667 - Street - Wincanton

A bus service operated by South West Coaches

Street - Wincanton

Wincanton, outside Memorial Hall 09:1511:1513:1515:45
Wincanton High Street (W-bound) 09:1511:1513:1515:45
Charlton Musgrove The Smithy (NW-bound) 09:2213:22
Wincanton Racecourse (N-bound) 11:1715:47
Redlynch Park Redlynch Cross (NW-bound) 09:2511:2213:2515:52
Bruton St Marys Church (W-bound) 09:2811:2513:2815:55
Bruton Club (E-bound) 09:3011:2713:3015:57
Bruton Brue Avenue (NE-bound) 09:3211:2913:3215:59
Bruton Brue Avenue (S-bound) 09:3211:2913:3215:59
Bruton, opp Church Bridge 09:3411:3113:3416:01
Bruton Plox (W-bound) 09:3611:3313:3616:03
Bruton Sexeys School (S-bound) 09:3811:3513:3816:05
Pitcombe Bruton School (S-bound) 09:3911:3613:3916:06
Shepton Montague Cliff Hill (S-bound) 09:4011:3713:4016:07
Shepton Montague The Montague Inn (S-bound) 09:4211:3913:4216:09
Castle Cary Horse Pond Inn (N-bound) 08:0009:5211:4913:5216:19
Castle Cary Station Road (N-bound) 09:5311:5013:5316:20
Ansford Sunnydene (N-bound) 09:5511:5213:5516:22
Castle Cary Station (NW-bound) 09:5711:5413:5716:24
Clanville House (W-bound) 09:5811:5513:5816:25
Alford Phone Box (W-bound) 10:0211:5914:0216:29
Lovington The Pilgrims Rest (W-bound) 10:0412:0114:0416:31
Wheathill Turn (W-bound) 10:0612:0314:0616:33
East Lydford New Manor Farm (SW-bound) 10:0712:0414:0716:34
Lydford-on-Fosse Cross Keys (W-bound) 08:1210:0912:0614:0916:36
Lydford-on-Fosse Lydford Cross Roads (W-bound) 10:0912:0614:0916:36
Keinton Mandeville Mills Butchers Shop (W-bound) 08:1510:1212:0914:1216:39
Keinton Mandeville Barton Road (N-bound) 08:1510:1212:0914:1216:39
Barton St David Bus Shelter (N-bound) 08:1810:1512:1214:1516:42
Catsham Coxbridge Drove (N-bound) 08:2312:1516:45
Ham Street (N-bound) 08:2710:2012:1714:2016:47
Ham Street Orchard View (W-bound) 08:2712:1716:47
Baltonsborough The Greyhound Inn (W-bound) 08:3010:2312:2014:2316:50
Baltonsborough Church Lane (W-bound) 08:3012:2016:50
Butleigh High Street Post Office (NW-bound) 08:3510:2812:2514:2816:55
Butleigh Court Farm (W-bound) 08:3510:2812:2514:2816:55
Butleigh Wootton Wootton Hill Crossroads (NW-bound) 08:3710:3012:2714:3016:57
Street Millfield School (W-bound) 08:4110:3412:3114:3417:01
Street, adj Berkeley Road 08:4210:3612:3314:3617:03
Street Strode Road (W-bound) 08:4310:3712:3414:3717:04
Street Strode College (E-bound) 08:45
Street Downside (S-bound) 10:3712:3414:3717:04
Street, opp Selworthy 10:3812:3514:3817:05
Street Crispin Hall (NW-bound) 08:5010:4012:3714:4017:07

Wincanton - Street

Street The Library (SE-bound) 07:1509:1511:1513:1516:3517:30
Street The Surgery (E-bound) 07:1609:1611:1613:1616:3617:31
Street Downside (N-bound) 07:1709:1711:1713:1716:3817:33
Street Strode College (E-bound) 16:4517:40
Street, opp Berkeley Road 07:1809:1811:1813:1816:4817:43
Street Millfield School (E-bound) 07:1909:1911:1913:1916:4917:44
Butleigh Wootton Wootton Hill Crossroads (SE-bound) 07:2209:2211:2213:2216:5217:47
Butleigh Court Farm (E-bound) 07:2409:2411:2413:2416:5417:49
Butleigh High Street Post Office (SE-bound) 07:2509:2511:2513:2516:5517:50
Baltonsborough Church Lane (E-bound) 07:2909:2911:2913:2917:54
Baltonsborough The Greyhound Inn (E-bound) 07:3009:3011:3013:3017:0017:55
Ham Street Orchard View (E-bound) 07:3209:3211:3213:3217:57
Ham Street Crossroads (SW-bound) 07:3309:3311:3313:3317:0317:58
Barton St David, opp Bus Shelter 07:4109:4111:4113:4117:1118:06
Keinton Mandeville Barton Road (S-bound) 07:4309:4311:4313:4317:1318:08
Keinton Mandeville, opp Mills Butchers Shop 07:4409:4411:4413:4417:1418:09
Lydford-on-Fosse Lydford Cross Roads (E-bound) 07:4609:4611:4613:4617:16
Lydford-on-Fosse, opp Cross Keys 07:4709:4711:4713:4717:1718:12
East Lydford New Manor Farm (E-bound) 07:4809:4811:4813:4817:18
Wheathill Turn (E-bound) 07:4909:4911:4913:4917:19
Lovington The Pilgrims Rest (NE-bound) 07:5109:5111:5113:5117:21
Alford The Old Rectory (E-bound) 07:5309:5311:5313:5317:23
Clanville House (E-bound) 07:5709:5711:5713:5717:27
Castle Cary Station (SE-bound) 07:5909:5911:5913:5917:2918:24
Ansford Churchfields (SE-bound) 08:0110:0112:0114:0117:31
Castle Cary The Horsepond (S-bound) 08:0310:0312:0314:0317:3318:28
Shepton Montague, opp The Montague Inn 08:1310:1312:1314:1318:38
Shepton Montague Cliff Hill (N-bound) 08:1410:1412:1414:14
Pitcombe Bruton School (NE-bound) 08:1610:1612:1614:1618:41
Bruton Sexeys School (NE-bound) 08:1710:1712:1714:1718:42
Bruton West End (N-bound) 08:1910:1912:1914:1918:44s
Bruton Bank (E-bound) 08:2110:2112:2114:2118:46s
Bruton Club (E-bound) 08:2110:2112:2114:2118:46s
Bruton Brue Avenue (NE-bound) 08:2310:2312:2314:2318:48s
Bruton Brue Avenue (S-bound) 08:2310:2312:2314:2318:48s
Bruton, opp Church Bridge 08:2610:2612:2614:2618:51s
Redlynch Park Redlynch Cross (SE-bound) 08:2910:2812:2914:2818:53s
Wincanton Racecourse (S-bound) 08:3412:34
Charlton Musgrove The Smithy (SE-bound) 10:3214:3218:57s
Wincanton, adj Market Place 08:3512:35
Wincanton High Street (E-bound) 08:3512:35
Wincanton, outside Memorial Hall 08:3610:4012:3614:4019:05
CoR Sets down by request to driver only or pre-booked

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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