658 - Sandy Lane / Wallasey Village - Saughall Massie Road / Brookside Crescent

A bus service operated by Al's Coaches

Monday to Friday, WirralCCSchool days

Wallasey Village (Adjacent) 15:10
Wallasey, opposite Village Way 15:10
Wallasey St Johns Road (Adjacent) 15:10
Wallasey, opposite Perrin Road 15:11
Wallasey, opposite School Lane 15:11
Liscard Loretto Road (Adjacent) 15:12
Liscard Rullerton Road (Adjacent) 15:13
Liscard Eric Road (Adjacent) 15:14
Liscard, opposite Thorncliffe Road 15:14
Liscard, opp Love Lane 15:15
Poulton Road (Adjacent) 15:15
Poulton Gorsedale Road (Adjacent) 15:16
Poulton Dock Road (Near) 15:18
Birkenhead Corporation Road (Near) 15:19
St Anne Birkenhead Park Station (Stop B) 15:20
Birkenhead Park Ashville Road (Stop D) 15:20
Birkenhead Park, opp Morley Avenue 15:20
Birkenhead Park, adj Mallaby Street 15:21
Birkenhead, opposite Plumer Drive 15:22
Birkenhead, adj Dundonald Street 15:22
Birkenhead, adj Arkle Road 15:23
Bidston, opposite Challis Street 15:24
Bidston Hoblyn Road (Adjacent) 15:25
Bidston, opp Hurrell Road 15:26
Bidston Village Road (adj) 15:26
Bidston Eleanor Road (Near) 15:27
Beechwood Fender Way (Adjacent) 15:28
Beechwood St Oswalds Avenue (Adjacent) 15:29
Beechwood Bidston Green Drive (Adjacent) 15:29
Beechwood Drive (Adjacent) 15:30
Beechwood Fifth Avenue (Adjacent) 15:31
Beechwood Third Avenue (Adjacent) 15:32
Beechwood Second Avenue (Adjacent) 15:33
Beechwood First Avenue (Adjacent) 15:34
Noctorum Upton Station (Stop B) 15:34
Upton By-Pass (adj) 15:35
Upton, adj Ford Drive 15:35
Upton, adj Salacre Lane 15:36
Upton, adj Frankby Grove 15:37
Upton Saughall Massie Road (Adjacent) 15:39
Saughall Massie Brookside Crescent (Adjacent) 15:40

Sch Operates on schooldays only.

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