68 - Horse Fair - Tesco

A bus service operated by Fenland Association for Community Transport

Wisbech - Wisbech

Wisbech Horse Fair Bus Station (Bay 5) 09:5510:4511:3512:2513:15
Wisbech Park Street (near) 09:5810:4811:3812:2813:18
Wisbech, opp Mount Drive 09:5910:4911:3912:2913:19
Wisbech First Avenue (near) 09:5910:4911:3912:2913:19
Wisbech Seventh Avenue (near) 09:5910:4911:3912:2913:19
Wisbech Orchard House (near) 10:0010:5011:4012:3013:20
Wisbech, opp The College of West Anglia 10:0010:5011:4012:3013:20
Wisbech Kingswood Park (near) 10:0210:5211:4212:3213:22
Wisbech Queen Elizabeth Drive (near) 10:0210:5211:4212:3213:22
Wisbech Boleness Road (near) 10:0510:5511:4512:3513:25
Wisbech Sandall Road (near) 10:0610:5611:4612:3613:26
Wisbech Station Drive (near) 10:0610:5611:4612:3613:26
Wisbech, opp Rosmini Centre 10:0610:5611:4612:3613:26
Wisbech, opp Kings Road 10:0710:5711:4712:3713:27
Wisbech Kingsley Avenue (near) 10:0710:5711:4712:3713:27
Wisbech Oldfield Lane (near) 10:1011:0011:5012:4013:30
Wisbech, opp Tesco 10:1311:0311:5312:4313:33
Wisbech, in Anglia Community Eye Services forecourt 10:1511:0511:5512:4513:35
Wisbech, o/s Tesco 10:1611:0611:5612:4613:36

Wisbech - Wisbech

Wisbech, o/s Tesco 09:3110:2111:1112:0112:51
Wisbech, opp Oldfield Lane 09:3210:2211:1212:0212:52
Wisbech, opp Kingsley Avenue 09:3310:2311:1312:0312:53
Wisbech Kings Road (near) 09:3410:2411:1412:0412:54
Wisbech Rosmini Centre (near) 09:3510:2511:1512:0512:55
Wisbech, opp Station Drive 09:3510:2511:1512:0512:55
Wisbech, opp Sandall Road 09:3610:2611:1612:0612:56
Wisbech, opp Boleness Road 09:3710:2711:1712:0712:57
Wisbech, opp Queen Elizabeth Drive 09:3910:2911:1912:0912:59
Wisbech, o/s The College of West Anglia 09:4010:3011:2012:1013:00
Wisbech, opp Orchard House 09:4210:3211:2212:1213:02
Wisbech, opp Seventh Avenue 09:4210:3211:2212:1213:02
Wisbech, opp First Avenue 09:4210:3211:2212:1213:02
Wisbech Mount Drive (near) 09:4310:3311:2312:1313:03
Wisbech, opp Park Street 09:4310:3311:2312:1313:03
Wisbech Horse Fair Bus Station (Bay 5) 09:4710:3711:2712:1713:07

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

Fenland Association for Community Transport