679 - Bancroft's School - Woodford Green - Waterworks Corner - Charlie Brown's Roundabout - Gants Hill - Ilford - Goodmayes, Goodmayes Lane

A bus service operated by Blue Triangle


Monday to Friday, not school holidays

Bancroft's School - Goodmayes Lane

Woodford Wells Bancroft's School (Stop FC) 16:00
Woodford Wells St Thomas of Canterbury Church (Stop FS) 15:5616:02
Woodford Green Monkhams Lane (Stop A) 15:5916:05
Woodford Green / Broadmead Road (Stop B) 16:0316:09
Woodford Green Chingford Lane (Stop C) 15:2515:3516:0516:11
Woodford Green St Aubyn's School (Stop E) 15:2615:3616:0616:12
Hale End Chelmsford Road (Stop F) 15:2715:3716:0716:13
Hale End Waterworks Corner (Stop G) 15:2815:3816:0816:14
Hale End Waterworks Corner (Stop P) 15:2915:3916:0916:15
High Road South Woodford (Stop Q) 15:2915:3916:1016:16
South Woodford Maybank Road (Stop G) 15:3015:4016:1216:18
South Woodford Charlie Browns Roundabout (Stop H) 15:3115:4116:1316:19
South Woodford Lechmere Approach (Stop E) 15:3215:4216:1416:20
Clayhall Northview Drive (Stop F) 15:3415:4416:1516:21
Clayhall Roding Lane North (Stop WA) 15:3515:4516:1716:23
Clayhall Claybury Broadway (Stop WB) 15:3715:4716:1816:24
Clayhall Lord Avenue (Stop WD) 15:4015:5016:2116:27
Gants Hill Longwood Gardens (Stop WE) 15:4115:5116:2216:28
Gants Hill Highwood Gardens (Stop WH) 15:4215:5216:2316:29
Gants Hill Glenwood Gardens (Stop WP) 15:4415:5416:2416:30
Gants Hill Station / Woodford Avenue (Stop WQ) 15:4515:5516:2516:31
Gants Hill Station / Cranbrook Road (Stop CH) 15:4715:5716:2716:33
Gants Hill Mornington Avenue (Stop CJ) 15:4815:5816:2816:34
Gants Hill Bethell Avenue (Stop VA) 15:4915:5916:2916:35
Cranbrook Valentines Park (Stop VB) 15:5116:0116:3116:37
Cranbrook Northbrook Road (Stop VC) 15:5216:0216:3216:38
Ilford Coventry Road (Stop VH) 15:5316:0316:3316:39
Ilford Station (Stop K) 15:5516:0516:3516:41
Ilford Pioneer Point (Stop PP) 15:5616:0616:3616:42
Ilford Redbridge Central Library (Stop R) 15:5816:0816:3816:44
Ilford Hainault Street (Stop T) 16:0016:1016:4016:46
Ilford Park Road (Stop P) 16:0216:1216:48
Ilford Buckingham Road (Stop R) 16:0316:1316:49
Seven Kings South Park Drive (Stop A) 16:0516:1516:51
Seven Kings Road (Stop B) 16:0716:1716:53
Goodmayes Nutfield Gardens (Stop T) 16:0816:1816:54
Goodmayes Lane (Stop G) 16:1016:2016:56

Goodmayes Lane - Bancroft's School

Goodmayes Lane (Stop H) 07:1407:19
Goodmayes Lynford Gardens (Stop S) 07:1607:21
Seven Kings Road (Stop C) 07:1707:22
Seven Kings South Park Drive (Stop D) 07:1907:24
Ilford Gordon Road (Stop Q) 07:2107:26
Ilford Winston Way Primary School (Stop Z) 07:2307:28
Ilford Hainault Street (Stop W) 07:2507:2707:3007:30
Ilford Redbridge Central Library (Stop Q) 07:2707:2907:3207:32
High Road Ilford (Stop M) 07:2807:3007:3307:33
Ilford Station (Stop G) 07:2907:3107:3407:34
Ilford Beal Road (Stop VL) 07:3107:3307:3607:36
Cranbrook Northbrook Road (Stop VM) 07:3207:3407:3707:37
Cranbrook Valentines Park (Stop VP) 07:3307:3507:3807:38
Gants Hill Bethell Avenue (Stop VR) 07:3407:3607:3907:39
Gants Hill Beehive Lane (Stop CM) 07:3507:3707:4007:40
Gants Hill Station / Cranbrook Road (Stop CN) 07:3707:3907:4207:42
Gants Hill Station / Woodford Avenue (Stop WS) 07:3807:4007:4307:43
Gants Hill Wycombe Road (Stop WT) 07:4007:4207:4507:45
Gants Hill Beehive Lane (Stop WJ) 07:4207:4407:4707:47
Gants Hill Grasmere Gardens (Stop WK) 07:4307:4507:4807:48
Clayhall Woodford Bridge Road (Stop WL) 07:4507:4707:5007:50
Clayhall Roding Lane South (Stop WN) 07:5107:5307:5607:56
Clayhall Woodford Trading Estate (Stop Q) 07:5307:5507:5807:58
South Woodford Charlie Browns Roundabout (Stop R) 07:5407:5607:5907:59
South Woodford Chigwell Road (Stop S) 07:5707:5908:0208:02
South Woodford Mulberry Way (Stop T) 07:5808:0008:0308:03
High Road South Woodford (Stop P) 08:0108:0308:0608:06
Hale End Waterworks Corner (Stop Q) 08:0408:0608:0908:09
Hale End Waterworks Corner (Stop K) 08:0608:0808:1108:11
Hale End Chelmsford Road (Stop P) 08:0608:0808:1108:11
Hale End Oak Hill (Stop Q) 08:0708:0908:1208:12
Woodford Green St Aubyn's School (Stop R) 08:0808:1008:1308:13
Woodford Green Chingford Lane (Stop S) 08:1008:1208:1508:15
Woodford Green / Broadmead Road (Stop U) 08:1208:1408:1708:17
Woodford Green Monkhams Lane (Stop V) 08:1308:1508:1808:18
Woodford Wells St Thomas of Canterbury Church (Stop FH) 08:1508:1708:2008:20

Timetable data from Transport for London

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