653 - Bradford - Pool

A bus service operated by TLC Travel


Bradford - Pool

Bradford Interchange stand D 05:30
Bradford Market St (stop M2) 05:32
Bradford Cheapside (stop N3) 05:33
Bradford Manor Row (stop N6) 05:34
Bradford Manningham Lane Trafalgar St 05:34
Manningham Lane Thurnscoe Rd (opp) 05:35
Manningham Lane Grosvenor Rd (after) 05:36
Manningham Lane Blenheim Rd 05:37
Manningham Keighley Rd Oak Lane 05:38
Manningham Keighley Rd Cunliffe Road 05:38
Manningham Keighley Rd Emm Lane 05:39
Frizinghall, opp Keighley Rd Park Grove 05:40
Frizinghall Keighley Road Paddock 05:41
Frizinghall, adj Bradford Road Ashfield Ave 05:41
Frizinghall, opp Bradford Road Wharncliffe Rd 05:42
Frizinghall, opp Bradford Rd Norwood Terrace 05:43
Shipley Otley Rd Bradford Road 05:43
Shipley Otley Rd Valley Road 05:44
Shipley Market Square (stop S8) 05:45
Shipley Otley Road Green Ln 05:46
Shipley Otley Rd Baildon Road 05:46
Baildon Otley Rd John Street 05:47
Baildon Otley Rd Woodcot Avenue 05:47
Charlestown Otley Rd Midland Road (E-bound) 05:48
Charlestown Otley Road St Johns Court (E-bound) 05:48
Charlestown Otley Rd Kirklands Lane 05:49
Charlestown Otley Rd Hoyle Court Road 05:49
Charlestown Otley Rd Roundwood Road 05:50
Charlestown Otley Road Tong Park (NE-bound) 05:50
Esholt, adj Hollins Hill Tong Park 05:51
Esholt, adj Lamb Springs Farm 05:52
Esholt Hollins Hill Station Road 05:52
Esholt, opp Hollins Hill Farm 05:53
Guiseley Park Rd Four Lane Ends 05:54
Guiseley Park Rd Park Gate Crescent 05:55
Guiseley, at Morrisons 05:56
Guiseley Morton Terrace 05:57
Guiseley AFC 05:57
Guiseley White Cross (W-bound) 05:58
Menston Moorland Crescent 05:59
Menston St Mary's School 05:59
Menston, at Bradford Road Hare & Hounds PH 06:00
Menston, at Bradford Rd Station Road 06:00
Menston Station Rd 06:00
Menston Rail Stn 06:01
Menston Station Rd 06:02
Menston Burley Road 06:03
Otley Gill Brow 06:04
Otley West Busk Lane 06:05
Otley Sunnydale Crescent 06:06
Otley Duncan Avenue 06:06
Otley Westbourne Grove 06:07
Otley West Chevin Road 06:07
Otley Waitrose 06:09
Otley Bus Station stand 05 06:10
Otley Cross Green Dennison Hill 06:10
Otley Cross Green East Busk Lane 06:11
Otley, adj Pool Road Gallows Hill 06:11
Otley, opp Pool Road Garden Centre 06:12
Otley, opp Pool Rd Moor Drive 06:12
Otley Pool Road Knutford (stop) 06:12
Pool Road Caley Lodge (E-bound) 06:13
Pool Road Wharfe View (E-bound) 06:14
Pool Bridge (N-bound) 06:15

Pool - Bradford

Pool Bridge 06:16
Pool Road Wharfe View 06:17
Pool Road Caley Lodge 06:18
Otley Pool Road Knutford 06:19
Otley, adj Pool Rd Moor Drive 06:20
Otley Pool Road Garden Centre 06:20
Otley Pool Road Gallows Hill 06:21
Otley Cross Green St Peters Close 06:21
Otley Cross Green Garnet Street 06:22
Otley Bus Station stand 04 06:22
Otley Waitrose 06:23
Otley West Chevin Road 06:24
Otley Grove Hill Rdbt 06:25
Otley Westbourne Grove 06:25
Otley Duncan Avenue 06:26
Otley Sunnydale Crescent 06:26
Otley West Busk Lane 06:27
Otley Gill Brow 06:27
Menston Ellar Gardens 06:28
Menston Chevin Avenue 06:29
Menston Station Rd 06:29
Menston Rail Stn 06:30
Menston Station Rd 06:31
Menston, opp Bradford Rd Station Road 06:31
Menston Bradford Road Hare & Hounds PH 06:32
Menston High Royds Drive 06:33
Menston St Mary's School 06:33
Guiseley White Cross (E-bound) 06:36
Guiseley AFC (at) 06:37
Guiseley, at Morton Terrace 06:37
Guiseley Oxford Road 06:38
Guiseley Morrisons (opp) 06:39
Guiseley Park Rd Hawkhill Avenue 06:40
Guiseley Park Rd Four Lane Ends (E-bound) 06:42
Esholt, adj Hollins Hill Farm 06:43
Esholt, adj Hollins Hill Station Road 06:44
Esholt, opp Lamb Springs Farm 06:45
Esholt Hollins Hill Tong Park 06:46
Charlestown Otley Road Tong Park 06:47
Charlestown Otley Rd Roundwood Avenue 06:48
Charlestown Otley Road Hoyle Court 06:48
Charlestown, opp Otley Rd Kirklands Lane 06:49
Charlestown Otley Road St Johns Court 06:50
Charlestown Otley Rd Midland Road 06:50
Charlestown, adj Otley Rd Midland Road 06:51
Baildon Otley Rd Wood Street 06:52
Shipley Otley Rd Baildon Road (SW-bound) 06:52
Shipley Otley Rd Dockfield Road 06:53
Shipley Market Square (stop S3) 06:54
Shipley, adj Otley Rd Valley Road 06:56
Shipley Bradford Road Bargrange Ave 06:57
Frizinghall, adj Bradford Rd Norwood Terrace 06:57
Frizinghall, adj Bradford Road Wharncliffe Rd 06:58
Frizinghall Bradford Road Ashfield Ave 06:58
Frizinghall Keighley Rd Lynthorne Road 06:59
Frizinghall, adj Keighley Rd Park Grove 07:00
Frizinghall Keighley Road Marriners Dr 07:00
Manningham Keighley Rd Frizinghall Road 07:01
Manningham, adj Keighley Rd Cunliffe Road 07:02
Manningham Lane Oak Ln 07:03
Manningham Lane Spring Bank Place 07:04
Manningham Lane Grosvenor Rd (opp) 07:05
Manningham Lane Thurnscoe Rd (after) 07:06
Bradford Manningham Lane Brearton St 07:06
Bradford Manor Row (stop N7) 07:07
Bradford Cheapside (stop N9) 07:08
Bradford Market St (stop M3) 07:08s
Bradford Interchange stand D 07:10

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

TLC Travel