter - Winkleigh - Hatherleigh

Exeter Sidwell Street (Stop 40) 14:00
Exeter Cheeke Street (Stop 39) 14:00
Exeter Paris Street (Stop 16) 14:01
Exeter New North Road (Stop 28) 14:02
Exeter Prison (W-bound) 14:02
St Davids The Imperial (N-bound) 14:03
Red Cow Harefield Close (N-bound) 14:04
Duryard Lower Argyll Road (N-bound) 14:06
Duryard Apparelmaster (N-bound) 14:06
Duryard West Garth Road (N-bound) 14:07
Duryard Cowley Bridge (N-bound) 14:08
Cowley, adj Chapel 14:08
Cowley Bernaville Nurseries (N-bound) 14:09
Half Moon Village New Bridge (NW-bound) 14:10
Half Moon Village Half Moon (NW-bound) 14:10
Half Moon Village Ashfields (NW-bound) 14:11
Newton St Cyres Primary School (NW-bound) 14:12
Newton St Cyres, opp Belluno 14:12
Newton St Cyres Sherwood Turn (NW-bound) 14:13
Newton St Cyres Smallbrook Cottages (NW-bound) 14:14
Newton St Cyres Dunscombe Farm (NW-bound) 14:15
Hookway Lane (W-bound) 14:15
Hookway, opp Downes Mill 14:16
Crediton, opp Well Park 14:17
Crediton Station Cross (NW-bound) 14:18
Crediton Park Road (N-bound) 14:18
Crediton Parish Church (W-bound) 14:19
Crediton Union Terrace (W-bound) 14:19
Crediton Lloyds Bank (W-bound) 14:20
Crediton Green (W-bound) 14:20
Crediton Hospital Gates (W-bound) 14:20
Crediton, opp Queen Elizabeth Drive 14:21
West Sandford Barnstaple Cross (NW-bound) 14:23
Copplestone Stone (W-bound) 14:27
Morchard Road, adj Devonshire Dumpling 14:30
Morchard Road Union Hill (SW-bound) 14:30s
Down St Mary, opp Shelter 14:32s
Zeal Monachorum Stopgate Cross (SE-bound) 14:35
Nymet Rowland, opp Chapel 14:39
Coldridge, opp War Memorial 14:42s
Brushford Taw Bridge (W-bound) 14:47
Brushford, opp Post Box 14:50
Wembworthy Partridge Walls Cross (NW-bound) 14:52s
Wembworthy, opp Lymington Arms 14:55s
Winkleigh Shelter (W-bound) 15:03
Ingleigh Green Higher Inleigh (SW-bound) 15:13
Monkokehampton Post Office (W-bound) 15:18
Hatherleigh Market Car Park (S-bound) 15:28

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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