680 - Carlisle - Brampton

A bus service operated by Telfords Coaches


Tuesdays and Thursdays

Carlisle The Courts (Stand A) 12:50
Carlisle, o/s Warwick Square 12:51
Warwick Road, o/s Lismore Place 12:52
Warwick Road, o/s Brunton Avenue 12:53
Warwick Road Brunton Park Football Ground (Near) 12:54
Warwick Road, o/s Petteril Bridge 12:55
Warwick Road, opp Bed Centre 12:56
Warwick Road, o/s Toby Inn 12:57
Brampton, o/s Shoulder of Mutton 09:20
Brampton, opp Dandy How 09:22
Milton, o/s Braeside 09:26
Milton, at Fell View 09:27
Hallbankgate, at Belted Will 09:30
Talkin, o/s Blacksmiths Arms 09:36
Castle Carrock, o/s Main Road 09:40
Cowran Bridge (o/s) 09:42
How Mill, opp How lane end 09:47
Fenton, at Village 09:50
Faugh, at Centre 09:53
Heads Nook, at Hall 09:57
Heads Nook, at Institute 09:59
Allenwood crossroads (near) 10:00
Warwick Bridge Co-op (near) 10:02
Warwick Road, at Tesco 13:00
Burnrigg Fellside (near) 10:08
Great Corby, at Broadwath Crossroads 10:09
Rosehill, o/s Auctioneer 13:01
Rosehill, o/s Shepherds Inn 13:02
Rosehill Montgomery Court (Near) 13:03
Scotby, opp Red Cottage 13:04
Great Corby, o/s The Queen Inn 10:12
Scotby, opp School 13:05
Great Corby, adj The Beeches 10:13
Scotby, opp The Old Tannery 13:06
Warwick House (o/s) 10:16
Scotby, opp Post Office 13:10
Wetheral, opp Greenacres 10:19
Scotby, at Storey Homes 13:15
Wetheral, opp Jennet Croft 13:18
Wetheral, o/s The Green 10:21
Wetheral, at Greenacres 13:21
Wetheral, at Jennet Croft 10:22
Scotby, opp Story Homes 10:25
Scotby Royal Oak (near) 10:30
Scotby, at The Old Tannery 10:31
Warwick Bridge, opp Tithebarn Hill 13:24
Great Corby, at Fern Bank 13:28
Great Corby, at Eden House 13:29
Great Corby, opp Broadwath Crossroads 13:30
Burnrigg, at Fellside 13:32
Warwick Bridge, opp Co-op 13:38
Allenwood, at Cottages 13:39
Scotby, o/s School 10:35
Heads Nook, o/s Post Office 13:41
Heads Nook Hall (near) 13:42
Faugh, o/s Village 13:47
Fenton Village crossroads (near) 13:50
How Mill, at Lane End 13:53
Castle Carrock, o/s Lancaster Cottage 14:00
Talkin, opp Blacksmiths Arms 14:04
Hallbankgate, opp Belted Will 14:10
Milton, opp Fell View 14:11
Milton, o/s Oaktree Cottage 14:14
Brampton, at Dandy How 14:15
Brampton, o/s Cranstons 14:20
Scotby, at Red Cottage 10:36
Rosehill, at Montgomery Court 10:37
Rosehill, opp Shepherds Inn 10:38
Warwick Road, at Tesco 10:40
Warwick Road, opp Toby Inn 10:41
Warwick Road, on Charlotte Terrace 10:42
Warwick Road, o/s Lakeland Gate Hotel 10:43
Warwick Road, o/s Brunton Park Football Ground 10:44
Warwick Road Brunton Avenue (near) 10:45
Warwick Road, opp Lismore Place 10:46
Carlisle, at Halston Hotel 10:47
Carlisle The Courts (Stand A) 10:50
Operates school term time only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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