67 - Winchester - Petersfield via Alresford, Bramdean, The Meons

Operated by Stagecoach South

Winchester Bus Station - Petersfield Tesco

Winchester Bus Station (Stand F) 09:0012:0015:0017:50
Winchester, adj Upper Brook Street 09:0212:0215:0217:52
Winchester The Arc (Stop Tb) 09:0412:0415:0417:54
Winchester City Road (Stop Rc) 09:0512:0515:0517:55
Winchester, opp Hyde Church Lane 09:0612:0615:0617:56
Winchester, nr Arthur Road 09:0712:0715:0717:57
Abbotts Barton, adj Park Road 09:0712:0715:0717:57
Abbotts Barton, adj Stoke Road 09:0812:0815:0817:58
Headbourne Worthy, adj School Lane 09:1012:1015:1018:00
Headbourne Worthy Taylors Corner (NE-bound) 09:1012:1015:1018:00
Kings Worthy, opp St Marys Church 09:1112:1115:1118:01
Kings Worthy, outside Cart and Horses 09:1212:1215:1218:02
Abbots Worthy, nr Mill Lane 09:1312:1315:1318:03
Kings Worthy, o/s Princes Mead School 09:1412:1415:1418:04
Martyr Worthy, opp Easton Lane 09:1512:1515:1518:05
Martyr Worthy War Memorial (E-bound) 09:1612:1615:1618:06
Couch Green (adj) 09:1712:1715:1718:07
Couch Green Chilland Lane (E-bound) 09:1712:1715:1718:07
Itchen Abbas Old Station Road (E-bound) 09:1912:1915:1918:09
Itchen Abbas, adj Village Hall 09:1912:1915:1918:09
Itchen Abbas, adj Rectory Lane 09:2012:2015:2018:10
Itchen Stoke, nr St Marys Church 09:2312:2315:2318:13
Itchen Stoke Auctions Rooms (E-bound) 09:2412:2415:2418:14
New Alresford Ladycroft Crossroads (SE-bound) 09:2612:2615:2618:16
New Alresford New Farm Road (E-bound) 09:2712:2715:2718:17
New Alresford Bridge Road (E-bound) 09:2712:2715:2718:17
New Alresford Perins School (SE-bound) 09:2912:2915:2918:19
New Alresford, adj Elm Road 09:3012:3015:3018:20
New Alresford, opp Robertson Road 09:3012:3015:3018:20
New Alresford, nr The Cricketers 09:3112:3115:3118:21
Tichborne, opp Mill Cross Cottages 09:3412:3415:3418:24
Cheriton The Pastures (S-bound) 09:3512:3515:3518:25
Cheriton, opp War Memorial 09:3612:3615:3618:26
Cheriton Raebarn Close (adjacent) 09:3712:3715:3718:27
New Cheriton Petersfield Road (near) 09:3812:3815:3818:28
Hinton Ampner Park (E-bound) 09:3812:3815:3818:28
Hinton Ampner, opp Hinton Hill 09:3912:3915:3918:29
Bramdean New Cottages (E-bound) 09:4112:4115:4118:31
Bramdean, opp The Fox Inn 09:4212:4215:4218:32
Bramdean, adj Woodcote Manor Cottages 09:4312:4315:4318:33
Bramdean, adj Tithelands Lane 09:4412:4415:4418:34
West Meon Woodlands Brockwood Turn (SE-bound) 09:4412:4415:4418:34
West Meon Woodlands The Dean (SE-bound) 09:4512:4515:4518:35
West Meon Woodlands Lowlands Farm (SE-bound) 09:4612:4615:4618:36
West Meon Woodlands Pest Houses (SE-bound) 09:4612:4615:4618:36
West Meon Woodlands West Meon Hut (E-bound) 09:4712:4715:4718:37
West Meon, opp Marlands Lane 09:4812:4815:48
West Meon, opp Headon View 09:5112:5115:51
West Meon, o/s The Thomas Lord 09:5112:5115:51
West Meon, nr Lynch Lane 09:5212:5215:52
West Meon, adj Vinnells Lane 09:5212:5215:52
West Meon Westbury House (opp access rd) 09:5312:5315:53
Drayton Bridge (nr) 09:5512:5515:55
East Meon, o/s All Saints Church 09:5812:5815:58
East Meon, o/s Old School House 09:5912:5915:59
East Meon Park Lodge (Adj Park Rd) 09:5912:5915:59
East Meon Rookham Lodge Farm (E-bound) 10:0013:0016:00
Langrish Pidham Farm (E-bound) 10:0013:0016:00
Langrish Pidham Cottage (NE-bound) 10:0113:0116:01
Langrish House (NE-bound) 10:0213:0216:02
Langrish Home Farm (NE-bound) 10:0213:0216:02
Langrish The Pillar Box (NE-bound) 10:0313:0316:03
Langrish Manor Farm (E-bound) 10:0413:0416:04
North Stroud Lane (SE-bound) 10:0613:0616:06
Stroud, opp The Seven Stars 10:0613:0616:06
Stroud Farm (E-bound) 10:0713:0716:07
Stroud Petersfield ByPass (E-bound) 10:0813:0816:08
Bell Hill, opp Princes Road 10:0913:0916:09
Bell Hill, adj Stoneham Park 10:1013:1016:10
Bell Hill Frenchmans Road (SE-bound) 10:1013:1016:10
Petersfield Station (Stop F) 10:1113:1116:11
Petersfield The Square (Stop A) 10:1313:1316:13
Petersfield Dragon Street (Stop C) 10:1413:1416:14
Petersfield Tesco (Stop H) 10:1613:1616:16

