683 - Friern Barnet - North Finchley - Finchley Central - Hendon - West Hendon - Kingsbury

A bus service operated by Sullivan Buses


Colney Hatch Lane - Jewish Free School

Friern Barnet Colney Hatch Lane (Stop FL) 07:1307:1507:20
Friern Barnet Summers Lane (Stop FP) 07:1407:1607:21
Friern Barnet Crescent Way (Stop FQ) 07:1407:1607:21
Friern Barnet Woodhouse College (Stop FR) 07:1507:1707:22
North Finchley Churchfield Avenue (Stop G) 07:1607:1807:23
North Finchley High Road (Stop H) 07:1707:1907:24
Kingsway / North Finchley (Stop T) 07:1807:2007:25
West Finchley Christchurch Avenue (Stop Q) 07:2007:2207:27
Granville Road West Finchley (Stop LL) 07:2107:2307:28
Finchley Victoria Park (Stop MM) 07:2307:2507:30
Finchley Long Lane (Stop B) 07:2507:2707:32
Finchley Central Station (Stop D) 07:2707:2907:34
Finchley Hendon Lane (Stop H) 07:2807:3007:35
Finchley East End Road (Stop S) 07:2907:3107:36
Finchley Gravel Hill (Stop L) 07:3007:3207:37
Church End St Mary's Avenue (Stop M) 07:3107:3307:38
Church End Arden Road (Stop N) 07:3307:3507:40
Church End Crooked Usage (Stop) 07:3407:3607:41
Hendon Broughton Avenue (->W) 07:3507:3707:42
Hendon Great North Way (->W) 07:3607:3807:43
Hendon Alexandra Road (->W) 07:3707:3907:44
Hendon The Quadrant (Stop T) 07:3907:4107:46
Hendon Church End (Stop R) 07:4007:4207:47
Hendon Town Hall (Stop P) 07:4107:4307:48
Hendon Watford Way (Stop N) 07:4107:4307:48
Hendon Edgeworth Avenue (Stop K) 07:4207:4407:49
Hendon Audley Road (S-bound) 07:4307:4507:50
West Hendon Hendon Station (Stop HE) 07:4507:4707:52
West Hendon Broadway (Stop HL) 07:4607:4807:53
West Hendon BdwyHerbert Road (Stop HM) 07:4707:4907:54
The Hyde Hendon Magistrates Court (Stop HP) 07:4807:5007:55
Edgware Road The Hyde (Stop HS) 07:5007:5207:57
Kingsbury Springfield Gardens (Stop E) 07:5207:5407:59
Kingsbury Townsend Lane (Stop F) 07:5407:5608:01
Kingsbury Pipers Green (Stop H) 07:5607:5808:03
Kingsbury Slough Lane (Stop J) 07:5808:0008:05
Kingsbury Valley Drive (Stop M) 07:5908:0108:06
Kingsbury Station (Stop B) 08:0108:0308:08
Kingsbury Circle The Mall (Stop E) 08:0208:0408:09
Preston Lyndsey Park (Stop G) 08:0308:0508:10
Preston Jewish Free School (Stop) 08:0508:0708:12

Jewish Free School - Colney Hatch Lane

Preston Jewish Free School (Stop) 15:2015:2515:3015:35
Preston Lyndsey Park (Stop H) 15:2015:2515:3015:35
Kingsbury Circle The Mall (Stop F) 15:2215:2715:3215:37
Kingsbury Station (Stop A) 15:2415:2915:3415:39
Kingsbury Valley Drive (Stop L) 15:2515:3015:3515:40
Kingsbury Roe Green Park (Stop A) 15:2615:3115:3615:41
Kingsbury Roe Green (Stop B) 15:2715:3215:3715:42
Kingsbury Church Lane (Stop C) 15:2815:3315:3815:43
Kingsbury Townsend Lane (Stop D) 15:2915:3415:3915:44
Edgware Road The Hyde (Stop HT) 15:3115:3615:4115:46
The Hyde Hendon Magistrates Court (Stop HB) 15:3215:3715:4215:47
West Hendon BdwyHerbert Road (Stop HC) 15:3415:3915:4415:49
West Hendon Hendon Station (Stop HD) 15:3415:3915:4415:49
Hendon Audley Road (NE-bound) 15:3615:4115:4615:51
Hendon Edgeworth Avenue (Stop L) 15:3715:4215:4715:52
Hendon Town Hall (Stop O) 15:3815:4315:4815:53
Hendon Middlesex University (Stop Q) 15:3915:4415:4915:54
Hendon Church End (Stop) 15:3915:4415:4915:54
Hendon The Quadrant (Stop S) 15:4115:4615:5115:56
Hendon Alexandra Road (->E) 15:4115:4615:5115:56
Hendon Great North Way (->E) 15:4215:4715:5215:57
Hendon Broughton Avenue (->E) 15:4215:4715:5215:57
Church End Crooked Usage (Stop) 15:4215:4715:5215:57
Church End Arden Road (Stop P) 15:4315:4815:5315:58
Church End St Mary's Avenue (Stop Q) 15:4415:4915:5415:59
Finchley Gravel Hill (Stop R) 15:4415:4915:5415:59
Finchley Hendon Lane (Stop J) 15:4515:5015:5516:00
Dollis Park / Finchley Central Stn (Stop E) 15:4515:5015:5516:00
Finchley Central Station (Stop C) 15:4615:5115:5616:01
Finchley Long Lane (Stop A) 15:4715:5215:5716:02
Finchley Victoria Park (Stop NN) 15:4915:5415:5916:04
Granville Road West Finchley (Stop KK) 15:5015:5516:0016:05
North Finchley Woodberry Grove (Stop L) 15:5215:5716:0216:07
North Finchley Bus Station (Stop S) 15:5415:5916:0416:09
North Finchley High Road (Stop J) 15:5415:5916:0416:09
North Finchley Grove Road (Stop F) 15:5616:0116:0616:11
Friern Barnet Woodhouse College (Stop FU) 15:5816:0316:0816:13
Friern Barnet Lewes Road (Stop FV) 15:5916:0416:0916:14
Friern Barnet Colney Hatch Lane (Stop FW) 16:0216:0716:1216:17

Timetable data from Transport for London

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