673N - St Thomas More RC Academy - Monkseaton via Marden, Cullercoats, Whitley Bay, Monkseaton, Red House Farm, Beaumont Park, Whitley Lodge

A bus service operated by Go North East

Go North East strike
30 September–6 October 2023

Please see the Go North East website for updates and details of the very few services operating: https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/update-industrial-action

Monday to Friday, North Tyneside School Term Dates days

Billy Mill Lane-Whitehouse Lane (N-Bound) 15:15
New York Billy Mill Lane-Selkirk Way (N-Bound) 15:15
New York Rake Lane-Billy Mill Lane (E-Bound) 15:16
New York Rake Lane-Devon Road (NE-Bound) 15:16
Preston Grange Barnstaple Road-Abbots Way (NW-Bound) 15:16
Preston Grange Devon Road-Truro Grove (S-Bound) 15:17
Preston Grange Malvern Road-Devon Road (SE-Bound) 15:17
Preston Grange Malvern Road - Ludlow Avenue (E-Bound) 15:18
Preston Grange Malvern Road-Cleehill Drive (NE-Bound) 15:18
Preston Grange Malvern Road-Colwell Road (N-Bound) 15:19
Preston Grange Hartburn Road (E-Bound) 15:20
Marden Hartington Road-Farlam Avenue (E-Bound) 15:21
Marden Estate (E-Bound) 15:21
Marden Hartington Road-Fairfield Drive (E-Bound) 15:22
Marden Estate (N-Bound) 15:22
Cullercoats Mast Lane (E-Bound) 15:23
Cullercoats Marden Avenue-Georges Road (E-Bound) 15:24
Cullercoats Marden Avenue-Beverley Villas (E-Bound) 15:24
Cullercoats John Street (N-Bound) 15:25
Whitley Bay Whitley Road-Grafton Road (NW-Bound) 15:26
Whitley Bay Whitley Road-Egremont Place (NW-Bound) 15:27
Whitley Bay Whitley Road-Percy Road (NW-Bound) 15:28
Whitley Bay Whitley Road-Clifton Terrace (W-Bound) 15:30
Whitley Bay Park View-Park Gardens (W-Bound) 15:30
Monkseaton Norham Road-Warkworth Avenue (W-Bound) 15:31
Monkseaton Norham Road - Metro (NW-Bound) 15:32
Monkseaton Front Street - Coronation crescent (SW-Bound) 15:33
Monkseaton Front Street (SW-Bound) 15:35
Monkseaton Cauldwell Lane-Woodleigh Road (SW-Bound) 15:35
West Monkseaton Cauldwell Lane-Holmwood Avenue (SW-Bound) 15:36
West Monkseaton Earsdon Road-Eastfield Avenue (NW-Bound) 15:37
West Monkseaton Earsdon Road - Metro (NW-Bound) 15:38
West Monkseaton Red House Farm Sainsburys (E-Bound) 15:40
West Monkseaton Newsteads Drive-Fairways (NE-Bound) 15:40
West Monkseaton Newsteads Drive-Birkdale (N-Bound) 15:40
West Monkseaton Newsteads Drive-Chathill Close (SW-Bound) 15:40
Whitley Bay Monkseaton Drive-Red House Drive (NE-Bound) 15:41
Whitley Bay Monkseaton Drive-Gleneagles Court (NE-Bound) 15:41
Whitley Bay Beaumont Drive -Haddington Road (E-Bound) 15:43
Whitley Bay Monkseaton Drive-Red House Drive (NE-Bound) 15:44
Whitley Bay Monkseaton Drive-Gleneagles Court (NE-Bound) 15:44
Whitley Bay Beaumont Park (NE-Bound) 15:44
Whitley Bay Monkseaton Drive-Clifton Grove (NE-Bound) 15:44
Whitley Bay Woodburn Drive-St Martins Close (NW-Bound) 15:44
Whitley Bay Woodburn Drive-Grenville Way (NW-Bound) 15:44
Whitley Bay Woodburn Drive-St Lucia Close (E-Bound) 15:44
Whitley Bay Whitley Lodge (E-Bound) 15:44
Whitley Bay Whitley Lodge (SE-Bound) 15:45
Whitley Bay Claremont Road-Madeira Avenue (S-Bound) 15:47
Whitley Bay Claremont Gardens (S-Bound) 15:48
Whitley Bay Ilfracombe Gardens (S-Bound) 15:50

Timetable data from Go North East, 3 October 2023

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