Petersfield Tesco - Winchester Bus Station

Petersfield Tesco (Stop H) 10:2513:2516:25
Petersfield Dragon Street (Stop D) 10:2713:2716:27
Petersfield The Square (Stop B) 10:2813:2816:28
Petersfield Station (Stop E) 10:3213:3216:32
Bell Hill Frenchmans Road (NW-bound) 10:3313:3316:33
Bell Hill, opp Stoneham Park 10:3313:3316:33
Bell Hill, adj Princes Road 10:3313:3316:33
Stroud, nr Petersfield ByPass 10:3413:3416:34
Stroud Farm (W-bound) 10:3513:3516:35
Stroud, o/s The Seven Stars 10:3613:3616:36
North Stroud Lane (NW-bound) 10:3613:3616:36
Langrish Manor Farm (W-bound) 10:3813:3816:38
Langrish The Pillar Box (SW-bound) 10:3913:3916:39
Langrish Home Farm (S-bound) 10:4013:4016:40
Langrish House (SW-bound) 10:4113:4116:41
Langrish Pidham Cottage (SW-bound) 10:4113:4116:41
Langrish Pidham Farm (W-bound) 10:4213:4216:42
East Meon Rookham Lodge Farm (W-bound) 10:4313:4316:43
East Meon Park Lodge (Opp Park Rd) 10:4313:4316:43
East Meon, opp Old School House 10:4413:4416:44
East Meon, opp All Saints Church 10:4513:4516:45
Drayton Bridge (adj) 10:4813:4816:48
West Meon Westbury House (adj access road) 10:5113:5116:51
West Meon, opp Vinnells Lane 10:5213:5216:52
West Meon, adj Lynch Lane 10:5213:5216:52
West Meon, opp The Thomas Lord 10:5313:5316:53
West Meon, adj Headon View 10:5313:5316:53
West Meon, adj Marlands Lane 10:5613:5616:56
West Meon Woodlands West Meon Hut (W-bound) 07:5710:5713:5716:57
West Meon Woodlands Pest Houses (NW-bound) 07:5810:5813:5816:58
West Meon Woodlands Lowlands Farm (NW-bound) 07:5810:5813:5816:58
West Meon Woodlands The Dean (NW-bound) 07:5910:5913:5916:59
West Meon Woodlands Brockwood Turn (NW-bound) 07:5910:5913:5916:59
Bramdean, opp Tithelands Lane 08:0011:0014:0017:00
Bramdean, opp Woodcote Manor Cottages 08:0011:0014:0017:00
Bramdean, adj The Fox Inn 08:0111:0114:0117:01
Bramdean New Cottages (W-bound) 08:0211:0214:0217:02
Hinton Ampner, adj Hinton Hill 08:0411:0414:0417:04
Hinton Ampner Park (W-bound) 08:0511:0514:0517:05
New Cheriton, adj Petersfield Road 08:0511:0514:0517:05
Cheriton, opposite Raebarn Close 08:0611:0614:0617:06
Cheriton, o/s War Memorial 08:0711:0714:0717:07
Cheriton The Pastures (N-bound) 08:0811:0814:0817:08
Tichborne Mill Cross Cottages (N-bound) 08:0911:0914:0917:09
New Alresford, opp The Cricketers 08:1211:1214:1217:12
New Alresford, adj Robertson Road 08:1311:1314:1317:13
New Alresford, opp Elm Road 08:1311:1314:1317:13
New Alresford Perins School (NW-bound) 08:1411:1414:1417:14
New Alresford Bridge Road (W-bound) 08:1511:1514:1517:15
New Alresford New Farm Road (W-bound) 08:1611:1614:1617:16
New Alresford Ladycroft Crossroads (NW-bound) 08:1711:1714:1717:17
Itchen Stoke Auction Rooms (W-bound) 08:1811:1814:1817:18
Itchen Stoke St Marys Church (W-bound) 08:1911:1914:1917:19
Itchen Abbas, opp Rectory Lane 08:2211:2214:2217:22
Itchen Abbas, opp Village Hall 08:2311:2314:2317:23
Itchen Abbas Old Station Road (W-bound) 08:2311:2314:2317:23
Couch Green Chilland Lane (W-bound) 08:2511:2514:2517:25
Couch Green (opp) 08:2511:2514:2517:25
Martyr Worthy War Memorial (W-bound) 08:2611:2614:2617:26
Martyr Worthy, adj Easton Lane 08:2711:2714:2717:27
Kings Worthy, opp Princes Mead School 08:2811:2814:2817:28
Abbots Worthy, adj Mill Lane 08:2911:2914:2917:29
Kings Worthy, opp Cart and Horses 08:3011:3014:3017:30
Kings Worthy, nr St Marys Church 08:3011:3014:3017:30
Headbourne Worthy Taylors Corner (SW-bound) 08:3111:3114:3117:31
Headbourne Worthy, opp School Lane 08:3211:3214:3217:32
Abbotts Barton, nr Stoke Road 08:3311:3314:3317:33
Abbotts Barton, opp Park Road 08:3411:3414:3417:34
Winchester, adj Arthur Road 08:3511:3514:3517:35
Abbotts Barton, nr Hyde Street 08:3511:3514:3517:35
Winchester, adj Hyde Church Lane 08:3511:3514:3517:35
Winchester, adj Worthy Lane 08:3611:3614:3617:36
Winchester City Road (Stop Rd) 08:3611:3614:3617:36
Winchester North Walls (SE-bound) 08:3811:3814:3817:38
Winchester Bus Station (Drop Off) 08:4111:4114:4117:41

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