694 - Walton Le Dale - Hutton Grammar School

A bus service operated by Saunders of Preston

Monday to Friday, Hutton Grammar School days

Walton Le Dale - Lostock Hall - Hutton Grammar School

Walton-le-Dale, opp Edward Street 07:47
Walton-le-Dale, opp Yew Tree 07:47
Walton-le-Dale, by Higher Walton Road 07:48
Walton-le-Dale, opp Garden Centre 07:49
Walton-le-Dale, by Knot Lane 07:49
Higher Walton, by Little Oaks 07:50
Higher Walton, by Barnflatt Close 07:52
Higher Walton, by Mill Tavern 07:52
Higher Walton, o/s All Saints Church 07:53
Gregson Lane, by Charles Crescent 07:54
Gregson Lane, opp Castle Court 07:55
Gregson Lane, by Cooper House Farm 07:56
Gregson Lane, by Conway Court 07:57
Coupe Green, by Hoghton Lane Garage 08:00
Higher Walton, opp Thorn Bush 08:00
Higher Walton, opp Hawthorne Avenue 08:01
Higher Walton, opp All Saints Church 08:02
Bamber Bridge, opp School Lane Nursery 08:05
Bamber Bridge, opp School Lane Garage 08:05
Bamber Bridge, by Renshaw Drive 08:06
Bamber Bridge, by Duddle Lane 08:06
Walton-le-Dale, by Cinnamon Hill Drive 08:07
Walton-le-Dale, opp Holland House Road 08:07
Walton-le-Dale, opp Heaton Close 08:09
Walton-le-Dale, opp Oakwood Avenue 08:09
Walton Park, by Carrwood Roundabout 08:15
Walton Park, by Hennel Lane 08:16
Walton Park, by Millwood Road 08:17
Walton Park, by Limekiln Cottage 08:18
Lostock Hall, by Lyndale Avenue 08:19
Lostock Hall, opp High School 08:20
Lostock Hall, by Green Drive 08:21
Lostock Hall, by Moss Street 08:22
Tardy Gate, by British Legion 08:23
Lostock Hall, by Berry Street 08:24
Farington Moss, adj Anchor inn 08:25
Farington Moss, by Wellfield Road 08:26
Farington Moss, by Fowler Lane 08:28
Farington Moss, opp Hillside Avenue 08:28
Farington Moss, by Chainhouse Lane 08:29
Farington Moss, by Brook Lane 08:29
Whitestake, adj Penwortham Way 08:29
Whitestake, by Parker Lane 08:30
Whitestake, opp Farmers Arms 08:32
New Longton, opp Latimer Drive 08:33
New Longton, by Chapel Lane 08:37
Hutton, opp Anchor Drive 08:43
Hutton, o/s Grammar School Grounds 08:45

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council

Hutton Grammar School - Lostock Hall - Walton Le Dale

Hutton, o/s Grammar School Grounds 15:15
Hutton, by Anchor Drive 15:16
New Longton, by Chapel Ln bypass 15:19
New Longton, by Latimer Drive 15:22
Whitestake, o/s Farmers Arms 15:23
Whitestake, opp Parker Lane 15:24
Whitestake, by Penwortham Way 15:25
Farington Moss, opp Brook Lane 15:25
Farington Moss, opp Chainhouse Lane 15:25
Farington Moss, by Hillside Avenue 15:26
Farington Moss, opp Fowler Lane 15:27
Farington Moss, opp Wellfield Road 15:28
Farington Moss, opp Anchor Inn 15:29
Tardy Gate, by Wateringpool Lane 15:32
Lostock Hall, opp Moss Street 15:32
Lostock Hall, opp Green Drive 15:34
Lostock Hall, o/s High School Stop 15:34
Lostock Hall, by Glendale Avenue 15:35
Lostock Hall, opp Lyndale Avenue 15:36
Walton Park, opp Limekiln Cottage 15:37
Walton Park, adj Millwood Road 15:38
Walton Park, opp Hennel Lane 15:38
Walton Park, by Carrwood Roundabout 15:40
Walton-le-Dale, by Oakwood Avenue 15:45
Walton-le-Dale, by Heaton Close 15:46
Walton-le-Dale, by Holland House Road 15:47
Walton-le-Dale, opp Cinnamon Hill Drive 15:47
Bamber Bridge, opp Duddle Lane 15:48
Bamber Bridge, opp Renshaw Drive 15:49
Bamber Bridge, o/s School Lane Garage 15:49
Bamber Bridge, o/s School Lane Nursery 15:49
Higher Walton, o/s All Saints Church 15:53
Higher Walton, by Hawthorne Avenue 15:53
Higher Walton, by Thorn Bush 15:54
Coupe Green, opp Hoghton Lane Garage 15:55
Gregson Lane, opp Conway Court 15:57
Gregson Lane, opp Cooper House Farm 15:58
Gregson Lane, by Castle Court 15:59
Gregson Lane, opp Charles Crescent 16:00
Higher Walton, opp All Saints Church 16:01
Higher Walton, opp Mill Tavern 16:02
Higher Walton, by Motorway Bridge 16:03
Higher Walton, opp Little Oaks 16:04
Walton-le-Dale, opp Knot Lane 16:05
Walton-le-Dale, adj Garden Centre 16:05
Walton-le-Dale, by Sir Robert Peel 16:06
Walton-le-Dale, by Edward Street 16:08

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 23 May 2024