65 - Monmouth - Chepstow via Trellech

A bus service operated by Monmouthshire County Council


Monmouth - Trellech - Chepstow

Monmouth Bus Station Stand 1 (at) 07:4510:3012:3014:3017:30
Over Monnow, nr Cinderhill 07:4610:3012:3014:3017:30
Monmouth, after Beach Road 07:4710:3112:3114:3117:31
Mitchel Troy, after Trelleck Turn 07:4810:3212:3214:3217:32
Lydart Farm (opp) 07:5310:3612:3614:3617:36
Lydart, nr Redwern Farm 07:5410:3712:3714:3717:37
Pen-twyn, after Old Church Turn 07:5610:3912:3914:3917:39
Pen-twyn, opp White House Farm 07:5610:3912:3914:3917:39
Pen-twyn, after Penallt Church 07:5810:4112:4114:4117:41
Pen-twyn, nr Cross Vane 07:5810:4112:4114:4117:41
Hoop, before Meend Corner 07:5910:4212:4214:4217:42
Hoop, before Springfield Farm 08:0010:4312:4314:4317:43
Newmills Cross (before) 08:0010:4312:4314:4317:43
The Narth, nr Court Hope 08:0210:4512:4514:4517:45
The Narth, opp Forest View 08:0310:4612:4614:4617:46
The Narth, nr May Cottages 08:0310:4612:4614:4617:46
The Narth, after Penyfan Turn 08:0410:4712:4714:4717:47
Maryland, o/s Rock Cottage 08:0410:4712:4714:4717:47
Maryland, after Warren`s Turn 08:0610:4912:4914:4917:49
Trelleck, o/s Lion Hotel 08:0810:5112:5114:5117:51
Trelleck, o/s Church Farm 08:0810:5112:5114:5117:51
Trelleck, at Highmead 08:0810:5112:5114:5117:51
Trelleck, at Parkhouse 08:0910:5212:5214:5217:52
Llanishen, at Pantglas 08:1010:5312:5314:5317:53
Llanishen, opp Carpenters Arms 08:1010:5312:5314:5317:53
Llanishen Cross (after) 08:1110:5412:5414:5417:54
Llanishen, nr Gable Cottage 08:1110:5412:5414:5417:54
Star Hill, nr Dinmore Cottage 08:1210:5512:5514:5517:55
Star Hill, at Crosshands 08:1310:5612:5614:5617:56
Cobbler`s Plain (at) 08:1510:5812:5814:5817:58
Cobbler’s Plain, opp Yew Tree Bungalow 08:1510:5812:5814:5817:58
Cobbler’s Plain, o/s New Inn Cottage 08:1610:5912:5914:5917:59
Creigau, nr Billets Lane 08:1811:0113:0115:0118:01
Devauden, opp Tredean Lodge 08:1911:0213:0215:0218:02
Devauden, before St James` Church 08:2011:0313:0315:0318:03
Devauden, nr Wesley House 08:2011:0313:0315:0318:03
Devauden, at Glyn Road 08:2111:0413:0415:0418:04
Itton Common, before Finger Post 08:2311:0613:0615:0618:06
Itton Common, at Cross Bleddyn 08:2311:0713:0715:0718:07
Howick Lodge (o/s) 08:2311:0813:0815:0818:08
Howick, nr Little Cophill 08:2411:0813:0815:0818:08
Howick, nr Cophill Farm 08:2411:0913:0915:0918:09
Crossway Green, o/s Yew Tree Cottage 08:2411:0913:0915:0918:09
Crossway Green, nr Sandy Way 08:2411:1013:1015:1018:10
Crossway Green, in Chepstow Comprehensive School 08:25
Crossway Green, after Lions` Lodge 11:1113:1115:1118:11
Chepstow, in Welsh Street 08:28
Crossway Green, before Kingsmark Lane 11:1113:1115:1118:11
Chepstow, after St Kingsmark Avenue 08:31
Chepstow Community Hosp (o/s) 11:1213:1215:1218:12
Hardwick Village, opp Larkfield Garage 11:1313:1315:1318:13
Chepstow Bus Station Stand 4 (at) 08:3511:1513:1515:1518:15

