649 - Botley Station - Swanmore Technology College

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South

Bishops Waltham - Hedge End Park
Bishops Waltham - Durley, Botley - Hedge End Park

Curdridge, adj Botley Station 07:23
Curdridge Kings Corner (W-bound) 07:24
Botley, nr The Square 07:25
Botley, opp Primary School 07:26
Botley, adj Brook Lane 07:27
Broadoak Brook Cottages (adjacent) 07:27
Broadoak, opp Woodhouse Lane 07:28
Hedge End, adj Bowling Green 07:29
Boorley Green Hilliers Garden Centre (NE-bound) 07:30
Boorley Green Woodhouse Lane SCH (NE-bound) 07:30
Boorley Green Oatlands Road (NW-bound) 07:31
Boorley Green, o/s Pear Tree 07:31
Long Common, opp Boorley Park 07:32
Long Common Chancellors Lane (NW-bound) 07:33
Horton Heath Shamblehurst Lane North (NW-bound) 07:34
Horton Heath Denhams Corner (NW-bound) 07:35
Horton Heath, nr The Brigadier Gerard 07:36
Horton Heath, opp Dumpers Drove 07:36
Horton Heath Crossroads (N-bound) 07:37
Fair Oak Daisy Fields (adjacent) 07:38
Fair Oak, adj Wyvern School 07:38
Fair Oak, adj Hall Lands Lane 07:41
Fair Oak, opp Bradshaw Close 07:42
Lower Upham, adj Stroudwood Lane 07:45
Lower Upham, opposite Mortimers Lane 07:47
Lower Upham, adj Wold Cottages 07:48
Wintershill, adj Meadowview 07:49
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Ashton Lane 07:50
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Churchill Avenue 07:52
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Claylands Road 07:53
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Pondside Lane 07:54
Bishop’s Waltham, in The Square 07:57
Bishop’s Waltham, opp Godfrey Pink Way 07:59
Bishop’s Waltham Hoe Road (NE-bound) 08:00
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Gunners Park 08:01
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Rareridge Lane 08:02
Bishop’s Waltham, nr Paradise Lane 08:04
Swanmore, adj Moorlands Road 08:05
Swanmore, nr Hampton Hill 08:06
Swanmore, opp St Barnabas Church 08:08
Swanmore, opp Recreation Ground 08:09
Swanmore, opp Technology College 08:10

Hedge End Park - Bishops Waltham
Hedge End Park - Durley, Botley - Bishops Waltham

Swanmore, o/s Technology College 14:15
Swanmore, adj Recreation Ground 14:16
Swanmore, o/s St Barnabas Church 14:17
Swanmore, opp Hampton Hill 14:18
Swanmore, opp Moorlands Road 14:19
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Paradise Lane 14:20
Bishop’s Waltham, opp Rareridge Lane 14:21
Bishop’s Waltham, nr Gunners Park 14:22
Bishop’s Waltham Hoe Road (SW-bound) 14:22
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Godfrey Pink Way 14:23
Bishop’s Waltham, in The Square 14:25
Bishop’s Waltham, o/s Priory Court 14:27
Bishop’s Waltham, adj The Avenue 14:28
Bishop’s Waltham, nr Churchill Avenue 14:29
Bishop’s Waltham, opp Ashton Lane 14:30
Wintershill, opp Meadowview 14:31
Lower Upham, opp Wold Cottages 14:32
Lower Upham Mortimers Lane (near) 14:33
Lower Upham, opp Stroudwood Lane 14:35
Fair Oak, adj Bradshaw Close 14:38
Fair Oak, opp Hall Lands Lane 14:39
Fair Oak, opp Glebe Court 14:40
Fair Oak, opp Wyvern School 14:41
Fair Oak, opposite Daisy Fields 14:42
Horton Heath Crossroads (S-bound) 14:43
Horton Heath, nr Dumpers Drove 14:44
Horton Heath, o/s The Brigadier Gerard 14:44
Horton Heath Denhams Corner (SE-bound) 14:45
Horton Heath Shamblehurst Lane North (SE-bound) 14:45
Long Common Chancellors Lane (SE-bound) 14:46
Long Common, adj Boorley Park 14:47
Boorley Green, opp Pear Tree 14:48
Boorley Green Oatlands Road (SE-bound) 14:48
Boorley Green Hilliers Garden Centre (SW-bound) 14:49
Broadoak, adj Woodhouse Lane 14:50
Broadoak, opposite Brook Cottages 14:51
Botley, opp Brook Lane 14:52
Botley, adj Primary School 14:52
Botley, adj The Square 14:53
Curdridge Kings Corner (NE-bound) 14:54
Curdridge, adj Botley Station 14:55

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024, Stagecoach South, 13 April 2024, Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 11 April 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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