691 - Knowle/Hedge End - Winchester

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Monday to Friday, Peter Symonds College Days only days

Knowle/Hedge End - Winchester

Fulflood Peter Symonds (inside) 16:45
Hockley Golf Club (adj) 16:56
Hockley Cottages (opp) 16:57
Twyford, adj Northfields 16:59
Twyford Crossroads (S-bound) 17:00
Twyford, opp Manor Farm Green 17:01
Twyford, nr Highbridge Road 17:01
Twyford, adj Woodland Drove 17:02
Colden Common, opp Commons End 17:02
Colden Common, opp Hunts Close 17:03
Colden Common, opp Vears Lane 17:04
Colden Common, adj Holy Trinity Church 17:05
Fishers Pond (adj) 17:05
Fishers Pond Garage (E-bound) 17:06
Lower Upham Hatchley Lane (SE-bound) 17:09
Lower Upham Stroud Wood Farm (SE-bound) 17:10
Lower Upham, opposite Mortimers Lane 17:11
Lower Upham, adj Wold Cottages 17:12
Wintershill, adj Meadowview 17:14
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Ashton Lane 17:15
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Churchill Avenue 17:16
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Claylands Road 17:17
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Pondside Lane 17:18
Bishop’s Waltham, in The Square 17:19
Bishop’s Waltham, opp Godfrey Pink Way 17:21
Bishop’s Waltham Hoe Road (NE-bound) 17:21
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Gunners Park 17:22
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Rareridge Lane 17:22
Bishop’s Waltham, nr Paradise Lane 17:23
Swanmore, adj Moorlands Road 17:24
Swanmore, nr Hampton Hill 17:25
Swanmore, opp St Barnabas Church 17:26
Swanmore, opp Recreation Ground 17:26
Swanmore, opp Technology College 17:27
Waltham Chase, adj Brickyard Road 17:28
Waltham Chase, nr Waltham Grange 17:29
Waltham Chase, opp Forest Gardens 17:30
Waltham Chase Curdridge Lane (S-bound) 17:30
Waltham Chase, o/s Village Hall 17:31
Waltham Chase, opp The Black Dog 17:32
Shedfield Sandy Hill (S-bound) 17:33
Shedfield, opp Church Road 17:34
Shedfield Ashley Manor (S-bound) 17:35
Meon Park Redhill Crossroads (S-bound) 17:38
Meon Park Park Place (SE-bound) 17:39
Wickham The Square (NE-bound) 17:41
Wickham Bridge (SE-bound) 17:42
Wickham, adj Shell Garage 17:42
Crockerhill, opp Greenlees Close 17:44
Crockerhill, nr Forest Lane 17:45
Knowle Village, adj Knowle Avenue 17:48

Winchester - Knowle/Hedge End

Knowle Village, adj Knowle Avenue 07:25
Crockerhill, opp Forest Lane 07:29
Crockerhill, adj Greenlees Close 07:30
Wickham, opp Shell Garage 07:32
Wickham Bridge (NW-bound) 07:32
Wickham The Square (NE-bound) 07:33
Meon Park Park Place (NW-bound) 07:34
Meon Park Redhill Crossroads (N-bound) 07:35
Shedfield Ashley Manor (N-bound) 07:36
Shedfield, adj Church Road 07:37
Shedfield Sandy Hill (NE-bound) 07:38
Waltham Chase, adj The Black Dog 07:39
Waltham Chase, nr Village Hall 07:41
Waltham Chase, adj Forest Gardens 07:42
Waltham Chase, adj Forest Road 07:43
Waltham Chase, opp Brickyard Road 07:43
Swanmore, o/s Technology College 07:45
Swanmore, adj Recreation Ground 07:45
Swanmore, o/s St Barnabas Church 07:46
Swanmore, opp Hampton Hill 07:47
Swanmore, opp Moorlands Road 07:48
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Paradise Lane 07:49
Bishop’s Waltham, opp Rareridge Lane 07:51
Bishop’s Waltham, nr Gunners Park 07:52
Bishop’s Waltham Hoe Road (SW-bound) 07:52
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Godfrey Pink Way 07:53
Bishop’s Waltham, in The Square 07:55
Bishop’s Waltham Petrol Station (W-bound) 07:56
Bishop’s Waltham, o/s Priory Court 07:56
Bishop’s Waltham, adj The Avenue 07:57
Bishop’s Waltham, nr Churchill Avenue 07:57
Bishop’s Waltham, opp Ashton Lane 07:58
Wintershill, opp Meadowview 07:59
Lower Upham, opp Wold Cottages 08:00
Lower Upham Mortimers Lane (near) 08:01
Lower Upham Stroud Wood Farm (NW-bound) 08:02
Lower Upham Hatchley Lane (NW-bound) 08:03
Fishers Pond Garage (W-bound) 08:08
Fishers Pond (opp) 08:09
Colden Common, adj Vears Lane 08:11
Colden Common, adj Avondale Park Homes 08:12
Colden Common, adj Hunts Close 08:13
Colden Common, adj Commons End 08:15
Twyford, opp Woodland Drove 08:16
Twyford, adj Highbridge Road 08:18
Twyford, adj Manor Farm Green 08:19
Twyford Crossroads (opp PO) 08:21
Twyford, nr Northfields 08:23
Hockley Cottages (o/s) 08:25
Hockley Golf Club (opp) 08:28
Fulflood Peter Symonds (inside) 08:48

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 26 May 2023

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