665N - Shiremoor - Burnside College via Cobalt Park, Battle Hill, High Farm, Wallsend

A bus service operated by Go North East


Monday to Friday, North Tyneside School Term Dates days

Shiremoor - Cobalt Park, Battle Hill, High Farm, Wallsend - Burnside College

Park Lane - Shiremoor Metro (S-Bound) 07:50
Shiremoor Park Lane-Park Grove (S-Bound) 07:50
Shiremoor Park Lane-Brenkley Avenue (S-Bound) 07:50
Shiremoor Park Lane-Boundry Mills (S-Bound) 07:51
Shiremoor New York Road-Garden Centre (NW-Bound) 07:52
Cobalt Silverlink North-New York Road (S-Bound) 07:53
Cobalt The Silverlink North - Country Park (S-Bound) 07:53
Cobalt Silverlink North-Procter & Gamble (S-Bound) 07:54
Cobalt Link Road - South (S-Bound) 07:55
Cobalt Atmel Way (S-Bound) 07:56
Silverlink Middle Engine Lane Atmel (W-Bound) 07:58
Battle Hill Middle Engine Lane Bewick Park (SW-Bound) 07:59
Battle Hill Tyne Met College (W-Bound) 08:00
Battle Hill Drive-Bodmin Close (W-Bound) 08:00
Battle Hill-Belmont Close (SW-Bound) 08:02
Battle Hill Coast Way Shopping Centre (SW-Bound) 08:03
Battle Hill Drive-Bellingham Close (W-Bound) 08:04
Battle Hill Drive-Broomfield Avenue (SW-Bound) 08:05
High Farm Kings Road North (N-Bound) 08:07
High Farm Mullen Avenue - Prospect Avenue North (W-Bound) 08:08
High Farm Mullen Road-O'hanlon Crescent (W-Bound) 08:09
Hadrian Lodge Mullen Road-Station Road (W-Bound) 08:12
Hadrian Lodge Station Road (S-Bound) 08:14
Hadrian Lodge Station Road-Chicken Road (S-Bound) 08:14
Wallsend Station Road-Dorset Avenue (SE-Bound) 08:16
Wallsend Station Road-Queens Crescent (SE-Bound) 08:17
Wallsend Station Road-North Road (SE-Bound) 08:18
Wallsend Station Road -Town Centre (S-Bound) 08:19
Wallsend High Street East - Laburnum Avenue (E-Bound) 08:21
Wallsend Town Hall (E-Bound) 08:23
Wallsend High Street East-Dene Crescent (E-Bound) 08:27
Wallsend Burnside Business & Enterprise College (N-Bound) 08:30

Burnside College - Cobalt Park, Battle Hill, High Farm, Wallsend - Shiremoor

Wallsend Burnside Business & Enterprise College (N-Bound) 15:20
Hadrian Road St Peters Road-School (S-Bound) 15:21
Hadrian Road Church Bank-Lodge Terrace (SW-Bound) 15:21
Wallsend High Street East-Court Building (W-Bound) 15:23
Wallsend High Street East - Park Road (W-Bound) 15:23
Wallsend Station Road -Town Centre (N-Bound) 15:24
Wallsend Station Road-Arts Centre (NW-Bound) 15:24
Wallsend Station Road-The Drive (NW-Bound) 15:25
Wallsend Station Road-Dorset Avenue (NW-Bound) 15:26
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Gardens-Ashfield Gardens (W-Bound) 15:28
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Gdns -Springfield Gdns (W-Bound) 15:28
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Waltham Close (W-Bound) 15:28
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Welwyn Drive (N-Bound) 15:29
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Ribblesdale (N-Bound) 15:29
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive - Rosedale (N-Bound) 15:30
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Cotterdale (NE-Bound) 15:31
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Swaledale (S-Bound) 15:31
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Farndale (S-Bound) 15:32
High Farm Mullen Road-Exeter Road (E-Bound) 15:33
High Farm Mullen Road-Mcilvenna Gardens (E-Bound) 15:34
High Farm Mullen Road - Allendale Avenue (E-Bound) 15:35
Battle Hill Drive-Birkdale Close (E-Bound) 15:37
Battle Hill Drive-Broomfield Avenue (NE-Bound) 15:39
Battle Hill Drive-Boscombe Drive (E-Bound) 15:40
Battle Hill Coast Way Shopping Centre (NE-Bound) 15:42
Battle Hill Tyne Met College (N-Bound) 15:44
Battle Hill Drive-Bodmin Close (E-Bound) 15:45
Battle Hill Tyne Met Coast Road Campus (E-Bound) 15:46
HIgh Howdon Middle Engine Lane-B&q-N (NE-Bound) 15:47
Silverlink Middle Engine Lane Atmel (E-Bound) 15:48
Cobalt Business Park South (NW-Bound) 15:49
Cobalt Atmel Way (NW-Bound) 15:49
Cobalt Link Road - North (N-Bound) 15:50
Cobalt Silver Fox Way - Procter & Gamble (N-Bound) 15:51
Cobalt The Silverlink North - The Village Hotel (N-Bound) 15:53
Shiremoor Park Lane-New York Road (N-Bound) 15:54
Shiremoor Park Lane-Boundry Mills (N-Bound) 15:54
Shiremoor Park Lane-Brenkley Avenue (N-Bound) 15:54
Shiremoor Park Lane-Park Grove (N-Bound) 15:54
Park Lane - Shiremoor Metro (N-Bound) 15:55

Timetable data from Go North East, 27 September 2022

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