Chepstow - Trellech - Monmouth

Crossway Green, in Chepstow Comprehensive School 15:25
Chepstow, in Welsh Street 15:26
Chepstow, after St Kingsmark Avenue 15:28
Chepstow Bus Station Stand 4 (at) 07:0008:4511:1513:1515:3017:15
Chepstow, before St Kingsmark Avenue 07:00
Hardwick Village, after Larkfield Garage 08:4611:1613:1615:3117:16
Chepstow, in Welsh Street 07:01
Chepstow Community Hosp (opp) 08:4811:1813:1815:3317:18
Crossway Green, before Chepstow Comprehensive 07:01
Crossway Green, after Kingsmark Lane 08:4811:1813:1815:3317:18
Crossway Green, before Lions` Lodge 07:0208:4911:1913:1915:3417:19
Crossway Green, nr Sandy Way 07:0308:5011:2013:2015:3517:20
Crossway Green, opp Yew Tree Cottage 07:0408:5011:2013:2015:3517:20
Howick, nr Cophill Farm 07:0408:5111:2113:2115:3617:21
Howick, nr Little Cophill 07:0508:5111:2113:2115:3617:21
Howick Lodge (opp) 07:0608:5211:2213:2215:3717:22
Itton Common, at Cross Bleddyn 07:0808:5311:2313:2315:3817:23
Itton Common, after Finger Post 07:1008:5511:2513:2515:4017:25
Devauden, at Glyn Road 07:1208:5711:2713:2715:4217:27
Devauden Court (nr) 07:1208:5711:2713:2715:4217:27
Devauden, nr Wesley House 07:1308:5811:2813:2815:4317:28
Devauden, after St James` Church 07:1408:5911:2913:2915:4417:29
Devauden, o/s Tredean Lodge 07:1408:5911:2913:2915:4417:29
Creigau, nr Billets Lane 07:1509:0011:3013:3015:4517:30
Cobbler’s Plain, opp New Inn Cottage 07:1609:0111:3113:3115:4617:31
Cobbler’s Plain, o/s Yew Tree Bungalow 07:1609:0111:3113:3115:4617:31
Cobbler`s Plain (at) 07:1709:0211:3213:3215:4717:32
Star Hill, at Crosshands 07:1809:0311:3313:3315:4817:33
Star Hill, nr Dinmore Cottage 07:1909:0411:3413:3415:4917:34
Llanishen, nr Gable Cottage 07:2009:0511:3513:3515:5017:35
Llanishen Cross (after) 07:2109:0611:3613:3615:5117:36
Llanishen, o/s Carpenters Arms 07:2109:0611:3613:3615:5117:36
Llanishen, at Pantglas 07:2209:0711:3713:3715:5217:37
Trelleck, at Parkhouse 07:2309:0811:3813:3815:5317:38
Trelleck, at Highmead 07:2409:0911:3913:3915:5417:39
Trelleck, o/s Court Farm 07:2509:1011:4013:4015:5517:40
Trelleck, nr Lion Hotel 07:2509:1011:4013:4015:5517:40
Maryland, before Warren`s Turn 07:2609:1111:4113:4115:5617:41
Maryland, opp Rock Cottage 07:2809:1311:4313:4315:5817:43
The Narth, before Penyfan Turn 07:2809:1311:4313:4315:5817:43
The Narth, nr May Cottages 07:2909:1411:4413:4415:5917:44
The Narth, o/s Forest View 07:3009:1511:4513:4516:0017:45
The Narth, nr Court Hope 07:3009:1511:4513:4516:0017:45
Newmills Cross (before) 07:3209:1711:4713:4716:0217:47
Hoop, after Springfield Farm 07:3209:1711:4713:4716:0217:47
Hoop, before Meend Corner 07:3309:1811:4813:4816:0317:48
Pen-twyn, nr Cross Vane 07:3409:1911:4913:4916:0417:49
Pen-twyn, before Penallt Church 07:3509:2011:5013:5016:0517:50
Pen-twyn, o/s White House Farm 07:3509:2011:5013:5016:0517:50
Pen-twyn, before Old Church Turn 07:3609:2111:5113:5116:0617:51
Lydart, nr Redwern Farm 07:3709:2211:5213:5216:0717:52
Lydart Farm (o/s) 07:3809:2311:5313:5316:0817:53
Mitchel Troy, before Trelleck Turn 07:4109:2611:5613:5616:1117:56
Monmouth, before Beach Road 07:4209:2711:5713:5716:1217:57
Over Monnow, nr Cinderhill 07:4409:2911:5913:5916:1417:59
Monmouth Bus Station Stand 1 (at) 07:4509:3012:0014:0016:1518:00

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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