658 - Warlingham - Caterham - Reigate

A bus service operated by Southdown PSV


Warlingham - Caterham - Reigate

Warlingham, opp Sainsbury's 07:20
Warlingham, opp Marks Road 07:20
Warlingham, adj The Green 07:23
Warlingham, opp Hillbury Road 07:23
Warlingham, adj Homefield Road 07:24
Warlingham, opp Clovelly Avenue 07:24
Warlingham, opp Paddock Walk 07:25
Warlingham, adj Westview Road 07:25
Warlingham, opp Oakley Road 07:26
Whyteleafe, o/s Upper Warlingham Railway Station 07:27
Whyteleafe St Luke's Road (Stop C) 07:28
Whyteleafe, adj Hillside Road 07:29
Whyteleafe South Railway Station (Stop A) 07:30
Whyteleafe, adj Court Bushes Road 07:31
Caterham, adj Marden Lodge School 07:33
Caterham, adj Tillingdown Hill 07:33
Caterham, adj Beechwood Gardens 07:34
Caterham, adj Farningham Road 07:35
Caterham, opp Bourne Court 07:36
Caterham Valley (SE-bound) 07:37
Caterham Railway Station (opp) 07:38
Caterham Dene Hospital (opp) 07:44
Caterham, adj Court Road 07:45
Caterham High Street (N-bound) 07:47
Caterham, adj Douglas Brunton Day Centre 07:49
Caterham, opp Coulsdon Road 07:51
Caterham, adj Roffes Lane 07:51
Chaldon Common Road (adj) 07:52
Chaldon, adj Mount Avenue 07:53
Chaldon, opp Doctors Lane 07:53
Chaldon, adj Hilltop Lane 07:55
Chaldon Rook Lane (W-bound) 07:56
Alderstead Heath Dean Lane (W-bound) 07:58
Alderstead Heath (opp) 07:59
Alderstead Heath Alderstead Lane (S-bound) 08:01
Alderstead Heath, opp Ridge House 08:02
Alderstead Heath Shepherd's Hill (W-bound) 08:04
Gatton Bottom, adj Shepherd's Hill 08:06
Gatton Bottom, opp Church Hill 08:07
Merstham The Feathers (Stop B) 08:10
Merstham, adj The Grove 08:11
Merstham, opp Rocky Lane 08:13
Coles Meads Gatton Point (Stop C6) 08:15
Redhill, o/s St Bede's School 08:25
Reigate Wray Common (SW-bound) 08:29
Reigate Heath, adj Lorian Drive 08:31
Reigate Heath, o/s The Roe Deer 08:32
Reigate Sixth Form College (Stop D) 08:35
Schooldays only

St Bedes School - Caterham - Warlingham

Redhill, o/s St Bede's School 15:10
Coles Meads Gatton Point (Stop C5) 15:15
Merstham, adj Rocky Lane 15:16
Merstham, opp The Grove 15:18
Merstham The Feathers (Stop A) 15:20
Gatton Bottom, adj Church Hill 15:21
Gatton Bottom, opp Shepherd's Hill 15:21
Alderstead Heath Shepherd's Hill (E-bound) 15:22
Alderstead Heath, nr Ridge House 15:23
Alderstead Heath Alderstead Lane (N-bound) 15:24
Alderstead Heath (adj) 15:25
Alderstead Heath Dean Lane (E-bound) 15:25
Chaldon Rook Lane (E-bound) 15:27
Chaldon, opp Hilltop Lane 15:28
Chaldon, adj Doctors Lane 15:28
Chaldon, opp Mount Avenue 15:29
Chaldon Common Road (opp) 15:29
Caterham, opp Roffes Lane 15:30
Caterham, adj Coulsdon Road 15:31
Caterham, opp Douglas Brunton Day Centre 15:31
Caterham High Street (S-bound) 15:32
Caterham, opp Court Road 15:33
Caterham Dene Hospital (adj) 15:34
Caterham Railway Station (o/s) 15:37
Caterham Valley (NW-bound) 15:37
Caterham, adj Bourne Court 15:37
Caterham, opp Farningham Road 15:38
Caterham, opp Beechwood Gardens 15:39
Caterham, opp Tillingdown Hill 15:40
Caterham, opp Marden Lodge School 15:41
Whyteleafe, opp Court Bushes Road 15:43
Whyteleafe South Railway Station (adj) 15:45
Whyteleafe, opp Hillside Road 15:46
Whyteleafe St Luke's Road (Stop D) 15:47
Whyteleafe, opp Upper Warlingham Railway Station 15:49
Warlingham, adj Oakley Road 15:49
Warlingham, opp Westview Road 15:50
Warlingham, adj Paddock Walk 15:50
Warlingham, adj Clovelly Avenue 15:51
Warlingham, opp Homefield Road 15:52
Warlingham, adj Hillbury Road 15:52
Warlingham, opp The Green 15:54
Warlingham, adj Marks Road 15:55
Warlingham, o/s Sainsbury's 15:56
Schooldays only

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